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  1. PS3 as a blu-ray player and movies look just average
  2. Animatrix and bonus content only 480p?
  3. Your HDTV really *does* make a huge difference... (a bit long)
  4. Pulled the trigger on an HD-A20
  5. Aspect ratios of HBO, Showtime HD broadcasts
  6. RUMOR: Universal Going Neutral; Universal says rumors "totally false"
  7. anyone have an extra copy of the HD-DVD of South Park?
  8. Dante's Peak and Daylight HD-DVD
  9. HD DVD a year later (a report card). How has your outlook changed?
  10. HP to unveil combo HD-DVD(R) Blu-Ray(R/W) computer May 9th
  11. Target May 22nd HD/BR Releases
  12. Blu-Ray add-on for the Xbox 360 by Xmas?
  13. recommended player for AE900 projector?
  14. Eternal Sunshine Availability
  15. HD DVD Player that plays SD region disc???
  16. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 4.29.07
  17. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 4.22.07
  18. Pixar on Blu-Ray = Blu-Ray Player for Me
  19. Just got my HD DVD Newsletter! Matrix May 22nd!
  20. ANyone have problems with HD-DVD discs from Netflix?
  21. Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on update? Anytime soon?
  22. toshiba xa2 or a2?
  23. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 4.15.07
  24. the goonies hd-dvd?
  25. 2007 DVDTalk HD DVD/Blu Ray Draft
  26. Zodiac HD DVD
  27. Question about my PS3 setup
  28. How big is your HD collection?
  29. Count me in -- Just bought me an HD-A2
  30. Blu-ray vs HD DVD content
  31. 'Rabbit Ears' Find New Life in HDTV Age
  32. i apologize in advance for the following noob question (receiver hardware)
