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  1. One & Only HD/BD Bargains Thread Part II: Shock Treatment
  2. Best Buy stock levels (inventory)?
  3. $5 off HDM title $29.99 and up till 1/21 @ BB w/RZ card
  4. Will Best Buy let me do this?
  5. First disc played in your HD-DVD / BD player?
  6. More info on possible Blu-Ray add-on for Xbox360?
  7. "Almost Famous" Extended UK blu-ray; all region?
  8. What will Netflix do with HD-DVD if Blu-Ray wins?
  9. Are there too many polls in this forum?
  10. Should I sell my hd dvd addon for the 360, along with the movies
  11. Blade Runner Workprint picture quality question
  12. Is it Inevitable That Studios Will Double Dip On Blu Ray Discs?
  13. So ... How many of you have completely bailed on HD-DVD?
  14. My HDTV doesn't have an HDMI outlet, is my TV outdated?
  15. 1,000 HD channels for Comcast?
  16. Quality of the Brotherhood of the Wolf (UK Import) HD-DVD?
  17. Is WB finally gonna catch up thier Blu-ray catalog now?
  18. Paramount to drop its support of HD DVD?
  19. When the "war" is over, when do you think the exclusives will start coming?
  20. Sunshine BD Problem on Samsung BD-P1200 - Another Fox...
  21. At what price would you buy a Blu-ray player?
  22. Samsung Debuts Slimmed-Down Combo HD Player
  23. Best Blu-Ray Movies To Show On HDTV
  24. When Will Standard DVD Die?
  25. 3:10 to Yuma Blu-ray
  26. Do You Want The Format War To Continue?
  27. Can stuck pixels lead to dead pixels?
  28. Rumors about Paramount changing allegiances
  29. Paramount following Warner out the HD DVD door?
  30. Rent on Blu-ray
  31. Enemy of State Blu-Ray (extended cut)
  32. Any Opinions on Sharp BD-HP20???
  33. Who here will be buying a Blu-Ray player within the next month?
  34. I will miss the format war
  35. Blu-ray player with a/v sync built in
  36. PS3 noise an issue?
  37. 'Firefly' Blu-Ray placeholder on Amazon
  38. Question about Universal HD.
  39. Standalone BD player or PS3?
  40. Warner, New Line, Paramount, Universal ... The Studios/Networks Thread - Part 2
  41. Sony has buy 2 get 1 free via MIR on select few
  42. Are there any US HD or BR players to watch out for that won't play PAL?
  43. Problem with BD Resident Evil: Extiction
  44. Returning HD DVDs and players - Will retailers take it in the shorts?
  45. PS3 vs Blue Ray DVD Player
  46. Anyone looking forward to Zodiac 2 Disc HD-DVD tuesday?
  47. Platinum Disney titles on Blu-ray? First one's Sleeping Beauty
  48. Is There a Way To Check If A DVD Won't Be Coming out in Blue-Ray or HD?
  49. Combo discs aren't looking so bad now...
  50. What to do with recently purchased HD DVDs?
  51. Best Deal on a PS3?
  52. So if the war ends, when will we see discounted HD-DVDs?
  53. Fox going back to using MPEG2? (Nope; it was a typo)
  54. How much $ did YOU invest in HD DVD?
  55. Do BluRay Players play Standard DVD's?
  56. question about amazon return policy
  57. A Blu-Ray win means less choice for the consumer.
  58. Will HD DVD have an answer to the "W" bomb?
  59. Are you still gonna buy HD-DVDs?
  60. What Do You Transfer HD Camcorder Footage to?
  61. Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support
  62. So should this forum be renamed Blu-ray Talk?
  63. Should I Stock Up On The Blu-ray BOGO @ Amazon?
  64. What will HD-DVD's new catch phrase be?
  65. Blu-Ray will win??
  66. If BR wins = Dual Format players on the horizon?
  67. What would you do if you were me?
  68. so is HBO, Blu exclusive too??
  69. Reuters/USA Today: Warner Bros. will back only Blu-ray
  70. The Rock - on blu ray Jan 08
  71. Hi Def releases at Discovery Channel store!
  72. Why not entire TV season in regular DVD resolution on 1 HDDVD?
  73. Star Trek Phaser Remote or 5 Free HD-DVD'S?
  74. Jesse James
  75. Sunshine Blu-Ray
  76. what it's going to take for me to go to high-def dvd
  77. 'Lust, Caution' - HD-DVD 02/19/08
  78. Have a first gen HD-DVD player ...is the Toshiba A35 a worthwhile upgrade?
  79. Netflix in Next Gen Technology
  80. (Misinterpreted) Another Amazon BD BOGO (Disney Titles)
  81. Should I go Samsung BD-UP5000(Hybrid) or (Panasonic DMP-BD30K & Toshiba HD-A35)
  82. 24p vs 60p on A30
  83. I think Amazon might be getting ready for another 10% off deal....
  84. Why the PS3 isn't the best Blu-ray player
  85. Quick question on Toshiba-A3 DVD player
  86. Question about Sony BDPS300 Blu Ray Player
  87. Amazon Blu-Ray BOGO 1/1/08
  88. Need help (HD DVD question) - HDMI to DVI?
  89. Warner Brother's Hi-Def Decision?
  90. Goodbye Amazon 10% - We Will Miss YOu
  91. Resident Evil Trilogy Blu Box Set?
  92. BD/HD releases with modified aspect ratios?
  93. 2008 HDM: What are you looking forward to?
