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  1. HD Cable with Cablecard problem
  2. Reuters: High-definition DVD market facing static
  3. Studio Canal HD DVDs will feature DTS-HD Master Audio
  4. I've seen BD supporters jump ship to HD-DVD, has anyone gone the other way?
  5. Would you buy a sub-$500 BD player?
  6. Blu-ray announced new partner!
  7. Toshiba HD-E1 HD DVD Player (Europa) announced; HDMI 1.3 / 1080p output in EX-1 model
  8. Fox Announces Its Blu-ray Slate Inc- The 1st BD-50, Loseless Audio, Java, & MPEG-4-
  9. If you're gonna get into HD DVD...do it soon!
  10. RUMOR: PS3 games not able to do 1080p, will upconvert 720p
  11. Blu-Ray Japan release list announced.
  12. New HD DVD NEC drive does TL-45!
  13. The One and Only HD-DVD/SD Extras comparison thread
  14. How do you feel about the lack of original audio mixes on HD/BR?
  15. Kubrick titles questions
  16. Your SD-DVD collection...which studios???
  17. After buying an HD-DVD title, are you selling the equivalent SD-DVD?
  18. HP rolls out HD DVD player in september!
  19. Video Business: Indie Sings for HD DVD
  20. Any HDV5000 reviews?
  21. Attack of the Clones in HD
  22. Cable question for Sammy 50 inch owners.
  23. Where to buy Japanese HDDVD Porn?
  24. Digital Bits: "HD-DVD is quietly making Blu-ray Disc look pretty silly"
  25. Video Business: Sony plans 50GB Blu-ray releases
  26. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest BluRay Info
  27. The Searchers HD DVD
  28. The Break-Up to become Universal's first 30/9 combo disc
  29. Microsoft: No HD (Blu-Ray OR HD-DVD) Support in 32 Bit Vista.
  30. HD/Blu-Ray DVD Question?
  31. SMALLVILLE and WEST WING coming of HD
  32. Has anyone used a Voom receiver to pick up OTA HD?
  33. Have you convinced anyone to get an HD player yet?
  34. Cheeper PS3 and Blu-ray
  35. HD Media Center PC
  36. HD DVD / Blu-ray Reviews and Recommendations
  37. HDXA1 on sale at onecall.com. $599 shipped.
  38. Star Wars: Eps 1-6 in HD on Cinemax
  39. Troy, LW 2, Space Cowboys & MORE!
  40. Amazon price-drop on Toshiba!
  41. Sony may make it illegal to sell used PS3 software
  42. HDNet Movies impressions
  43. Should I buy an HD-DVD Player ?
  44. "Holy Crap in a Can!"
  45. A few quick upconverting questions...
  46. So what are these cable cards?
  47. Warner announces TV-on-HD DVD plans
  48. Sopranos Season 6 on HD-DVD same day as Standard DVD
  49. Big guns being held back for TrueHD 5.1 firmware?
  50. Training Day: HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray releases
  51. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray vs. everything else free-for-all: Round two
