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  1. Why do some Blu-Ray movies has bars and some take up the entire screen?
  2. Are you buying movies on BD that you already owned on SD?
  3. $30 for 2 Blu-Ray Movies - BB Deal
  4. The Ruins BLU-RAY 7/8/08
  5. Prisonbreak Season 1 $39.85 Amazon Gold Box
  6. The Mummy BLU-RAY 7/22/08
  7. Got Blu but still buy some SD DVDs? Which ones?
  8. How do you know that you 1080/24 is working?
  9. Article: Six reasons you shouldn't use the PS3 as your Blu-ray player
  10. Just bought my first blu-ray. I'm excited.
  11. "21" on BLU-RAY 7/22/08
  12. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles [Season 1 Blu-Ray] for preorder @ Amazon: $28
  13. Cloverfield [Blu-Ray] - 5/20 or 6/3?
  14. The HD DVD 5 free rebate?
  15. What Blu-ray Discs are you getting on 05.13.08...?
  16. Amazon Blu Ray 10% promo now 5%?
  17. KINO goes Blu
  18. Blu-ray/DVD hybrid discs
  19. The Chronicles Of Narnia Blu-Ray Question
  20. Highdefdigest's Butch Cassidy Blu Ray review- poor marks for A/V
  21. Is there a definitive list of what's out on Blu Ray anywhere?
  22. Question about older movies put on BD
  23. Criterion releases on Blu-Rays
  24. PS3 Owners: What Do You Use It For?
  25. Neil Young "Archives" To Be Released On Blu-ray
  26. I would love to see a BD-capable version of this R2 projector
  27. Blu-ray Slimline Cases?
  28. anybody have the import blu-ray of dune?
  29. Doomsday BLU-RAY 7/29/08
  30. Say what the F**K, Risky Business goes Blu
  31. My Netflix BD/HD DVD Discs Keep Getting Lost In The Mail, Should I Be Concerned?
  32. Any Goodburger Criterion Blu Ray News??
  33. VideoBusiness.com misprints "Leon" as coming out on 6/10. Whoops!
  34. Clint Eastwood ride to Blu Ray on Pale Rider, August 26
  35. Universal Chooses DTS HD MA for BD Titles
  36. Article: HD-DVD demise didn't boost Blu Ray Sales (Excludes PS3)
  37. Justice League Season 1 coming to Blu-ray on 8/19!
  38. Whats taking so long for movies to be released onto BluRay !?
  39. Paramount announces new releases on Blu-Ray for 2008 (inc. There Will Be Blood)
  40. Are you still buying Demo Discs?
  41. Subtitled movies and my HDTV question?
  42. Question about the Blu-Ray format
  43. Vantage Point BLU-RAY 7/1/08
  44. Brazilian Arm of Toshiba to Release Purple HTPC
  45. Sony PS3 region codes (Hong kong)
  46. 'Dark City - Director's Cut' Blu-ray on July 29, 2008
  47. Your Top 5 favorite BD's
  48. Don't buy Fox old movie Blu-ray
  49. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Blu-Ray - Fall '08)
  50. Samsung BD-UP5000 Blu Ray and HD DVD Hi-Def Duo Player - Refurbished $349.99
  51. Mrs. Doubtfire (Blu-Ray) -----> 5/13/08
  52. Be Kind Rewind to, um, debut on Blu the same week as the DVD
  53. Blu-ray Sales Figures Discussion
  54. When will Blu-ray no longer work through component cables?
  55. Netflix to Raise Prices for Blu-ray Subscribers
  56. Question - Planet Earth HD-DVD
  57. Blu-ray replacement disc
  58. Anchor Bay/Starz Blu-ray titles $11.95 @JR.com (formerly @Amazon!)
  59. 'Heroes' Double-Header Coming to Blu in August
  60. The Golden Compass (Blu-ray) ---- 4/29/08
  61. Toshiba Firmware CD I got in the mail?
  62. Universal's First BD Titles to Arrive on July 22nd!
  63. In Regards to my Toshiba 5 HD DVD's rebate
  64. Good prices for a few classic BD disks
  65. AvP Requiem BD missing unrated footage!
  66. Prices Of Blu-ray Movies In Future?
  67. In Store "Broadcast" - What Format?
  68. 10,000 B.c. Blu-ray - 6/24/08
  69. TV Shows on Blu-Ray
  70. Is anyone having trouble adding Blu-rays to their Blockbuster Queue?
  71. Blu-ray mastering question
  72. Children of Men US HD DVD vs. Nordic Blu-Ray
  73. # of HDM Titles by Studio?
  74. Blu-ray release announcements - Part II
  75. Circuit City Blu-ray Sale - 4/20 - 4/26 - $19.99 including Blade Runner!
  76. High-Def Title Collectors: Do you purchase because of old titles or new?
  77. Independence Day & Predator 19.95 @ Target BM (4/20-6)
  78. La Vie En Rose on Blu-Ray (Canadian Edition)
  79. Percentage of HD/ Blu movies that are double-dipped?
  80. Blu-ray: We're The 60%.
  81. Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S300
  82. red and white lines on ps3?
