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  1. The 5 disc rebates for HD-Dvd and Blu-Ray are being handled by the same company.
  2. $14.96 HD DVD titles at WALMART this friday
  3. To anybody who has bought Return To House On Haunted Hill HD
  4. Spiderman 3 Blu-ray @ Kmart for $6.99 YMMV
  5. Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies in HD (via XBL)
  6. Question on HD programming on DirecTV.
  7. Headed to Italy very soon--any HD DVDs I should look for?
  8. Best online store to buy Blu-Ray movies?
  9. Studio list Blu-HD?
  10. If you want the Matrix boxset, Heroes, or Planet Earth all on HD, now is the time.
  11. I made the plunge...
  12. A Room With A View- Thumbs Up!
  13. Will PS3 Blu-Ray output 1080i over component?
  14. HDNet Movies to air Hitchcock in high-def throughout December
  15. Nielson/Videoscan Sales Ratio
  16. Harry Potter 1-5 gift set. BD or HD-DVD?
  17. I hope Blu-Ray loses this one, and here's why!
  18. is this correct, or ignorant?
  19. BB Buy XBOX HDDVD Player Awesome Deal! YMMV
  20. Toshiba HD- D2KU HD DVD
  21. Spiderman trilogy on blu ray for $55.98 SHIPPED!
  22. Toshiba HD-A2 - Now $198 at Wal-Mart stores (possibly $160 AC at Circuit City)
  23. Walmart 2 for $25 Disney Titles
  24. Ocean's Trilogy at DD.com link?
  25. Is not having Truehd a big enough reason to not buy the 360 addon
  26. Eyes Wide Shut Bluray unrated??
  27. Rock/Con Air Blu-Ray Official Announcement?
  28. I saw The Jack Ryan set today (and slight Hitchcock rambling)
  29. Toshiba HD-XA1 - HD DVD Player - $299.99 @ Buy.com
  30. The Shining Blu Ray Review
  31. The Sopranos Blu-Ray
  32. "Wedding Crashers" on Blu-ray?
  33. Wall Street Journal Article on HD DVD + Blu Ray Imports
  34. Am I Watching 1080i or 480p?
  35. Transformers HD DVD sells 190k+ Copies - #1 in Both Formats for Fastest Selling
  36. PS3 and DTS-HD Master...
  37. Casino Royale and other "cut" blu-rays
  38. Predicaments predicaments
  39. Is there an HD-DVD Kubrick collection box set?
  40. General Blu-ray news and discussion PART 3
  41. Problem with Mission Impossible III Disc 2 (HD-Dvd). Anyone else?
  42. Upconverting DVD's on PS3
  43. B1G1 Sale On Select Blu-Ray Titles (Amazon)
  44. Bad In-Store Demo
  45. 28 Days Later - Poor video quality?
  46. Guess who Sony is selling thier Cell Factory To?
  47. Toshiba HD-A3 over HD-A2?
  48. Starman in High Def?
  49. Help! HD-DVD Get 5 Free question
  50. "Stardust" on HD-DVD Amazon misprice ($18.99)
  51. Help a HD DVD n00b out!!
  52. "The Perfect Offer" (5 Free HD-DVDs) NOW IN CANADA!
  53. Blu-ray or HD DVD - need to decide asap!
  54. Vivid Alt's D <3 D Blu-Ray Contest
  55. How to Recognize a Fake HD DVD?
  56. So my parents are looking to buy a new TV...
  57. The Digital Bits Quietly Updated Its Reasons Why Blu Ray Will Win
  58. Rescue Me Season 3 Blu-Ray for $19.99 at FYE
  59. Circuit City: buy one Blu-ray get one free (ANY!).
  60. DD+ How come BR titles don't use this audio?
  61. Should i get a HD-DVD just for Transformers?
  62. Toshiba HD-A2 $199.99 + 5 free movies
  63. Blu-Ray Movie with lossless tracks only
  64. Does The Fly Blu-ray port over all the extras from the 2-disc SD?
  65. $12.99-$15.99 Blu-Rays at JR.com
  66. HD cable TV vs. upconverted SD DVD
  67. BR/HD Sale at Frys/Outpost.com
  68. Walt Disney's The Black Hole
  69. $399 PS3 coming out late October - official
  70. Question about studios who are dual supporters
  71. Just bought 28 weeks later and its playing full screen on my ps3
  72. Maybe bluray doesn't need IME!
  73. do HD / blu-ray discs have forced ads?