  94. The Sound of Music in HD on ABC
  95. So, what's up with Shoot 'Em Up? Why no HD-DVD, Doc?
  96. Most Disappointing HDDVD/BR This Year
  97. "Harry Potter" HD-DVD Audio Issues
  98. No transformers in blu-ray?
  99. What kind of issues are there with the Sony BDP-S300?
  100. BluRay disc price drops, honored @ amazon even for B1G1
  101. Timecop on HD DVD any reviews?
  102. How bad would it be for the equipment to stack a HD and BD player?
  103. Lord of the Rings on blu-ray in march '08 (spain)
  104. Is there a definitive list of DVD/HD-DVD hybrid titles?
  105. Any recommendations for the BB B3G2 deal next week?
  106. Anyone Else Lose the 10% Amazon Discount Early?
  107. PQ Question
  108. Toshiba A3 help
  109. $5 off any Disney Blu-Ray movie coupon (expires 2/14)
  110. BD/HD titles that offer the most impressive SD upgrade?
  111. Got a 80gb PS3 for Xmas. Need your help on the best way to hook it up.
  112. Likely going dual format this weekend...need suggestions on Blu Ray player...
  113. Buying Blu-Ray discs before getting a player..good/bad?
  114. Any chance of Frank Herbert's Dune (the newer one) getting an HD/BD release?
  115. New BOGO Amazon post-Xmas HD-DVD sale just launched
  116. So what is the final word on HD-A3 freeze/pixelation prob?
  117. Hd-A30 for $149
  118. FUTURESHOP: $100 HD-DVD player Dec 26th!!!
  119. Scratched HD-DVDs?
  120. What HD stuff is under your tree ( or Festivus pole or other)?
  121. Departed HD Freezes on HD-A3?
  122. Show off your HDM Collection!
  123. 2 for 1 Blu-Ray ( Deep discount dvd )
  124. B3G2 free at BB starting 12/30 - HD-DVD
  125. Sony Blu-ray Buy Two Get One Free @ DeepDiscount.com (till 12/31)
  126. Playstation questions
  127. More Blu-Ray Problems - Die Hard
  128. "Bourne Ultimatum" High-Res Audio Issue
  129. Best HD-DVD/Blu-ray of the year?
  130. $20 off 3 Blu Ray Movies @ Best Buy coupon good till 1/7/08
  131. Can I play region 3 DVDs on my HD DVD player?
  132. question for Samsung P1000 owners
  133. Question About The Free Blu Ray Promotion
  134. Why no decent blu-ray players?
  135. Baron Munchausen on Bluray, not HD-Dvd?
  136. 'Goblet of Fire' Blu-ray Disc Replacement Details
  137. What should I set my A2 audio out to?
  138. Help!!! Star Trek Season 1 HD-DVD
  139. Will DVDTalk be attending CES?
  140. Anyone else having problems with Mr. Bean's Holiday (HD-Dvd Combo)
  141. Why did you make the jump to HD?
  142. New MS/Viacom agreement -- maybe the reason behind Paramount's HD DVD decision?
  143. $16.99 HD DVDs at Fry's.com
  144. Amazon HD Discount for 2008?
  145. FYI Amazon HD Discount Coming to Close
  146. How long until network TV shows movies in HD?
  147. A30s noisy?
  148. How could "Purple" possibly win this war? Why the suspense?
  149. Questions about updating my HD-A30 player. (Problems)
  150. Misprint on The Simpsons Movie box specs
  151. HMV Japan: Band Of Brothers HD- Equilibrium HD & Others Starting at $28.xx
  152. Reminder: BOGO on HDDVD/Blu @ Best Buy (12/16 - 12/22), Bourne U, HP5, etc;
  153. Great Deal on Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Player - DMPBD30K
  154. Buena Vista is really stepping up on the free blu ray offer.
  155. FLETCH comes to HD-DVD on March the 11th
  156. Adventures of Baron Munchausen hits BD April 8th
  157. Is A BR Laptop The Best Way To Go?
  158. Want a Blu-ray player for $18 bucks?
  159. Harry Potter 5 "Community Screening" on HD DVD - Anyone do this?
  160. Xbox 360 Add-On Web enabled features no longer work
  161. Ps3 scratching disks update/rant
  162. New BOGO Blu offer at Amazon with FOX discs ....
  163. Anyone get their Bourne Trilogy from Amazon?
  164. You format neutrals, how do you store your discs?
  165. Anyone have a Magnavox 32MF605W?
  166. HD/BR Replacement Cases on Sale
  167. $250 combo drive: the cheapest way to get into both Blu-Ray and HD DVD
  168. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Framing Issue
  169. Black Rain Blu-ray
  170. Any different 5 BluRay MIR forms?
  171. HD audio delay?
  172. 300 HD = no commentary??