  83. Wal-mart accept HD-DVD player returns
  84. soooo.... what are Universal, Paramount/Dreamworks actually waiting for???
  85. PS3 Will Get DTS HD Master Audio in Update 2.30
  86. Amazon now giving $50 GC for prior HD DVD Player purchase
  87. Amazon.com HD-DVD Player Gift Card!
  88. The Quick and The Dead...any word?
  89. New Blu-Ray HDD Player: BDZ-A70
  90. Amazon HD buyers
  91. Natural Born Killers coming to Blu-ray!
  92. Now that Blu-Ray has "won".....
  93. Is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang only available as a Combo disc?
  94. Advice on buying HD/BD in Hong Kong?
  95. Would anybody be interested in a Blu-ray spending tab?
  96. PS3 / Harmony owners...the ir2bt adapter is on pre-sale now!!!
  97. PS3 & aspect ratio question...
  98. questions regarding blu ray for my presentation
  99. Anyone get their HD DVD order from mediadis.com?
  100. TV season sets on Blu-ray question (LOST & Prison Break)
  101. Definitive List of Blu-Rays without all SD extras
  102. Best day ever for buying HD DVD's for me!!
  103. 3-D Blu-rays
  104. Eyes Wide Shut Blu-Ray uncensored?
  105. The HD/BD Good Trader list
  106. Sunshine Blu-ray movie will not play in Panasonic DMP-BD30
  107. 'The Pixar Story' on StarzHD
  108. Planet Earth HD Disc messed up! What to do?
  109. Betamax to HD-DVD converter for only $29.99 at thinkgeeks.com
  110. Speculation about movies we may or may not see on Blu-ray
  111. Did your Best Buy dump all their HD titles?
  112. Alvin and the Chipmunks FS edition???
  113. T3 Blu-Ray Issues?
  114. Sony admits they were wrong about Blu-ray, says were Sorry and brings back HD-DVDS?
  115. HD-DVD+ : Is This for Real?
  116. How Do You Unlock Ps3 Blue Ray Drive ?
  117. FYE no longer taking in HD DVD's for trade/buy back.
  118. RUMOR: More Disney Platinums on Blu-ray
  119. Anyone buying a standalone Blu-ray disc player in the future?
  120. Into the Wild and Atonement HD DVD Reviews?
  121. How much on average do you spend on Blu Ray movies?
  122. You've Got A PS3, What Blu-Rays Do You Have?
  123. Circuit City HD-DVD "floater" replacement?
  124. HD Must-haves
  125. Any buy a player get "X" movies free deals?
  126. I'm looking to get a good modest priced receiver for my new PS3
  127. Meet the Spartans on Blu-ray 6/3. We're doomed.
  128. Blockbuster has got to make more of an effort with BD
  129. V for Vendetta BLU-RAY 5/20/08
  130. The Last Blu-ray or HD-DVD you Bought
  131. AVP 1 and 2 both for 27.95 on Amazon!!!
  132. Best Buy 10% off coupon for HD Home Theater, computers, cameras, vacuums, etc.etc..
  133. Where can I get the Best Buy $5 off Blu Ray Coupon?
  134. Is POTC the best Blu Reference Disk? Any others?
  135. Anyone own Science of Sleep Blu-Ray from France?
  136. Portable Blue Ray Player/Laptop
  137. Looks like HDDVD should have held out a little longer...
  138. Has anyone ordered the T2 Ultimate HD DVD Edition Steelbook?
  139. Bonnie & Clyde HD DVD from Amazon
  140. How Big a Screen?
  141. Toshiba D3 Problem?
  142. What are you getting 3/25?
  143. So should I hold off on getting a PS3?
  144. Southland Tales: when? (Blu-Ray)
  145. No Fire Sale - Best buy pulling HD DVD?
  146. Question about TrueHD and DTS HD
  147. JR.com Blu Rays Starting at $7.99 & Up!
  148. HD - Battlestar Galactica - quality of picture question
  149. When will we see The X-Files: Fight the Future on Blu-ray?
  150. Men in Black BLU-RAY 6/17/08 - BD Live features
  151. PS3 Profile 2.0 at the end of March
  152. Best Buy giving out $50 Gift Cards for HD-dvd early adopters
  153. Bestbuy $5.00 off blu-ray coupon
  154. No Country For Old Men Blu-ray Disc Problem
  155. Comprehensive list of HD DVD titles
  156. Nice set of titles coming out on Blu in Japan
  157. Best Buy to give away free gift cards to HD DVD owners
  158. Enchanted : The D-Files
  159. Genius/Weinstein Will Begin BD Distribution in 2nd Half of '08
  160. What are you getting 3/18?
  161. Which is the Best overall HD DVD Player?
  162. Ok, so I'm getting a PS3...some quick questions...
  163. Audio processor that will decode DTS-MA, Dolby TrueHD, etc.
  164. Will the AVP Blu Boxset also have a Digital Copy?
  165. PS3 Confirmed to decode DTS-HD MA!!!
  166. PS3 Profile 2.0 and Audio Cable Questions
  167. ID4 Blu-ray isn't the longer cut? Wonderful.
  168. The Island(Michael Bay) import HD DVD