  33. Blu-ray vs. regular DVD reviews.
  34. need help with HD-DVD Player(s) & Sanyo Projector PLV-Z4 question
  35. Would I get 720p with my LCD monitor and DVI cable?
  36. Pro HD DVD forums?
  37. Free Best Buy Spiderman 3 sampler Blu-ray with BD disc purchase
  38. Digital Video Essentials - High Definition (HD DVD)
  39. KCAL 9 & CBS2 in Los Angeles went HD yesterday!
  40. Is it worth getting an HD DVD player if you only have an SD plasma?
  41. Hollywood Reporter: Blu-ray burning its high-def DVD rival
  42. Help me set up my PS3
  43. Is it time to make the jump?
  44. Wal-Mart to sell $299 Chinese HD DVD Players soon?
  45. What is the problem with Universal's HD-DVDs? Getting pretty mad.
  46. Anyone ever try to use those 12% off Best Buy Reward Zone DVD player coupons on PS3?
  47. Has anybody received their 5 free HD DVDs?
  48. How Do You Usually Watch 4:3 Material On Your 16:9 Display?
  49. Mandatory WinDVD software patch
  50. Planet Earth.. HDDVD or BluRay?
  51. HD Mentioned on Ebert & Roeper
  52. Buyer beware: "Traffic" HD DVD could be an upconverted DVD master
  53. Quality of HD-DVD vs. broadcast HD?
  54. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 4.8.07
  55. The Protector HD DVD?
  56. Samsung to launch dual Blu-ray HD DVD player
  57. New HD-DVD/BD at Target
  58. Any Planet earth blu-ray deal?
  59. I am now a dual format supporter
  60. Anyone out there ever feel used by the HD-DVD/Blu-ray market?
  61. Will I really "feel' the upconversion of an HD-A2?
  62. HD Antennas
  63. Anyone else having problems with new universal titles in 360 HD Player?
  64. Next Generation Disc Tracking Report
  65. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 4.1.07
  66. High-def titles late on delivery
  67. Do Any HD DVD or Blu-ray discs have the Image Constraint Token?
  68. Blu-ray Movies...Need Your Opinion!
  69. Updating HD-DVD drive for xbox360
  70. Clerks 2 HDDVD Problem???
  71. What's new in your HD collection???
  72. Universal to stop using combo discs for catalog titles?
  73. Quick question about xbox 360 HD Dvd Add on
  74. Planet Earth...Why no supplemental material?
  75. 2.1 firmware for A1/XA1 is available
  76. Was The Natural postponed?
  77. vc-1, mpeg2, avc, bd, hd dvd screen shot comparisons
  78. Microsoft: Xbox 360 Blu-ray Possible
  79. Why No Spider Man?
  80. AT&T U-Verse - Worst HD quality available?
  81. DreamWorks -- "HD DVD and Blu-ray are not the future of home video"
  82. Baraka...Blu Ray ever?
  83. xbox360 elite = hdmi 0.9
  84. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 3.25.07
  85. WB Store Sale HD and BDs
  86. HDDb - High Definition Database
  87. Where do your loyalties in the format war lie? Let's level the field on a few things.
  88. Rumor Mill: Lord of the Rings Trilogy 11/23/2007?
  89. Fox cancels ME, MYSELF & IRENE on Blu-ray
  90. What if both formats failed today?
  91. BD/HD-DVD rentals less than 1% Netflix volume
  92. Top 5 exclusives for each format
  93. Another downloading thread . . .
  94. Buy.com has select BD titles for up to 40% off
  95. So who else is stoked at the impending Fifth Element HD-DVD?
  96. Planet Earth
  97. HDMI cable for 3 bucks? What gives...
  98. 300....HD-DVD? Blu-Ray? or both?
  99. Running Scared HD-DVD German import?
  100. No Curse of the Golden Flower on Blu Ray?
  101. Any new HD-DVD players on the horizon?
  102. Why no AAA titles?
  103. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 3.18.07
  104. PS3 Grill - you guys up for this ?
  105. Happy Feet on HDDVD and BD
  106. No More 10% Discount at Amazon?
  107. Traded in all my DVDs for a PS3...
  108. The Matrix HD DVD Collection 5/22, Blu-ray at a later date
  109. 1080p => 720p Questions
  110. Xbox 360 Elite
  111. Toshiba Lowering A2 HD DVD Player MSRP to $399 April 1st
  112. What about Live Marketplace sales?
  113. Blu-ray (sony) Claims That Dvd's Will Be Dead In 3 Years !
  114. The Untouchables on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD July 3rd
  115. Blade Runner on HDNet this month
  116. If You Had To Buy Only One Format, Which Would It Be?
  117. Universal pushes HD interactivity in new titles
  118. High-definition format war goes global
  119. Blu-ray aims to oust DVDs within three years
  120. DVD vs. Hd DVD(Xbox 360 add on)
  121. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 3.11.07
  122. Spartacus HD-DVD - Is it worth the upgrade from DVD??
  123. Hellboy Blu-Ray
  124. PS3 Playback problems
  125. Toshiba HD-DVD A1 Player $315.00 Shipping $1.00 Overstock
  126. Costco carrying HD-DVDs in store
  127. Smallville on Blu-Ray?
  128. Will Blu-Ray/HD-DVD surpass DVD sales?
  129. DirectTV or DishNetork?? Help!!!
  130. whatever happened to the black dahlia HD-DVD?
  131. another kudo for HD-DVD??
  132. Lethal Weapon 3 & 4 on BD?
  133. why does a blu-ray player have a fan?
