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  1. Why bonus material on HD side of hybrid discs?
  2. AVS moderation has gone off the deep end.
  3. HD DVD Plugs Into Circuit City
  4. Babel Blu Ray for $4.50 shipped
  5. Are there any firmware upgrades for the 360 HD-DVD drive available yet?
  6. PS3 Fan Noise
  7. Do you rent SD-DVD's from Netflix? (HD owners)
  8. Smartmoney.com Kicks Next-Gen Formats in the Nads
  9. HD DVD Custom Covers
  10. Okay, I've searched to death with no luck! Where to buy a PS3?
  11. So... as a new HD DVD owner...
  12. silly hd question.
  13. The Digital Bits sides with Blu-Ray
  14. Chronicles of Narnia: LW&W Blu Ray- When?
  15. 3XDVD...here we go again!
  16. Problem with my HDMI for PS3?
  17. Percentage of Population that has a Blu-Ray DVD Player?
  18. Requim for a Dream and Cecil B. Demented on Xbox Live
  19. Netflix and HD-DVD rentals?
  20. 360/VGA cable question
  21. What incentives are there to stay exclusive?
  22. Does the HD-A2 make any (fan) noise?
  23. HdMI -->DVI question
  24. Target has HD-DVD SPR on website
  25. any audio specs for Nine Inch Nails Blu-Ray?
  26. Problem with Warner HDDVD's on 360 add-on
  27. Format War: Where are you now?
  28. Aussie retailers backing Blu-Ray + misc. thoughts
  29. Which version of Kung Fu Hustle
  30. Did Blu Ray Marie Antoinette get canceled
  31. The Usual Suspects BD is RENT IT?
  32. The Departed on HD DVD at Best Buy for $22.99
  33. Anyone use D-Box motion simulator with AVP Blu-Ray
  34. Does HD hurt anyones eyes ever?
  35. Some dumb HD-A1 questions....
  36. To the HD Reviewers
  37. About to buy a PS3...some Questions for ya
  38. Superman: Ultimate Edition in HD ever?
  39. Do you get unencrypted cable HD with your TV's tuner?
  40. anyone find hollywoodland HD-DVD?
  41. xbox 360 HD-DVD drive wont play some discs?
  42. Pan's Labyrinth?
  43. Where can I find a list of past/future HD DVD and Blu-ray releases?
  44. anyone else tired of all this HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray stuff?
  45. Mulholland Drive HD DVD in the US?
  46. Young Guns reviews?
  47. HD DVD & Blu-ray Cases don't fit in my Ent Ctr
  48. The Jerk, Nutty Professor no longer combos
  49. How big is the difference in PCM 5.1?
  50. Question about Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Dodgeball
  51. How are Blu/HD's $5 cheaper at Target than BB?
  52. Receiver w/ 2 HDMI ins doesn't play HDMI sound??!?!
  53. Changes a brewing at the top of NBC Universal...
  54. HD TV makes my standard dvds look horrible. Help
  55. Is La Haine HD DVD worth the money?
  56. Pirates pr0n HDDVD won't play
  57. NIN: Beside You In time BD/HD-DVD $17.45 Amazon.com
  58. High-def player sales even, says NPD Group
  59. Toshiba HD A2 for 388.88 at eCost, only a few left
  60. Anyone bought used BD or HD discs? From where?
  61. Bluray BD-J delays causing HD DVD releases to be HELD BACK?!
  62. HD-DVR to DVD-R questions.
  63. Best HD/BD of Janaury 2007
  64. How Do They Make HD Content From A Non HD Source (TV and Movies)????
  65. Where can I buy replacement blu ray cases?
  66. Nielsen/VideoScan sales ratios and Top 5
  67. Dish adding A&E HD channel today
  68. What is a DVD/HD DVD combo disc?
  69. Are dvdtalkers buying films just for the PQ/AQ?
  70. Babel HD DVD vs Blu-ray differences?
  71. Your Blu-ray wish list / "When will _______ be on Blu-ray?"
  72. Title Requests with BB/Netflix?
  73. Looking into more TV shows on HD
  74. A look into Warner's 2007 slate
  75. Which satellite provider has the best picture quality/programming?
  76. %&^# rental discs!
  77. Hd-DVD player problem..please help
  78. Question about using the PS3 as a blu-ray player
  79. could both formats co-exist?