  52. Ricoh has a dual fromat drive ready to demonstrate
  53. So, has anuone seen the new DirectTV HD DVR?
  54. Aeon Flux hd dvd release date?
  55. Memento Question
  56. A Digitalfreaknyc Production!!!!
  57. Now this is what HD-DVD/Blu-Ray should have been...
  58. Van Helsing HD-DVD: Questions about the transfer
  59. Help me settle an argument
  60. Buying Blu-Ray & HD DvDs
  61. The canonical DVD Talk "hey, recommend an HDTV for me!" thread
  62. Analyst: Format Winner to Emerge After Christmas
  63. Looks like there won't be any Fox HD-DVD anytime soon...
  64. Sony plans first HD double dip on TFE
  65. HD-A1 Audio question
  66. Amazon Toshiba HD-A1 player $399 (as of 9/18/06)
  67. Toshiba Squashes Second-Gen HD DVD Player Rumors
  68. EU opens unofficial investigation into HD DVD and Blu-ray
  69. SD DVD Purchasing in Light of Blu-Ray/HD DVD Adoption?
  70. LG Says No HD DVD/Blu-ray Deck For 06
  71. Frustrations and Questions: Multi-Disc Sets, Seamless Branching, etc.
  72. HD-DVD petitions to studios...
  73. Will HD/SDVD releases eliminate SD double dips?
  74. HD DVD-R's are out!
  75. Check your Amazon orders for Good Night and Good Luck
  76. Double Dipping?
  77. High definition screenshots vs DVD screenshots
  78. Reference titles for HD-DVD / Blu-Ray
  79. Can somone lay out the differences in the two Toshiba HD-DVD players?
  80. What will it take to get you to Hi Def DVD?
  81. Stores seek killer app on High Def - article
  82. Have they announced a HD DVD Burner for PCs?
  83. Rush (R30) on INHD
  84. DVD Talk Seeking HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Reviewers
  85. Good bargains for Japanese release HD-DVDs??
  86. HD DVD imports
  87. Blue Ray discs for $9-15, HD DVD for $15-18
  88. My local Wal-Mart isn't carrying HD-DVD and Blu-Ray anymore.
  89. Anyone bought a new TV for HD or Blu Ray?
  90. Sony announces new consumer HD camcorders
  91. Coordinated HD DVD purchase
  92. Blue can't HANDLE the TrueHD!
  93. HD DVD on a 480P Projector
  94. I'm new, and considering delving into HD, help?
  95. BVHE announces first two waves of Blu Ray Titles!
  96. What HD DVDs have you bought lately?
  97. Audio experts, need help with possible Toshiba HD A1 problem
  98. "PS3 cell yields in the toilet"
  99. ATL HD DVD/DVD------------>7/18/2006
  100. Warner Brothers - Blu-Ray Announcement
  101. Just watched Enter the Dragon... WOW!!!
  102. Any thorough HDTV review sites?
  103. Any Toshiba players at Costco in So. CA, O.C area?
  104. Toshiba ramps up advertising for HD DVD!!
  105. BD delayed in Europe
  106. Most HD Actor
  107. More Blu-ray bias in the mainstream press...
  108. New laser that reads DVD, CD, HD DVD and Blu-ray!
  109. Microsoft announces worldwide DVD releases
  110. Problem with sound with RCA HD-DVD player
  111. Paramount (RE)announces HD DVD support!
  112. DVDTalk Blu-ray Reviews
  113. Toshiba HD-DVD Player - Region Free?
  114. Ideally, where should all HDMI sources connect to?
  115. Finally Saw Blu-Ray Today - Not Impressed
  116. HD-DVDs from Japan?
  117. Finally got my HD-A1.
  118. HBO HD Inconsistencies (Audio and video)
  119. Has your Walmart restocked its HD-DVD catalog?
  120. 2001: A Space Odyssey on HDNet
  121. HD footage on the Internet
  122. Blu-Ray spec sheets in Canada
  123. PS3 being marketed as $499 BR player!
  124. XBOX 360 predicted to get an internal HD DVD drive
  125. What's Your HD DVD Reference Disc?
  126. Anyone compare T2 U-571 etc to their D-VHS Counterparts?
  127. IGN HD DVD Editorial
  128. German WMV HD-DVDs, anyone buy any yet?
  129. Use frequent flyer miles for HD DVD player!
  130. PCMag: HD-DVD vs. BD Article
  131. HD-A1/HD-XA1 CD playback/audio capability
  132. Bourne Supremacy on Amazon for $15.99
  133. New DVD - 1 terabyte per disc for $3 - Blu Ray and HDDVD in trouble?
  134. "Fox Revs Up Blu-ray Launch Plans"
  135. PC Blu-Ray, HD-DVD?
  136. Why do we think studios want MORE space on thier disk?
  137. Vertical Banding on HD DVD
  138. Terminator 2 (Blu-Ray) Review
  139. HD-DVD through Component Video
  140. New Article on HD DVD and Blu-ray Production
  141. RUMOR: Pixar convinces Disney to go with HD DVD
  142. can you tell a difference between 720 and 1080?
  143. HDMI question (HD DVD)
  144. 10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed
  145. HD on home video vs. HD on cable/satellite
  146. Panasonic Launches BD-ROM Authoring Service in the US (MPEG-4 AVC)
  147. HDMI 1.3 Finalized and Published?
  148. CABLE OR Satellite: Which is better?
  149. Toshiba HD DVD recorder!!!
  150. HDNet Movies highlights for August 2006 (inc. The Shining )
  151. Samsung to consider developing HD/BD player
  152. 12% off for RZ members...get a player!