  74. Edward Scissorhands Blu-ray reviews?
  75. WHV just sent me Sopranos Season 6 Part II HD DVD!
  76. I just bought an RCA HDV5000 and Im having issues...
  77. Ok, pick me an HD-DVD player
  78. No Twilight Zone The Movie today on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?
  79. Buy1Get1 Free BR BestBuy 10/14
  80. Stardust HD DVD 12/18/07
  81. The Fly BD, today?
  82. Has anyone found or received any of the Warner re-issued HD-DVD non-combo discs?
  83. Has anyone found or received any of the Warner re-issued HD-DVD non-combo discs?
  84. Working on a paper on the format war...help needed!
  85. Best way to sell my Phillips 30" Tube 16X9 HDTV.
  86. Got Toshiba update 2.2/T-22 and It doesn't work?
  87. Region Free SD from a HD Player?
  88. Is there a list of which studios BR disc are all region??
  89. My only complaint about HD-DVD
  90. differences in Full Metal Jacket older HD release and new one?
  91. Inserts?
  92. Kubrick: which version/format are you getting and why?
  93. Is anyone still holding out and why?
  94. Are The Fly & Reign Over me coming out on Bluray this week or not?
  95. Fantastic Four BLU Glitchy?
  96. Updated: Jaws, Jurassic Park, BTTF, E.T. are not coming soon to HD DVD
  97. HD A1 HELP!! Player is "frozen"
  98. Need Help: Audio problem with my Toshiba HD-A30 player.
  99. Canadians! HD-A2 $199 at Futureshop 10/05/07 ONLY
  100. Just picked up the Spider-Man trilogy on Blu
  101. Pan's Labyrinth HD (December 26th).
  102. HD DVD & Blu-ray Release Announcements 2007-2008
  103. Release better titles in the HD formats!
  104. HDMI 1.3 Cables?
  105. How Long Until BD+ is Cracked? (Update: It's cracked)
  106. Rent - due Dec. 11th
  107. A2 Owners from Amazon: Hurry Price Drop!!!
  108. Is Hi Def region free?
  109. Help with 5 free HD-DVDs
  110. Fantastic Four BD ps3 problems. .
  111. New Low-Cost HD-DVD Players Not So Low Cost
  112. Panasonic: Blu-ray will win by New Year's Day
  113. FYE.com 50% off coupon (BOGO)
  114. Question About the 5 Free Blu Ray DVD Deal...
  115. Amazon 5 Free HD-DVD Help
  116. Sony DVDs
  117. Was it hard to say goodbye to DVD?
  118. Question about High Definition Players and Upconversion of SD Special Features
  119. Questions about the HD-A30 model.
  120. Format neutral as of today.
  121. Question about the HD-DVD players and free discs at Best Buy.
  122. Sony 5 Disc Rebate
  123. Huge High Def Giveaway - Results Now In! (Contest Over)
  124. problem with Alexander Revisited
  125. Problem playing HDNet Smart Travel Blu-ray disc
  126. Gettin' a Toshiba HD-XA2
  127. HD DVD Combo Format to be Discontinued by Warner Brothers (starts January 08)
  128. Second time around and a question?
  129. DTS-HD Master Audio is now available!
  130. Looking for Import HD DVD Titles
  131. Blu-ray/HD DVD war to run another 18 months
  132. 1080p HDTV for around 1K?
  133. The Simpsons Movie - Blu-Ray 12/18
  134. You Have to See This:
  135. Format Wars: So I was in Bay Bloor Radio the other week...
  136. What does the Amazon.com 10% HD discount expire?
  137. PS3 80GB Canada-only deal
  138. Any new Fox Blu-Ray reviews?
  139. When's the HD channels coming?
  140. I'm now officially format neutral....
  141. Sears commercial - Free Delivery with HD-DVD player
  142. Any news on these movies hitting HD-DVD?
  143. Does anyone have Best of HDNet World Report HD DVD Vol 1 or 2?
  144. Top Gun on HD - No Extras!!
  145. How many Christian Bale movies do you own?
  146. 1080p/24Hz and My HDTV
  147. New "Titanic" and "Braveheart" DVDs, but no HD? Huh?
  148. Pinnacle Showcenter 200 -- Opinions?
  149. Question about titles released in other countries...
  150. If I Could Pick Ten Titles for HD Release...
  151. BD+ and Its Effect on Current Players
  152. Thinking about Blu-Ray, any next-gen stand alone players coming soon?
  153. Opinions on HD-DVD Players...
  154. Superbad - Blu-Ray 12/4
  155. 1408
  156. Low cost Blu-ray (BD-R) disc
  157. INTEL on board with Blu-Ray as well as HD DVD
  158. Jack Ryan HD DVD Set - Cancelled?
  159. Zodiac 2-disc HD DVD 1/8/08
  160. Shrek the Third HD DVD 11/13/07
  161. Bandai Visual Brings Jin-Roh to Blu-ray
  162. HD-A1 Monoprice HDMI Switcher
  163. Quick Question On Hooking Up My Blu-Ray/PS3.
  164. Why Can't HD Discs Play in DVD Players?
  165. what is best hdvd ? or blue ray ?help
  166. It's Baaaaaaaaaaack! (Seven Free HD DVDs with the Purchase of an HD Player)
  167. AMAZON At it again. HD DVD Player and 7 movies
  168. Any HD/BRD titles support HDMI 1.3?
  169. Toshiba HD DVD Firmware Update & Discussion Thread Part II
  170. XB360 HD-DVD Firmware update!
  171. THX Calibration on BluRay Discs??
  172. Blu ray discs with THX have the calibration extras?
  173. HDMI Switcher Problem
  174. planet earth on hd-dvd or blu ray?