  173. Upconversion: Oppo 980H vs. HD-A3?
  174. Troy DC No commentary?
  175. Will Movie Studios Re-Release HD Movies After A Winner?
  176. A scanner darkly HD-DVD problems?
  177. Into The Wild - Blu-Ray?
  178. Harry Knowles gives away HD DVD players . . .
  179. HP5: Blu-Ray or HD-DVD
  180. Starship troopers bluray??
  181. Lost Season 3 in Bluray worth the extra $$$?
  182. the perfect storm blu-ray?
  183. The HD Format War Is Over....NOT!
  184. Open Box deals at Best Buy
  185. Best Buy B1G1 Blu-Ray
  186. Finally Buy1 Get1 free HD-DVD @ Amazon(78 Titles)
  187. Some somewhat positive Criterion info
  188. Halloween "Rob Zombie" HD Talk....
  189. Harry Potter 1-4 Blu-ray vs HD DVD question
  190. Blade Runner- All 5 cuts in HD!
  191. Best Buy now offering HD DVD "starter packs" for $49.99
  192. General Blu-ray News and Discussion - PART 4
  193. Any other Amazon Prime members having Blu/HD problems?
  194. Highdefdigest.com down?
  195. Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-Ray Player for 279.99 with 8 free Blu-Ray movies
  196. Lost Season 3 on HD-DVD?
  197. So how is your BSG season 1 HD DVD set? Is a recall unreasonable?
  198. Trouble with Shawn of the Dead HD DVD on A3
  199. A3 for 199.98 w/12 movies
  200. Question about Star Trek season 1 HD set
  201. Aspect ratio question
  202. Any good deal on Harry potter 5 disk?
  203. TV display modes with HD player
  204. Are these sales going to be standard or they are just temporary to hook people in?
  205. Samsung BD-UP5000 dual format player shipping.
  206. Possible 1408 HD DVD Steelbook release from Germany!
  207. So you're neutral when it comes to HD releases - Which do you choose?
  208. Looney Tunes on HD DVD?
  209. Samsung BD-P1200 problems with Die Hard and Pirates
  210. Phone number for 5 free HD-DVDs?
  211. 720p vs 1080i
  212. New BD BOGO sale at amazon
  213. PS3 / Playstation 3 for $299 and 0% 12-month financing with Sony Card
  214. Has 'Song Remains The Same' Been Delayed?
  215. LCD flat-panels ... do I need 2/4 year ext. warranty?
  216. First-ever High Def Awards - winners list
  217. Which HD-DVD/BR should I get next week: Bourne or Potter?
  218. 20 Million Miles to Earth BD
  219. Mr. Bean HD/Combo problem (not usual one). Anyone else??
  220. Should I bother with a 720p 42" LCD-TV?
  221. Why does DRV look better than HD-DVD or BR?
  222. Just got an A3...thoughts.
  223. Room requirement questions for 1080p Projector
  224. Who decides what goes to hd?
  225. Star Trek Phaser Remote Offer
  226. Anywhere to check status of 5 free movies?
  227. Any news on Smallville Seasons 1-4 on HD?
  228. Question about Dish Network: HD and general
  229. christmas help
  230. AVP question.
  231. Harry Potter/Order of the Phoenix HDDVD vs Blu (DVDBeaver)
  232. New Walmart secret sale 12-7 specials include A2,A3 and PS3's
  233. Toshiba HD A2 receipt!
  234. Reminder- Final month to get Amazon 10% off Hi-Def titles!
  235. Blu-Ray Wins
  236. How Long for a Non-Combo?
  237. Paramount HD Starter kit sets?
  238. 3 Free from BB w/ Purch. Question
  239. Worth switching from a Toshiba A2 to A3?
  240. A Christmas Story - HD-DVD or Blu-ray?
  241. Need help picking a DVD player
  242. Star Wars BD at Target.com(not up for pre-order but its up)
  243. Dumb coaxial audio question
  244. Samsung "Auto Motion Plus".... [Off topic]
  245. Bonnie and Clyde SE: HD DVD and Blu-ray --> March 25th, 2008!
  246. Toshiba A35 worth getting over the A3?
  247. Eyes Wide shut bluray problem
  248. Just saw Jack Ryan HD DVD Boxset in FYE... I thought it was recalled.
  249. Comcast HD box
  250. Any word..... DEXTER on HD DVD