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  1. Forbidden Planet Tin
  2. Third Gen Toshiba HD-DVD Players Coming Soon!
  3. XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on sales up 1000% on Amazon
  4. Anyone here have Verizon FIOS ?
  5. PS3 to have DVR capabilities in 2008
  6. Where is Conan the Barbarian?
  7. Will all movies eventually come out on high def?
  8. "Combo" disks
  9. dvdtown.com says no to Blu-Ray?
  10. ...or maybe not (was: Blu-Ray Face/Off to have more HD extras than HD-DVD)
  11. Complete Worldwide List of Region Free Blu-Ray Titles
  12. Any problems connecting PS3 to DVI display?
  13. HD Portable DVD Player...
  14. Blockbuster is dropping HD-DVD and choosing BD for good
  15. Newb Needs HD Suggestions
  16. So 300....get it on BR or HD-DVD?
  17. ATHF colon film in HD?
  18. Street Date Breakers
  19. Sahara HD DVD OOP?
  20. Foreign Cinema in BLU
  21. New Line- HD DVD Only in Canada!?!
  22. Upconverting Shootout - HD-A2 v. Sony NS75H
  23. Will the crow(1994) arrives on blu-ray in the usa?
  24. BJ's Wholesale Club stores to carry Blu-ray exclusively
  25. Sony BDP-S301 for $450 with HDMI cable!
  26. Lost Season 3 on Bluray - December 11th?
  27. anyone else dreading the loss of the Amazon 10% off deal?
  28. Tom Goes to The Mayor and the Toshiba HdA2 problem
  29. Pirates of The Caribbean 3 Blu-Ray -> 12/4 full specs and features
  30. Xbox 360 HD DVD Drops to $179, 5 Free Movies
  31. Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind on Blu-Ray
  32. It's going to be an expensive October...
  33. Target to Promote Blu-Ray DVD Format
  34. Kubrick Quartet of Titles coming to BD/HD DVD 10/23 (w/Dolby TrueHD Tracks)
  35. Thieves choose Blu-ray over HD DVD in mass disc heist
  36. Strange occurence with Weeds S2 + PS3 (logging)
  37. Any recent Paramount dvd releases coming to HD?
  38. What do you recommend: a standalone Blu-ray player or a PS3?
  39. The Host Blu Ray - Region 1??
  40. Denon officially announces Blu-Ray players (BDJ 1.1, DTS-MA, Realta HQV)
  41. Razor Digital IMAX goes Blu-Ray exclusive
  42. Oldboy - November 6th
  43. can the ps3 play bd from japan?
  44. The Art Of Disney
  45. $447.58 for Sony Blu-ray Player at Sam's Club!