  175. Having problems playing back BD special features on PS3
  176. I just need to vent (about my HD-XA2)...
  177. Robocop Blu Ray: Which version?
  178. Troy Director's Cut: Anybody "Double-Dipping"?
  179. Fry's 13.50 Blu-Rays (September 14)
  180. Are the HD formats server compatible?
  181. Are any actor specific box sets in the works?
  182. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry HD DVD Combo 11/6/07
  183. Toshiba HD-A3 '5 free' rebate, available anywhere?
  184. HD-A30 vs. HD-A20
  185. What 5 free Blu-Rays did you select with the PS3?
  186. DVD Forum Approves HD DVD-ROM (51gb) Physical Specs
  187. The Jason Bourne Collection / The Bourne Ultimatum HD DVD Combo - both 12/11/07
  188. Scorcese's Aviator 11.06.07
  189. Transformers HD 1 Day Sale - DVD Planet $24.98
  190. Paramount HD-DVD Sale at DDD
  191. Deliverance HD DVD directly from Warner - When?
  192. Defining moment in next gen dvd war?
  193. RUMOR: Warner Bros. and Wal-Mart offered considerable money to go format exclusive..
  194. Good Universal Remote for HD?
  195. The potential collapse of the hi-def disc...
  196. HD-A20 won't upconvert Master & Commander
  197. The New HD DVD players/Offers starting Oct 1st!
  198. Three HDMI Inputs Receiver?
  199. Warner Bros. HD-DVD/Blu-Ray 4th quarter '07 (and early '08?)
  200. Aviator in HD
  201. Amazon.com Deal Posted in HD Talk Column
  202. Toshiba HD-A3 pictures anywhere? (looking for DVI output)
  203. HD-A20 and Dual Format Discs
  204. Just got my A2 questions
  205. Toshiba E10 problem with sound.
  206. New Chinese Involvement Could Trigger HD DVD Price Plunge
  207. Problem with my Toshiba HD-A20KU HD-DVD Player?
  208. Can't decide which Blu-Ray player to buy...
  209. Updated exclusive extras list?
  210. Fry's Specials 9/7-9/11
  211. A2 player no digital coax out?
  212. Neutral Owners - Which Do You Choose?
  213. HD Dvd or Blu-Ray 3-d???
  214. Tideland HD-DVD Available for Pre-Order!
  215. HD/BD Movie Sales on the Decline
  216. Please help me choose a HDTV...
  217. Band of Brothers - HDVD or BR?
  218. 5 New Non-Toshiba HD-DVD Players Coming!
  219. CEDIA 2007 Press Releases
  220. Say hello to third Hi-Def format!
  221. TRANSFORMERS HD DVD - October 16!
  222. Theives steal blu ray but no HD DVD
  223. Live Free or Die Hard: R on DVD, PG-13 on BD
  224. how is nip / tuck season 4 HD?
  225. Directv new HD channels- here's some tips
  226. HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Sale/Trade #2
  227. Where is The Shawshank Redemption?
  228. BLU & HD - youtube.com
  229. Now that you own a HD DVD Player or a BD will you still buy SD?
  230. Thinking about Making the Jump
  231. Directv HD reciever and surround sound
  232. Knocked Up disappointment and combo discs in general....
  233. Dish Network now allows an external Hard drive for HD
  234. Did the walmart near you get rid of there Hd-DVD / Blueray display ?
  235. Is there an HDMI converter for component input on a CRT TV?
  236. Worth waiting for the A3?
  237. Star Trek On HD DVD
  238. Scary Movie 4 Question
  239. $13.50 Blu-ray Specials at Fry's 8/31-9/4
  240. How much does HD cable/dish/driect tv cost?
  241. Sharp BD-HP20S advice???
  242. Borders and HiDef DVD's
  243. Universal Dropping Combo-Discs???
  244. Mitsubishi announces 3D blu-ray player!
  245. Heroes HD disc 2 freezing on 360 HD, help?
  246. Universal HD-DVD Site
  247. Studio Canal releases BLU
  248. Pirates of the Caribbean: CotBP BD framed incorrectly?
  249. Need Help With the HD-A2
  250. Quality reviews for Dawn Of Dead & Notting Hill HD-DVDs.