  153. Are superbit dvds compatible with HD-DVD & Blu-ray players?
  154. HD-Pan-n-Scan
  155. Help connecting HD DVD player through HDMI to my new Samsung DLP
  156. List of HD DVD combo discs?
  157. Toshiba "3:2 pulldown" problem
  158. HDDVD players in Japan
  159. Best price for HD-DVD players in Canada?
  160. Terminator (Blu-Ray) Review!!!
  161. Free Fifth Element Blu-ray disc w/ purchase of Sony BDP-S1
  162. It looks like HDMI 1.3 is finally approved (unverified)
  163. Top 10 reasons to throw money away
  164. Tower Records 20% off includes HD titles
  165. More BD titles delayed!
  166. Piracy kills "the war?"
  167. Movies on HDTV- quality? Toy Story 2 tonight.
  168. Dell LCD HDTV any good?
  169. New DVD Higher Resolution Formats
  170. HD DVD/BD DDD sale thread
  171. OPPO vs Toshiba HD-DVD player - Upconverting
  172. Pick my first HD Title
  173. Theory: Toshiba holding back players?
  174. Best HD-DVD of May 2006
  175. HDMI ---> DVI ---> TV
  176. XBox360 upgrade... Upconvert DVD's to HD
  177. Black Hawk Down: A test for BD?
  178. Initial BR impressions from AVS
  179. DVI to HDMI important questions
  180. Which movies wont you buy till they hit HD?
  181. New Sony receiver capable of processing uncompressed HD audio
  182. Toshiba HD DVD firmware news and discussion
  183. E-Mail from Blockbuster regarding HD-DVD
  184. What will 4:3 movies look like on HD-DVD
  185. HD DVD / Blu-ray software bargains
  186. WB issuing 1080i transfers for 1080p
  187. Blu-Ray = R-rated, DVD = unrated...why?
  188. HD DVD players being marked down??
  189. Toshiba HD-A1 first impressions
  190. So Fox has MGM's catalog now...
  191. Several Blu-ray players delayed; Samsung's apparently still on target for late June
  192. Blue Underground in the early stages of putting together HD DVDs
  193. Okay! Sooooo...Where are the Extras???
  194. Strange Audio Problem with HD-D1 (HD-DVD) Player
  195. Info on DTS HD?
  196. HD vs BluRay help? please
  197. Blade Runner comes to both HD formats
  198. Supported formats on PS3
  199. Will HD-DVDs play in a regular DVD player?
  200. One and Only HD DVD/Blu-Ray Disc FS/FT Thread
  201. Best HD DVD disc you've seen?
  202. XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on photos
  203. Next Generation of HDDVD Players
  204. BD players and CD playback
  205. New 4x Blu-ray Burner by LG (released middle of June)
  206. HD DVD to Introduce Region Coding
  207. Which Players(s) will you buy?
  208. Samsung BD-P1000 available June 25th -- some players already in stores
  209. BTB/HDMI clipping problems?
  210. Re-exploring your SD DVD Collection with the HDA1
  211. anyone here get the INHD channel - question
  212. What Movies Can Be HD
  213. HD audio in Bluray players/discs?
  214. Subwoofer Buzzing (HDA1)???
  215. Constantine - 1st IME HD DVD
  216. Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD fanboyism
  217. Movie industry may drop Image Constraint Token until 2012
  218. Best Buy Memorial Day coupons
  219. "HD-DVD" or "HD DVD"
  220. Are dual DVD/HD-DVD discs single layered?
  221. Universal Is The Key
  222. Interesting article on Blu-ray replication
  223. Toshiba HD-DVD laptop at circuit city
  224. Has the new medium blown anyone away yet?
  225. Toshibe HD-DVD D1 at Costco.
  226. DirecTV now has HD Locals
  227. anyone find a way to make the Toshiba region free?
  228. Problems with Dual-layer
  229. A deal on Toshiba HD-DVD player
  230. Sony annouces BL Vaio laptops
  231. Amazon.com shopper's responses to Sony's Blu-Ray (BDP-S1)
  232. Columbia House's response on offering HD-DVDs
  233. Filmfest Hd: James Bond Hd
  234. Dolby Surround with HD-DVD/analog
  235. Sweet Amazon.com deal! (extended through 2007!)
  236. Toshiba A1/XA1/D1 startup/load times...what are yours?
  237. How does HD-DVD quality compare to HD movies on dish?
  238. tough playstation 3/HDMI questions
  239. Sony admits need for dual-format player!
  240. NY TIMES (May 11): Who needs HD-DVD?
  241. Dirty Harry HD-DVD Collection in 2007
  242. XBOX360 HD-DVD add-on = $199
  243. Windows HD media showcase
  244. HD-DVD audio...how is yours hooked up?
  245. PS3 pricing announced
  246. It's official - MS announces HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360!
  247. Buying HD-DVD discs and sales...
  248. PS3 and HDMI problems
  249. Are you archiving / recording in HDTV?
  250. HD-DVD/DVD hybrids -- what do you think?