  46. Netflix vs Blockbuster - Next Gen Availability
  47. U Control is a Pain In The Rear!
  48. Zodiac on HD?
  49. Poll: Which of these older classics versus newer titles do you have in HD?
  50. HD DVD on non-HD television?
  51. Anyone get the new Fifth Element yet?
  52. Got my 5 Toshiba Rebate HD-DVDs Today
  53. A possible problem for bluray?
  54. 'Cars' Drives to Blu-ray this November
  55. HD-DVD delivers blows to Blu-Ray
  56. Poll: How many have bought classics versus "Blockbuster" type releases?
  57. What TV sets are or will be released on Blu-Ray?
  58. Where are all the Older Classic films on Bluray or HD DVD?
  59. TMNT (HD DVD and Blu-Ray) in August
  60. HD-DVD Promotional Group announces increase in sales growth.
  61. The Onion on Blu-ray adoption
  62. Harry Potter & Blade Runner Box Sets Blu-Ray/HD-DVD in 4th Quarter
  63. New Line's first HD Title is "Hairspray"
  64. No Star Wars in HD until a format wins
  65. Sony BDP-S300 $449 AR @ Circuit City
  66. Looks like Bram Stoker's Dracula is coming to BD this fall...
  67. Question about HDDVD/BR and 720p projector
  68. Guess what a couple employees at Sam's Club said...
  69. Is there a place to get a list of all available HD channels?
  70. $99 Toshiba HD A2 + 3 free HD DVDs at the Home Media Expo
  71. Anyone with experience buying HDTV online?
  72. Why Columbia House will help HD-DVD over Blu-ray
  73. Funimation goes BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE
  74. Is it me or this Payola? Digital Bits and Blu-Ray
  75. DENON goes Blu
  76. Samsung's BD-P2400 and BD-P1400 third-gen Blu-ray players
  77. DVD File - Better eyesight than me and many others, it seems!
  78. Need help please
  79. Star Trek: TOS on HD DVD By Year's End
  80. New To HD-DVDs
  81. What is your price point for a HD player?
  82. 60 GB PS3 price drop official, 80GB PS3 coming
  83. Some Blu-ray movies for $12.50 and $12.99 at Frys.com
  84. I have the worst HD luck
  85. MK2 goes HD/BR
  86. International Blu-ray releases
  87. Older Movies in HD
  88. Europe Steps Up Probe of New DVD Formats-Antitrust activity
  89. Planet Earth - 5 Disc Version W/extras?
  90. Pics of the French Spiderman Trilogy & Spiderman 3 Ultimate Blu-Ray Box sets 11/1/07
  91. Amazon to offer independent films in HD format online
  92. Have you re-watched your HD movies more than your regular DVDs?
  93. Night at the Museum Blu-ray
  94. Toshiba Permanently Drops HD DVD Player Prices
  95. Hong Kong's first hi-def title: INFERNAL AFFAIRS
  96. Blu-ray's Added Copy Protection Licensing Program Completed
  97. Transformers
  98. Paramount lossless audio
  99. Oliver Stone's Alexander (Blu-ray & HD-DVD) - Due 9/18/07
  100. HDTV vs. SDTV: How do they do it?
  101. Colombia House Adding Blu Ray/HD
  102. Starz HD question
  103. Consoles make up bulk of high-def movie player sales
  104. Mallrats... theatrical or extended?
  105. HD Versatile Multilayer Disc
  106. General HD DVD news and discussion PART 2
  107. Planet Earth high-definition DVDs have sold 45,000 copies, best-selling HD DVD yet
  108. Samsung BD-P1000 will not play certain movies. Help.
  109. Please Help me with DVE Home Essentials Set-up for HD
  110. How Do I Know If My TV has a De-Interlacer and do I need do anything with my A2
  111. Anyone know why Heroes is on HD-DVD but not Blu-Ray??
  112. Do I have a problem with my HD-A2?
  113. Any news on A Nightmare Before Christmas on Blu-ray?
  114. Feast HD DVD Playback issue?
  115. Home Theater Choice Blog: Why a BR player isn't a viable purchase until next year.
  116. Jaws: The HD-DVD I'd LOVE To See
  117. Audio loss with HD discs?
  118. About bookmark in HD dvd or Blueray
  119. Freedom 1 anyone excited
  120. General Blu-ray news and discussion PART 2
  121. BluRay/HD-DVD Deals at MTV.com (deal dead)
  122. Will my old school dvds still play...
  123. Anchor Bay/Starz goes Blu-Ray
  124. Anime Question: what's Bandai Visual going to release domestically?!?
  125. Anyone else excited about 'Mystery Men' on HD DVD?
  126. Blockbuster backs Blu-Ray
  127. Toshiba HD-A20 1080p HD DVD Player at Amazon for 300.88
  128. (DEAL DEAD) Toshiba HD-A2 $199 at Value Electronics (was: HD-A2 also $250 at Amazon)
  129. Is there any reason to hook up my HD-A2 to the internet?
  130. are these Bluray titles region all??
  131. Definitive list of HD and BluRay exclusive bonus discs
  132. Audioholics: Reasons Why HD-DVD Formats Have Already Failed
  133. I just bought another HD DVD player...
  134. The remastered Fifth Element BD exchange info:
  135. Blu-Ray region-free movies
  136. Are you alone in an HD world?
  137. Question About HD Region Coding...
  138. Help with burning the latest firmware onto CD
  139. Analog/Digital TV Viewing on HDTV
  140. 360 add on question
  141. XBox 360 Add-On Installation Question
  142. Sony BDP-S300 @499.99 w/ free shipping on Amazon
  143. Blade Runner (October)
  144. Is upconverting the same as upscaling?
  145. Breach HD DVD @ BB for $24.99
  146. Excellent HD Upconverting Player - Is there still need to upgrade DVD Collection?
  148. Animatrix Code for the 360, who wants it?
  149. James Bond on Blu-Ray-soon?
  150. 2 Free movies w/purchase of 360 addon.
  151. HD-A2 for 210.98 @ crutchfield.com
  152. HD-A2 for $199.99 at Crutchfield (deal dead)
  153. XBOX 360 Attachment:Did I do something wrong?
  154. HD-A2 vs. HD-A20 Want Advice Please
  155. Amazon had HD-XA2 for $556.00 shipped!
  156. What ever came of the "Star Trek" movie series on HD-DVD?
  157. Blu-Ray Players & Audio Options
  158. Million Dollar Baby Blu Ray discontinued?
  159. "Children of Men" possible Korean Blu-ray release
  160. A2 failing to upconvert SD using HDMI to DVI? Anyone know why?
  161. menu language issue with HD-A2?