  134. Amazon 10% off discount on Children of Men HD DVD?
  135. What's up with Mr. and Mrs. Smith Blu-ray?
  136. HDMI and HDCP Question
  137. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 3.4.07
  138. Blood Diamond on HD-DVD/ Blu-Ray???
  139. Video Business: No End In Sight
  140. I have Casino Royale (Blu-Ray) in my hands right now!
  141. If I want a BD player, is the 20gb PS3 the way to go?
  142. NIN: Which is Better?
  143. PS3 BR playback problems??
  144. 50% off Blu-Ray Titles @ Amazon
  145. ? Foreign Market HD DVDs
  146. DREAMGIRLS on Blu-Ray & HD-DVD
  147. A1 HDMI to DVI problem
  148. Why not in HD/Blu-Ray?
  149. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 2.25.07
  150. First HD Episode of South Park Exclusive to Xbox 360
  151. Problem with Toshiba A2?
  152. Free NIN Beside You in Time HD DVD Sampler @ Best Buy
  153. Did anyone get the $4.50 Blu-ray Babel from Gameznflix?
  154. DD+ & True HD diiference not as noticeable as PCM 5.1?
  155. Blu-ray backer debuts HD DVD laptop
  156. Best HD/BD of February 2007
  157. Upgrade one DVD from the above user's collection
  158. 120Hz HDTVs
  159. New deal: 5 free HD DVD titles with any Toshiba player purchase. Starts 3/1/07
  160. Is the CD playing ability through 2 channel analog as good on the HD-a2 as the HD-a1?
  161. $599 Sony BD player by mid-year, $299-$399 players by year end
  162. HD DVD/Blu-ray summary of the HTF's Warner chat
  163. How Best Buy Advertises the Next Gen Formats
  164. Anyone tried new LG hybrid player?
  165. PS3 Blu-ray Rebate Question
  166. Video Business: Not So Fast, Blu-Ray
  167. Top HD/BD Titles for Week Ended 2.18.07
  168. John Carpenter's The Thing problems in 360 HD-DVD Drive
  169. HDMI Switcher Problem
  170. Does Meijer carry HD DVDs?
  171. Why bonus material on HD side of hybrid discs?
  172. AVS moderation has gone off the deep end.
  173. HD DVD Plugs Into Circuit City
  174. Babel Blu Ray for $4.50 shipped
  175. Are there any firmware upgrades for the 360 HD-DVD drive available yet?
  176. PS3 Fan Noise
  177. Do you rent SD-DVD's from Netflix? (HD owners)
  178. Smartmoney.com Kicks Next-Gen Formats in the Nads
  179. HD DVD Custom Covers
  180. Okay, I've searched to death with no luck! Where to buy a PS3?
  181. So... as a new HD DVD owner...
  182. silly hd question.
  183. The Digital Bits sides with Blu-Ray
  184. Chronicles of Narnia: LW&W Blu Ray- When?
  185. 3XDVD...here we go again!
  186. Problem with my HDMI for PS3?
  187. Percentage of Population that has a Blu-Ray DVD Player?
  188. Requim for a Dream and Cecil B. Demented on Xbox Live
  189. Netflix and HD-DVD rentals?
  190. 360/VGA cable question
  191. What incentives are there to stay exclusive?
  192. Does the HD-A2 make any (fan) noise?
  193. HdMI -->DVI question
  194. Target has HD-DVD SPR on website
  195. any audio specs for Nine Inch Nails Blu-Ray?
  196. Problem with Warner HDDVD's on 360 add-on
  197. Format War: Where are you now?
  198. Aussie retailers backing Blu-Ray + misc. thoughts
  199. Which version of Kung Fu Hustle
  200. Did Blu Ray Marie Antoinette get canceled
  201. The Usual Suspects BD is RENT IT?
  202. The Departed on HD DVD at Best Buy for $22.99
  203. Anyone use D-Box motion simulator with AVP Blu-Ray
  204. Does HD hurt anyones eyes ever?
  205. Some dumb HD-A1 questions....
  206. To the HD Reviewers
  207. About to buy a PS3...some Questions for ya
  208. Superman: Ultimate Edition in HD ever?
  209. Do you get unencrypted cable HD with your TV's tuner?
  210. anyone find hollywoodland HD-DVD?
  211. xbox 360 HD-DVD drive wont play some discs?
  212. Pan's Labyrinth?
  213. Where can I find a list of past/future HD DVD and Blu-ray releases?
  214. anyone else tired of all this HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray stuff?
  215. Mulholland Drive HD DVD in the US?
  216. Young Guns reviews?
  217. HD DVD & Blu-ray Cases don't fit in my Ent Ctr
  218. The Jerk, Nutty Professor no longer combos
  219. How big is the difference in PCM 5.1?
  220. Question about Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Dodgeball
  221. How are Blu/HD's $5 cheaper at Target than BB?
  222. Receiver w/ 2 HDMI ins doesn't play HDMI sound??!?!
  223. Changes a brewing at the top of NBC Universal...
  224. HD TV makes my standard dvds look horrible. Help
  225. Is La Haine HD DVD worth the money?
  226. Pirates pr0n HDDVD won't play
  227. NIN: Beside You In time BD/HD-DVD $17.45 Amazon.com
  228. High-def player sales even, says NPD Group
  229. Toshiba HD A2 for 388.88 at eCost, only a few left
  230. Anyone bought used BD or HD discs? From where?
  231. Bluray BD-J delays causing HD DVD releases to be HELD BACK?!
  232. HD-DVR to DVD-R questions.
  233. Best HD/BD of Janaury 2007
  234. How Do They Make HD Content From A Non HD Source (TV and Movies)????
  235. Where can I buy replacement blu ray cases?
  236. Nielsen/VideoScan sales ratios and Top 5
  237. Dish adding A&E HD channel today
  238. What is a DVD/HD DVD combo disc?
  239. Are dvdtalkers buying films just for the PQ/AQ?
  240. Babel HD DVD vs Blu-ray differences?
  241. Your Blu-ray wish list / "When will _______ be on Blu-ray?"
  242. Title Requests with BB/Netflix?
  243. Looking into more TV shows on HD
  244. A look into Warner's 2007 slate
  245. Which satellite provider has the best picture quality/programming?
  246. %&^# rental discs!
  247. Hd-DVD player problem..please help
  248. Question about using the PS3 as a blu-ray player
  249. could both formats co-exist?
  250. Universal to release over 100 titles in 2007 on HD DVD