TV or Movie DVDs ?

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TV or Movie DVDs ?

I been picking up more TV season box sets of late which brings me to this question...

Which of the 2: TV DVDs or Movie DVDs have more of a repeat value to you?

I find myself more and more re-watching TV shows like Lost in Space, Dick Van Dyke Show, Star Trek:TNG, The Simpsons & Mary Tyler Moore. Maybe cause at 30/60 minutes for each show I can watch with ease and stop at anytime without having to sit to the end of a 2+ hour movie.
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Movies. I can watch classics like Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon many times and not get tired of them.
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Originally posted by Hullo
Movies. I can watch classics like Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon many times and not get tired of them.
I can say the same thing about the original Star Trek and Outer Limits TV shows. still...films over TV by far.
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I re-watch movies more then tv, but I like the television box greatly, and own quite a few.

Larry Sanders, MWC, NYPDB, ER, L&O, & Cheers are my favorites (not into the ST or XF thing).

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Movies here. Have a few TV boxsets though: 24, X-Files, etc.
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I don't collect much TV because of the expense and the urge to collect every season. Do agree it's easier to pop in a short TV show than a 2 hour movie. Tight now have Star Trek TOS, MASH and Friends.
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With TV, more viewing time per title - but less replay value. It's a toss up.
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I can watch a movie DVD more often but I still enjoy the average TV show DVD much much more. I love having complete sets of shows I used to love and partial sets of shows I currently enjoy.

I love having blockbuster films on DVD but to look down and see an almost complete set of X-Files makes me very happy.

I have no movies on order right now but I do have the following TV shows coming soon:
Futurama Season 3
Friends Season 6
Friends Season 7
Angel Season 3
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 6
The Critic: Complete Series
Cheers Season 2
Frasier Season 2
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Re: TV or Movie DVDs ?

Originally posted by StrTrkker
Maybe cause at 30/60 minutes for each show I can watch with ease and stop at anytime without having to sit to the end of a 2+ hour movie.
One of the things I love about TV on DVD is without commercials the episodes are more like 22/44 minutes for each show, which make it a breeze to watch 2-3 episodes at a time.

My replay value for both is about the same though. Can't say I prefer one over the other, just depends what I feel like watching at the time.
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I rewatch movies more. I don't know why, I just do.
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For repeat value, definitely television shows. Though I buy only movies on DVD that I will watch again and again, just probably not as often as the 30-min television shows.
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Movies, but mostly because of the time factor. It takes me about a week to get through a tv show set while it takes only 2 hours or so to watch a movie.
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I rewatch movies more.
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It all tepends on my mood
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Two years ago, I would have said movies... hands down.

But lately, I've been watching (and rewatching) a ton of TV shows. Probably because so many FANTASTIC shows have hit DVD lately (B5, Buffy, Star Trek: TNG/DS9, The Shield, Sopranos, Farscape, Family Guy, Outer Limits, etc. etc.)

I'm sure in a few years, after the current stream of fantastic shows runs dry, things will even out a bit.
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I used to watch SG-1 on the Sci-Fi Channel every evening. Now that I have Season 1-5 (season 6 can't get here soon enough) I take my time. I have dropped the cable/dish and don't watch standard TV anymore, except for Angel and Enterprise. It's worth the money to me to get a show without commercials and the ability to watch at my own pace. With movies, I only buy Sci-Fi now, like LOTR or Underworld. I buy IMAX because I love to travel and learn while I sit in my media room . For 2003 and I'm sure 2004, series will take up most of my money.
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You can REwatch DVDs Guess I've been doing this all wrong Seriously w/ about 200 in my Netflix queue, 2 or so dozen unwatched DVD (not including a ton of special features/commentaries), and a dozen or so new ones coming in every month, I rarely have time to REwatch anything right now

To kind of address the question though it does seem like I'm buying more TV shows than movies these days.

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I have no TV shows on DVD.

I just wouldn't watch them enough.
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Movies, but I like owning few of the TV series too (Sopranos, Simpsons, Southpark).
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It's great to be able to buy my favorite shows on DVD.
No commercials
Excellent picture quality
Watch whenever I want
And I'm not paying for shows that I will never watch. What is the point in paying for 100+ channels if you only watch maybe 10 percent of the programming offered?
I think it is cheaper to buy the DVD.
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I tend to watch TV shows on DVD more often, because it is just easier to find a 45-minute block of time than it is to find 2 hours. I love movies on DVD and I probably have more of them, but I watch more TV on DVD. It takes me anywhere from one month to several months to get through one season of a TV show on DVD.

I also like the novel-like approach to TV on DVD. Each episode is like a chapter, and you can watch the show unfold night after night (instead of waiting a week or more between episodes on TV). Shows I watch this way: The Prisoner, Star Trek DS9, Babylon 5, Alias -- all shows that for the most part are not made up of stand-alone episodes. I find it is much more satisfying to watch them this way, and I think the viewer gets more of the nuances of a show this way.
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I have been focusing on TV Shows lately. I noticed I was really behind in the show collecting so I have been spending my money on that. I spend it by the season by season. I collect all the season 1's and once I have all of those seasons... I continue on with the season 2 dvds. I am almost done with the season 1 collection's for now. I just put in a order for Punk'd - Season 1,Jamie Kennedy - Season 1,Saved By The Bell - Seasons 1 and 2 and Buffy Season 1. All I have left to get is Roswell - Season 1 (which will be my next purchase on the release date, 27 days from now),Dark Angel Season 1,Angel Season 1 and Dark Angel Season 1. I have collected hours of great TV Shows, which to me is more valuable than movies.. right now... I collect a movie here and there but manly it is shows. I can't wait till I have caught up on everything. Whew!!!!!
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For me it's a matter of perception. TV just seems more disposable (for lack of a better word) than movies to me. With very few exceptions once I've seen a TV show I don't feel a need to see it again. I can watch my favorite movies over and over and never get bored. Of course there are exceptions but most TV shows aren't multi-layered enough to warrent multiple viewings.
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I buy TV shows, but then I never rewatch them.

Take for example: I love 'The Dead Zone' bought season one and can't wait for season two. However, once I finished the box set up of season one, I have yet to put it in again. I think I burn myself out on it. I sometimes look at my collection, see tv shows like 'The Dead Zone', 'Smallville', 'The Honeymooners' and 'Law and Order' and wonder why exactly I bought them. They are just taking valuable shelf space up and trust me, when you hit around six hundred DVD's, you need every inch of shelf space.
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