  80. Universal to release over 100 titles in 2007 on HD DVD
  81. Should I bite on Blu Ray?
  82. Will my TV work with HD-DVD?
  83. Lions Gate in HD over XBOX Live
  84. So whats the point of HDCP?
  85. Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player, BD-P1000/XAA on sale at Wal-Mart
  86. LOTR: HD vs. SD Comparisons
  87. Anyone with Best Buy warranty return your A1?
  88. The Game / The Jerk -> April 17th
  89. Recommended HD-DVD / BLU-Ray versions over the orginal DVD release
  90. Any reviews of the Rambo Trilogy up?
  91. Baltimore Sun Columnist Wants You To Play a Joke on Your HD Friends
  92. Do you buy HD movies just to have some...?
  93. HD A1 HDMI Audio problem
  94. Potential Mastering Issue For Hitchhiker's Guide...
  95. Query About HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray Comparison/Contrast Reviews
  96. can you buy hd-dvd cases?
  97. Yet another recommend a HD DVD Player
  98. Blu-Ray is now cracked...
  99. Warner goes PCM for Blu-Ray: The Departed
  100. Harry Potter HD DVD reviews?
  101. Where Can You Find The Cheapest Blu-Ray Movies?
  102. Top HD-DVD ownership
  103. need some more help concerning setup and what not.
  104. Does the XBox 360 HD-DVD drive output 1080p?
  105. Question about HD DVD/BlueRay exclusives
  106. Panasonic BD-10 firmware 1.4 available
  107. Devil Wears Parada
  108. Flags of Our Fathers?
  109. The DirecTV HD Thread
  110. Dreamworks: MIA?
  111. Are there any cheap HDMI switches with built-in optical switching?
  112. What's the deal with New Line (LOTR)?
  113. Clerks 2 won't play on my Xbox 360
  114. I can't go back to regular DVD.
  115. Recommend a Blu-Ray player to me.
  116. Need Help on what HD DVD Titles to buy next
  117. difficult desicion RE: tv providers. .
  118. Why does Netflix carry more Blu-ray discs than HD DVDs?
  119. Question about 360 HD DVD
  120. The Sopranos HD-DVD - WOW
  121. Blu-ray Says NO to Porn, Tells Them to Publish in HD-DVD
  122. DVD Talk Reviews: A Comparison of Sorts
  123. The Prestige: HD DVD 3/12/07
  124. NetCommand TV & PS3 hookup
  125. question about xbox 360 hdd and regular hd player
  126. Best DVI --> HDMI cable?
  127. Combo Format and Total HD discs (HD DVD on one side; Blu-ray on the other)
  128. BD Security Tag Question
  129. Wolf Creek won't load...
  130. More Disney animation (Cars, Chicken Little) coming to Blu-ray in '07
  131. Crank extras comparison
  132. WSJ claims only 25,000 Blu-ray players sold thus far
  133. Just Received The Discover Atlas Hd Dvd Box Set
  134. INHD: A Clockwork Orange January 11
  135. DVDEmpire adds HD-DVD and Blu-ray "format wars" sales info to their web page.
  136. 3/5 Studio Canal HD DVD specs (T2 plus others)
  137. Official CES HD/BD News & Discussion Thread
  138. New Amazon HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Availability List (pre-orders and otherwise)
  139. Warner to release movies on HD DVD/Blu-ray hybrid discs
  140. Hidef.com's year in review
  141. HDMI from HD-A1 straight to Projector?
  142. CES news - LG to unveil Dual Format player
  143. Casino Royale BD coverart
  144. Does TV Size Matter When Viewing HD or Blu Ray?
  145. Any idea when Star Trek will be released on HD-DVD?
  146. Burning your own SONY AVCHD (HD 1080i) discs using regular DVD-Rs? Possible?
  147. HTF Live Chat regarding the HD-DVD format
  148. Please help me find a copy of that leaked list of HD-DVD movies
  149. Having Problem with my HD DVD 360 Add-on
  150. 50 highest grossing movies of 2006 and their availability in high-def
  151. Help me decide (360 add-on)
  152. SONY Blu-Ray survey
  153. Question for DVDTalkers who support only 1 HD format
  154. Blockbuster Canada: Locations to rent/buy HD/BD
  155. New member: is HD DVD worth it?
  156. Anyone got a Toshiba HD-E1
  157. HDMI vs. component video with the PS3
  158. Heads Up Comcast Users Quick Change HD on INHD 9:00 Tonight!!
  159. Question about reconditioned HD DVD players
  160. Best Buy handing out tickets for PS3's one hour before Sunday 12/31 store openings
  161. Question About the 360 Add-On...
  162. That was quick: BackupHDDVD, a tool to decrypt AACS protected movies
  163. I love my HD DVD, but most of the movies I like are only on Blu-ray
  164. OOP Equilibrium Import HD-DVD Available for Pre-Order Again at Exploited
  165. Mission Impossible 3 HD DVD not loading?
  166. Fearless
  167. HD-DVD / Blu-Ray ownership poll.
  168. Question about new HDTV
  169. What's the most HD DVD or Blu-ray discs you've purchased at one time or in one day?
  170. Night of the Creeps in HD!
  171. HD-XA2s shipping on 1/3/07
  172. Problems with "The Descent" on BD
  173. New Seven Samurai Criterion freezes up on the HDA1
  174. How is Dishnetwork HD?
  175. The Breakfast Club PQ?
  176. I just made my first HD movie purchase!
  177. question about upgrading to an HD-dvd player???
