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Old 04-30-04, 09:24 PM   #1
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Hidalgo ---> August 3rd!

No details, just the confirmed date! (That's makes the Region 2 release slate from Disney questionable for us folk here in the U.S....)
Old 04-30-04, 10:58 PM   #2
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Cool, I missed this one in theatres. I will probably pick it up as a blind buy.
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Old 04-30-04, 11:07 PM   #3
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same here. also a possible blind buy. thanks
Old 04-30-04, 11:16 PM   #4
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I really liked it. Some parts could be cut down to shorten the film but overall it was a fun popcorn movie.
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Old 05-01-04, 06:11 AM   #5
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blind buy for me also ...mmmm viggo
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Old 05-01-04, 06:14 AM   #6
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Now-----------------------------------> Thanks!
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Old 05-01-04, 11:52 AM   #7
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Heres the coverart, this was posted over in the Hellboy topic, figured I might as well put it in the right topic.
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Old 05-01-04, 03:29 PM   #8
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That cover art blows.
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Old 05-01-04, 10:31 PM   #9
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It looks suspiciously like the LOTR theatrical DVD covers with the multiple heads of various sizes. The chick even bears a passing resemblance to Liv Tyler. Looks like Disney's trying to cash in.

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