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  1. B1G1 Blu-Ray & HD DVD at Columbia House
  2. HD-DVD A3 or 30/35
  3. Hi Def War: Who really noticed?
  4. New Panasonic DMP-BD30 firmware is out, corrects low LFE output
  5. No more 360 HD DVD Drives
  6. The Godfather Trilogy HD DVD up for pre-order
  7. High Def Digest - Is it gone?
  8. SO .... When will all the HD-DVD movies that were exclusive be released on BLU RAY ?
  9. Is it safe to use Skip Dr. on HD DVD discs?
  10. Hard \Boiled Question
  11. quick question, does the PS3 have an optical out jack for audio?
  12. Did Blockbuster online suddenly decide to dump HD DVD too?
  13. Gladiator and Braveheart on Cinemax HD on 03/01/2008!
  14. Before the Devil Knows Your Dead HD DVD cancelled?
  15. HD Priority?
  16. Anyone know if Redbox will start to carry BD?
  17. So if I get the A3, which only does 1080i, what exactly does the TV do?
  18. No Country for Old Men (Blu-ray) - 03.11.08
  19. Sweeney Todd (HD DVD) - 04.01.08
  20. Juno (Blu-ray) - 04.15.08
  21. How long will our HD players keep going before they break..?
  22. DVD Talk mentioned!
  23. HD-A20 or HD-a30 help me choose!
  24. Anyone own Avalon on Blu-Ray???
  25. HTPC - Bluray drive for $135
  26. - Con Air, Crimson Tide, Rock BR - $14.95 at Amazon
  27. Toshiba A3 or A30
  28. Xbox 360 Add-On to drop to $49.99!
  29. What happened to all the B1G1 Free Blu-Ray offers?
  30. Tigerdirect has A35 +4 movies for $169?
  31. Disney Movie Rewards Blu Lightning McQueen Car Promotion
  32. One man's garbage is another man's treasure?
  33. When will the HD-DVD prices drop?
  34. oppo to make BR player
  35. 10$ Rebate Con Air/The Rock/Crimson Tide
  36. QAM Tuner?
  37. Disney's Pinocchio - Platinum Edition - DVD and Blu-ray in Spring 2009
  38. Will some HD-DVDs become collector's items?
  39. GameStop No Longer Taking HD DVD Trades
  40. HD DVD owners: Am I missing out by not owning these titles?
  41. The Official HD DVD Clearance Sale Thread
  42. is PS3 really the best blu-ray player?
  43. Criterion
  44. Star Trek TOS season 2 cancelled on HD-DVD
  45. best HD DVD standalone?
  46. Blu-ray's day: Toshiba quits HD DVD
  47. HD DVD officially dead. Universal and Paramount going Blu.
  48. Anyone plan on buying the T2 German import HD-DVD?
  49. The end is near...share your stories.
  50. Any reviews of features/vid and aud quality on Run Lola Run blu-ray out 2/19?
  51. What HDM titles have you acquired recently?
  52. Any word on if Lost Seasons 1 & 2 will be coming to Blu-ray ?
  53. Blu-Ray Universal Studios Petition
  54. Why are certain Blu Rays OOP?
  55. Why not let the consumer choose which movie they want?
  56. shouldn`t this forum be called blu-ray talk instead of hd talk?