  162. Weeds - Season One
  163. HD DVD and BluRay discs on 1080i
  164. Hdmi-vga-converter
  165. HD DVD and Blu-ray sales numbers - not to be confused with HD DVD vs. Blu-ray
  166. Coming to America!
  167. Error when playing Corpse Bride HDDVD
  168. 300 Blu-Ray $9.99 @ Frys.com
  169. Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD Player
  170. Will BTTF Be Coming to HD-DVD Soon?
  171. HD Poll
  172. 300 HD DVD $14.99 @ Frys.com / Blu-ray $9.99 (deal dead)
  173. Amazon B2G1 Free on Sony Blu Rays
  174. Need A1 advice.....please!
  175. Planet Earth - Double Dip?
  176. Theatrical titles during 2007 and hidef releases thereof
  177. Sony's Blu-Ray cost cuts prompt talk of lower PS3 price tag
  178. Question About My Eventual Upgrading...
  179. Will we ever see these on HDDVD/Bluray?
  180. Watching 4:3 material on the Toshiba players
  181. hd dvd/blu ray combo players?
  182. When is [insert movie title of your choice here] coming to Blu-ray?
  183. ATTENTION New Toshiba HD DVD Buyers: Buy your cables from monoprice.com
  184. 5 Free HDDVD rebate question
  185. Toshiba A2 & My HDMI Cord (sound issues)
  186. Silence of the Lambs Blu-Ray?
  187. Mission impossible blu-ray
  188. Is there a way to convert HDMI to component and still maintain an upconverted signal?
  189. Canadians! HD-A1 (refurb) for $219!!
  190. Searching for mid-sized HD TV deal
  191. What's the best HD-transfer?
  192. Layer Changes?
  193. Toshiba HD-A20 on the Costco website $429.99, hopefully $329.99
  194. Do I need an HDMI cable to use an HD DVD player?
  195. Why does Toshiba have 3 HD-DVD players?
  196. To Daniel Hirshleifer, reviewer of Apocalypto
  197. New 'Mini' Sharp DVD Player to Play HD Discs?
  198. Are these 3 Blu-ray titles allregion??
  199. Question on Toshiba 5 Free HD-DVD Offer
  200. Question about Netflix
  201. Hurry!! HD-A2 $237.88 at Amazon as of 7:16 MST
  202. What do you do with your "replacements".
  203. Do SD DVDs look lousy on HD TVs?
  204. can you watch hd dvds and bluray on regular dvd players?
  205. PS2 on an HD TV
  206. How is the Samsung BD-P1000?
  207. Hollywood Video To Rent Blu-Rays
  208. Should I buy an HD-DVD player or an Upscaling Player?
  209. Question about the A2 v. XA2
  210. Anyone order the A2 from Value Electronics?
  211. Buying the Collectors, not Ultimate, Version of the Matrix on HD-DVD?
  212. Which 5 Free HD-DVD's to choose
  213. Download Hd
  214. When is [insert movie title of your choice here] coming to HD DVD?
  215. HD/Blu-Ray drives?
  216. 360 add on vs HD-A2
  217. Closer
  218. Does the A2 not have the A1's problems?
  219. Upscaling SD to HD via component - why not?
  220. PS3 FW 1.80 Upscaling DVD/PS1/PS2 games to 1080p & media networking on 5/24
  221. List of non-US HD-DVD releases?
  222. 2007 DVDTalk HD DVD/Blu Ray Draft Voting - Final
  223. This has to be a new record... (HD/BD software sales)
  224. Format war was and is a plus.
  225. PotC at Circuit City: Buy 1 (not 2) get a $15 gift card.
  226. Possible deal for Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-Ray at Best Buy?
  227. The Fifth Element Double Dip 07/17
  228. HD DVD/Blu Fear
  229. Hdmi
  230. Complete Matrix Collection $19.99 (deal dead)
  231. 2007 DVDTalk HD DVD/Blu Ray Draft Voting - 2nd round
  232. To those who have both - Bluray or HDDVD?
  233. HD DVD & Internet Question
  234. Confusion w/ Blu-Ray and HD DVD
  235. TV Shows on HD-DVD
  236. Blu-Ray on the Xbox 360? Not gonna happen.
  237. HD-DVD on 27" TV
  238. Toshiba's 1 month HD DVD player sale
  239. 2007 DVDTalk HD DVD/Blu Ray Draft Voting - 1st round
  240. The Matrix Trilogy on HDDVD and Blu-Ray with the new AACS has been cracked
  241. Hard Boiled Blu-Ray Coming Packaged with Stanglehold PS3 Game!
  242. Predict the first double-dip in 1080p?
  243. Amazon listing Star Wars Trilogies on BD
  244. MGM library - who owns what??
  245. Superman Returns?
  246. PS3 audio question
  247. Panasonic DMP-BD10A 2nd gen Blu-ray player $599.99 w/ 5 free movies
  248. Pan's Labyrinth coming out in HD??
  249. Xbox 360 will get blu-ray
  250. PS3 as a blu-ray player and movies look just average