  178. Local Best Buy stopped selling HD-DVD Players
  179. why buy bare bones blue ray dvd's right now?
  180. Are there HD-DVD drives for the PC out yet?
  181. HD-DVD: What's up with the lack of future releases ??
  182. Looking for cheap upconverting DVD player
  183. HD-DVD easily beats out BD for best of 2006
  184. Blu-Ray owners: What's your top 10 BD titles of 2006?
  185. 2006 is almost over. What's your top 10 HD DVD titles for the year?
  186. Which HD DVD player to buy
  187. PS3 20 GB on WOOT!
  188. HD-DVD / TV question
  189. I just saw a huge amount of PS3s at Best Buy
  190. Warner's first PCM uncompressed audio for Blu-Ray: Sopranos S6
  191. Speed Blu-Ray, how to tell which is fixed version??
  192. Stargate Blu Ray Glitch?
  193. Does screen size really matter ?
  194. Corpse Bride/360 add-on problem?
  195. First Adult HD DVD Being Released
  196. Rocky 1-5 on Comcast HD
  197. Check your Amazon order discounts again
  198. So No One Has an Issue with the 360 HD Add-On Sound Quality?
  199. Amazon.com Sales rankings for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray
  200. Flight Plan Blu Ray & Casino HD anywhere?
  201. Sokurov's 'Russian Ark' HDNet Movies: Jan 2nd
  202. HD DVD & Blu-ray - Release Calendar 2007 (Part 1)
  203. HD DVD & Blu-ray - Release Calendar 2007
  204. Anybody have list of Dolby TrueHD titles
  205. Anyone Have Problems with XBox's Packaged King Kong HD DVD?
  206. Microsoft improving VC-1 codec
  207. anyone use Firewire to connect DCT to HDTV?
  208. AskMen.com's top 10 must see HD-DVD movies:
  209. HD Custom Covers
  210. How is the Oppo DVD Player as an Upconverter?
  211. Are we ever gettin' a Miami Vice review? Yes! DVD Talk has one now, actually.
  212. First wave of Weinstein HD-DVD's out early at Fry's
  213. Dragon's Lair (Blu-ray, HD DVD, and basically everything else)
  214. Playstation 3 may upconvert DVDs now
  215. Heart Live in Seatlle Japanese?
  216. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory question
  217. HD movie, but SD features?
  218. LOST SEASON 1 in Blu-ray CONFIRMED!
  219. World Trade Center - HD-DVD?
  220. Borders has HD DVD's
  221. Christmas Vacation won't play on 360 HD-DVD add on
  222. New Plasma tv and upconverting DVD player
  223. "Feature capabilities are subject to change"
  224. sorry for the n00b question here (disc comparison sites? and more)
  225. Best HD-DVD's Image Wise?
  226. A Christmas Story: horrible picture
  227. What the hell is going on with my Cablevision?
  228. Toshiba HD-A1 $399.99 at Best Buy
  229. Playing Standard DVD's on HD-DVD players
  230. Buena Vista and Fox have "no plans to support HD-DVD"
  231. MI:3 HD-DVD on 360 add-on problems
  232. will obscure / indie titles get released?
  233. PS3 on a HD computer monitor?
  234. Do HD DVD players play regular DVDs?
  235. Stick with 720p or go with 1080p?
  236. Better sites than overstock for an hdtv?
  237. NINE INCH NAILS: "Beside You In Time" [Live] HD DVD -2/27/07
  238. DVD Upscaling via HDMI
  239. Sony Blu-Ray Gets 'General Dislike' Among Web Posters
  240. Unhappy about HD DVD/DVD combo discs? Let the studios know.
  241. The Official A2/XA2/A20 impressions thread
  242. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (BR) worth a blind purchase?
  243. Samsung Blu-ray player $599 new at Amazon
  244. Xbox 360 settings. 720p or 1080i?
  245. Anyone get Accepted HD-DVD?
  246. Definitive list of HD-DVD combo discs?
  247. HD DVD's of BD-only titles from Spain!
  248. PS3 as a Blu-Ray player...opinions?
  249. HD DVD and Blu Ray..who decides format?
  250. Why no United 93 HD DVD from Universal?