  57. Letters From Iwo Jima PQ advice
  58. How likely are you to double dip on your DVDs?
  59. Where's My Affordable Blu-Ray Laptop?
  60. Any news on "Into the Wild"
  61. Is it possible for Standard DVDs to have HD quality video?
  62. Computer Hybrid USB TV Tuner Stick HDTV ?
  63. Question about Blu-Ray and HDTV
  64. Will China's HD DVD format work in domestic Players?
  65. Toshiba to stop making HD-DVDs
  66. Complete Matrix Trilogy does not contain download code?
  67. Surprised at actors' blemishes on HD?
  68. HD Audio Formats (TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, etc.) How does it sound?
  69. Wal-Mart to drop HD DVD in June
  70. Official Blu-ray & HD DVD OOP list
  71. HD DVD is near death... All articles, rumors, etc. HERE
  72. Warner Brothers NOT (really) BD exclusive???
  73. Will some of these Limbo BRs ever seen release?
  74. Apple TV Take 2 Impressions?
  75. Apollo 13 HD DVD cover upside down?
  76. Need Help, lost PS3 UPC
  77. Has Terminator 3 BD been fixed?
  78. Casablanca HD DVD "Currently unavailable" at Amazon
  79. Paramount Confirms 'Star Trek: Season 2' HD DVD Bump
  80. Why won't some regular DVDs upconvert?
  81. I Just Won A Blu-ray Player and 100 Movies!
  82. Blu-ray Disc Player Thread
  83. When will we start seeing region-free blu-ray players?
  84. Damages episode listings on Blu-ray - HOW ANNOYING!
  85. Planet Earth PS3 issues?
  86. Best Buy to promote Blu-ray as preferred HDM format
  87. Universal = Blu-Ray exclusive?
  88. Anyone else have a problem with Hot Fuzz playing on a Toshiba A2?
  89. Netflix chooses Blu-Ray, dropping HD DVD from Rentals.
  90. How would you rate the PQ of T2 BR against the EE?
  91. No Margot at the Wedding HD-DVD?
  92. Sony DBP-S1 Clearanced for $128.00 at Sears!
  93. Why are people selling the Shooter BR for $40-50 on Exchange Forum?
  94. You swore you'd stop but you're still buying HD-DVDs
  95. Blu-Ray & TrueHD/DTSHD-MA?
  96. ps3 help needed please
  97. Star Trek the original series season 1 HDDVD for $97.49 with free shipping at Amazon
  98. They ripped us off with the 5th Element!
  99. Any word on Sin City BD?
  100. Which 2 blu ray movies to get free PS3 remote
  101. Please explain something to me about HD
  102. Is there a list of HDM exclusive bonus features?
  103. Question about import HD DVDs
  104. Am I the only one who is saving money by switching to HDM?
  105. Toshiba's Hd-a35 For $234
  106. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player is $79.99 at Amazon
  107. Several HD DVD UK imports including T2 for $21.95 at exploitedcinema.com
  108. Who uses their PS3 as their everyday dvd player
  109. Blu Ray 5 free movie order form
  110. Crimson Tide Blu Ray at Retail?
  111. Old TV shows in HD?
  112. Wall Street - Feb 5th on Blu Ray - is it worth it
  113. How many gigs are BDs and HD-DVDs?
  114. 'Lawrence of Arabia' HD premier Feb 10 - HDNet Movies
  115. Can someone explain Sony's POV?
  116. This is the kind of friend everyone should have
  117. Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate HD DVD Steelbook (Germany)
  118. Toshiba HD DVD Superbowl Commercial Discusssion
  119. What is the average you've paid per HDM title?
  120. Amazon 50% off HD-DVD Sale (2/2/08)
  121. Question about T2 Blu-ray cover variations
  122. How long is it going to take to get the HD-DVD only titles over to Blu Ray?
  123. Anyone use VUZE?
  124. Why Does T3 on BD Have an Inferior Soundtrack to HD-DVD?
  125. General HD DVD news and discussion PART 3
  126. Sales discussion for Blu-ray and HD DVD -- Nielsen numbers, market shares, etc.
  127. National Treasure and NT: Book of Secrets on BD 5/20/08
  128. High-def media's niche status: Will it end? Does it matter?
  129. The Brave One 2/4/08
  130. Jack Ryan Collection (4 movies) HD-DVD -> $40 shipped.
  131. I am Legend (March 18)
  132. The Invasion HD DVD already in stores?
  133. The 'Gattaca' hype thread
  134. HD-DVD Blu-ray Dual-Format for a Laptop?
  135. The Concerts on HDM Thread
  136. Question about PS3 UPC code.
  137. In what order should I watch the 5-disc Blade Runner BD?
  138. Convince me why I should not buy a PS3
  139. Life of Brian
  140. Amazon 10% Blu-ray and HD DVD
  141. Who wants to guess on the next price drop for PS3?
  142. Looking forward -- VOD versus optical media
  143. Mono on HD/BR. Why the low bitrate?
  144. DD - B2G1 Blu-rays until 2/10 Includes Several Preorders
  145. Pearl Harbor subtitles question
  146. Please recap the past 6 months in the HD world - Jan '08 edition
  147. Can I not zoom in on the PS3?
  148. Low cost solution for HD Audio with both HD/BR?
  149. Funny video about the format war.
  150. American Gangster - Standard DVD Case?
  151. Anchor Bay Blu-Rays $10.99 @ J&R
  152. Banding Issues
  153. Just bought Song Remains the Same on BD!
  154. Would You Buy Any Of These TV Shows In BD/HD DVD?
  155. Blu-ray DVD hybrid: possible?
  156. The HD Minimum: $1400?
  157. 1408 on Blu-Ray - is this legit?
  158. Broken Blu Ray Players on EBay
  159. Which blu ray player should I keep?
  160. 1080P Resolution for LCD HDTV 30" or lower?
  161. General Blu-ray News and Discussion - Part 5
  162. Will WB's Blu-ray decision impact Criterion?
  163. Is your HD broadcast a few seconds behind the non-HD?
  164. Why aren't all HD discs significantly better than SD?
  165. HD-DVD's secert weapon? Sports?
  166. Rocky Balboa on Blu
  167. Samsung Blu Ray/HD DVD combo $799 at cc, worth it?
  168. BB 20% off coupon Blu-ray/HD-DVD Players Jan 25-28
  169. American Gangster HD-DVD (2/19)
  170. Does it hurt the discs to leave them in the player?
  171. Quick question for BDP-1400 owners.
  172. Tiesto - Elements of Life World Tour- Blu-Ray March 2008!
  173. am i doing it wrong?...i dont see any difference..