  169. Blu Ray over Component?
  170. No more disney blu ray on Amazon dot ca
  171. HDDVD Planet Earth Problems
  172. Blu Should release titles a week early
  173. Batman Begins BLU-RAY - 7/8/08!
  174. Is Twister going to be the last HD DVD release?
  175. Blu-ray player prices on the rise?
  176. Plexifilm's first Blu-Ray release: Helvetica - May 6th
  177. Will there be a mainstream BluRay exclusive (No SD)?
  178. Fox Lowers Pricing on (22) Blu Ray Catalog Titles
  179. Blu ray talk: quality
  180. is it time to stop buying regular dvd's?
  181. Full Blu-ray Chronicles Of Narnia release specs
  182. "I Am Legend" HD DVD/DVD Combo $18.99 preorder at Amazon
  183. Anyone having a problem with the Bee Movie (SD) and the Toshiba A3/D3?
  184. The Official HD DVD Clearance Sale Thread Part 2
  185. Enchanted $10 Off Instantly Coupon!
  186. New HD Format - HD VMD
  187. What are you getting on 3/11?
  188. Superman Returns: Why Is the BD Audio Inferior to the HD-DVD Audio?
  189. Weeds Season 3 ----> June 3rd
  190. Blu-ray won, right?
  191. BR preorders from japan
  192. Transworld chain stores recalls all HD DVDs
  193. Hitman (Blu-ray) Unrated
  194. Why is Superman The Movie on HD yet the sequels are on BD?
  195. Blu-ray titles missing extras from DVD
  196. Using the HD A3 with a 1080p TV...will I notice?
  197. Watched my 1st Blue-ray DVD - Frankly I'm not impressed
  198. Am I risking overheating my A3?
  199. Is the PS3 Region Free when it comes to Blu Ray?
  200. Water Horse: Legend of the Deep BD 16.99 on Amazon!!
  201. Sony in Talks With Microsoft, Apple Over Blu-Ray
  202. National Treasure 1 and 2 BD
  203. 5 free blu-rays if you bought your player in February?
  204. Certain HD titles with less extras than SD versions?
  205. HD A30 Remote Question
  206. Fox Digital Copy BD's will not have full DVD version as well
  207. Why HD/SD downloads will remain a niche for the foreseeable future
  208. I ordered Atonement from the UK and it has shipped!
  209. New to DIRECT TV - have HD-DVR questions
  210. CC trading in HD DVD Players for Blu Ray Players
  211. There Will Be Blood HD DVD "UPDATE"
  212. BEE MOVIE HD cancelled - will some make it to retail?
  213. Blu-ray sticky covers is it just me? How do you take the stickers off!
  214. $10 off coupon for "No Country for Old Men" Blu-Ray
  215. Things we learned from the war (NYT Article)
  216. Circuit City to close out HD-DVD products by the end of March
  217. Is Fletch still coming out on HD-DVD next week?
  218. Warning on Cars/ Ratatouille Blu Upgrade Rebates
  219. Canadians: Venturer HD-DVD Player (same as A3) $69.97 at Walmart
  220. The Official Blu-ray "Wishlist/Is this movie coming out" thread
  221. I miss the format war
  222. any news on Armageddon blu-ray?
  223. General Blu-ray News and Discussion - Part 6
  224. Confused on Blu-ray audio hookup
  225. No Audio from PS3 via HDMI..help please
  226. Planet Earth HD-DVD issuses
  227. Blue Underground and Synapse Films to release on Blu-ray
  228. Anchor Bay/Starz shot their load; anything else upcoming?
  229. Cloverfield affected by the switch to Blu?
  230. Is HD-DVD Officially dead?
  231. When will we start to see Weinstein movies in HD?
  232. best subwoofer cable?
  233. should I wait for classic tv shows to go blu-ray or just upconvert standard dvds?
  234. Frys HD-DVD Specials $9.99/$16.99 2/29 - 3/4
  235. Paramount stops HD DVD production
  236. Interested in 2 disc replacement HD DVD cases?
  237. Toshiba HD-A35 from Crutchfield for $159.99 plus $10.99 shipping
  238. PQ difference from SD upconvert or HD broadcasts?
  239. Will Netflix update their stock as catalogue titles get released in HDM?
  240. Will the BD transformers be as good as the HD version?
  241. How rare are the first pressing BDs of Song Remains the Same?
  242. bitstream or uncompressed pcm for ps3?
  243. HD-D3 Resume Playback?
  244. What HD DVD player should I buy as a secondary player?
  245. Sony Announces "Final Spec" Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Players
  246. The Official HDM Disc Sale/Trade Thread #3
  247. Suggestion for the HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Sale/Trade Post
  248. Any HD Rumors on The Mist?
  249. The Shawshank Redemption (Blu-ray) --> November 4th!
  250. Paramount BD titles back in stock at Amazon