  174. SONY S300 3.70 firmware upgrade
  175. How much better do HDM look on a non-HD TV than SD-DVDs?
  176. Navigating DVDs on a PS3
  177. Moronic Wash Post Writer Buys Technology He Doesn't Understand, Writes Story About It
  178. Reccomended 32-37" HDTV?
  179. Questions about HD Media
  180. A3 skipping--Specifics (A30 any better?) Need help
  181. Upcoming BD 2.0 Players?
  182. Any news on Das Boot Bluray?
  183. Toshiba HD-D3 $129.99 at Costco
  184. $131.99 Toshiba HD-A3 - HD DVD Player w/ free shipping from buy.com
  185. OT: Hitler is back, Format war skit
  186. con air blue ray help ?
  187. PS3 question...video retrieval?
  188. Burned DVD-R from PC to BluRay-player?
  189. Did the BR release of Stargate fix the video flaw?
  190. Does T3 on HD-DVD Really Have DD+?
  191. Blu-ray Discs That Come With Sleeves/Covers/O-Rings??
  192. Apple announces HD rentals
  193. Sony Blu Ray 300 only for Sony TV's?
  194. Does quality of HDMI cable really make a difference?
  195. Will my Toshiba A2 play a mini-dvd with AVCHD?
  196. Do all Sony standalones update to 1.1?
  197. UpScaling: HD DVD vs. Blu Ray
  198. Best settings for watching Blu-Ray movies on the PS3?
  199. HD-DVD: Are you taking advantage of a situation?
  200. Toshiba speaks! New HD DVD Pricing & Marketing Strategy....
  201. Blue Ray Dvds Cuts ???
  202. ps3/blu ray help needed please
  203. 2 for $25 Blu-rays @ Walmart.com
  204. Anyone Contact Warner Bros Regarding HD-DVD?
  205. Pan's Labyrinth worth upgrading?
  206. Batman movies on blu-ray 3/10/2009
  207. Toshiba HD-A3 @ TigerDirect for $129.99
  208. The big winner of the war: Amazon.com
  209. Defective BR Disc - HP The Goblet of Fire
  210. Warner going Blu-ray only end of May 2008.
  211. After the 5 free Blu-Ray promotion ends 1/31/08
  212. amazon price adjustment?
  213. HDM Needs a Name!
  214. Blue Ray Dvd Region Codes
  215. List of titles that are better on one format?
  216. One & Only HD/BD Bargains Thread Part II: Shock Treatment
  217. Best Buy stock levels (inventory)?
  218. $5 off HDM title $29.99 and up till 1/21 @ BB w/RZ card
  219. Will Best Buy let me do this?
  220. First disc played in your HD-DVD / BD player?
  221. More info on possible Blu-Ray add-on for Xbox360?
  222. "Almost Famous" Extended UK blu-ray; all region?
  223. What will Netflix do with HD-DVD if Blu-Ray wins?
  224. Are there too many polls in this forum?
  225. Should I sell my hd dvd addon for the 360, along with the movies
  226. Blade Runner Workprint picture quality question
  227. Is it Inevitable That Studios Will Double Dip On Blu Ray Discs?
  228. So ... How many of you have completely bailed on HD-DVD?
  229. My HDTV doesn't have an HDMI outlet, is my TV outdated?
  230. 1,000 HD channels for Comcast?
  231. Quality of the Brotherhood of the Wolf (UK Import) HD-DVD?
  232. Is WB finally gonna catch up thier Blu-ray catalog now?
  233. Paramount to drop its support of HD DVD?
  234. When the "war" is over, when do you think the exclusives will start coming?
  235. Sunshine BD Problem on Samsung BD-P1200 - Another Fox...
  236. At what price would you buy a Blu-ray player?
  237. Samsung Debuts Slimmed-Down Combo HD Player
  238. Best Blu-Ray Movies To Show On HDTV
  239. When Will Standard DVD Die?
  240. 3:10 to Yuma Blu-ray
  241. Do You Want The Format War To Continue?
  242. Can stuck pixels lead to dead pixels?
  243. Rumors about Paramount changing allegiances
  244. Paramount following Warner out the HD DVD door?
  245. Rent on Blu-ray
  246. Enemy of State Blu-Ray (extended cut)
  247. Any Opinions on Sharp BD-HP20???
  248. Who here will be buying a Blu-Ray player within the next month?
  249. I will miss the format war
  250. Blu-ray player with a/v sync built in