So Few Jerry Lewis Movies On DVD...WHY?

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So Few Jerry Lewis Movies On DVD...WHY?

Hi all, I know this has likely come to the forum before but I'm afraid I missed whatever thread discussed it and a search didn't help much. There are SCADS of Jerry Lewis movies and so few have made their debut to disc. Why? With so many titles missing I can't see how litigation could be holding them all up, and if so, what good it would be doing. If Jerry himself is the reason they have yet to be released, again, why? The man is in his twilight years. I can't see holding out for more lucrative deals would be necessary. What reason would he have to not want all his fans to enjoy his many, many works? Yeah, I can run to the store and buy The King Of Comedy and The Nutty Professor as well as a few Martin-Lewis movies but thats barely making a scratch on the library of titles I'd love to have.
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Unfortunately, Lewis will never be recognized for his contributions to cinema until he has left this earthly realm. He knows it and therefore he is witholding distributions until such time as his heirs will gain the maximum benefit from their release. Of course, I may be wrong..actually.
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I am a HUGE Dean and Lewis fan (Lewis alone- not so much) and I would love to see their early stuff on DVD. Their first movie "My Friend Irma" didn't have them as a staring role but supposedly recreates fairly accurately the Dean-Lewis act that catapulted them to superstardom in the 40's. They made about 16 movies together and most of them great, but apparently as funny as their movies were they were never again allowed (able) to capture what made their live shows so good.
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Originally posted by horatio
Unfortunately, Lewis will never be recognized for his contributions to cinema until he has left this earthly realm.
Evidently, you have never been to France where he is a comedy god.

I don't believe that Lewis holds the rights to his Martin & Lewis movies. He does own many of his solo movies which he produced. I'm sure that if the owner felt that the movies would return a bigger profit that anything else in their release pipelines it would jump to the head of the line. It comes down to what will sell and Martin and Lewis movies are probably not cost effective at this time.
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Let's not forget that most Lewis films are from Paramount, who are painfully slow at releasing anything old on DVD. Still waiting for "Day of the Locust" which is coming out in June, but back to Jerry...I think "Nutty Professor" is out on DVD, but it's a bare bones release.
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So no one has any real information on why they havent been at least partially released? As for it being Paramount's decision, I can see how they might be released in trickles, but we're talking a HUGE library of films. If it were their call at least a few would make it out one title at a time. Considering the mounds of mudane material that gets released each week, if the Lewis movies were available as candidates then some of them would be making it out as well.
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Expect The Day the Clown Cried from Criterion early next year. Or maybe not.
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There is a fairly extensive thread on this topic over on the HTF software forum. You might want to peruse that.

In short it seems Paramount is willing to move ahead but is waiting on Lewis. Obviously his failing health has dominated his time the last several years. The last I heard he was in the hospital trying to wean off the steroids that have bloated his appearance.

I've read in some newsgroups that Lewis scholar James Neibur has already produced some potential supplemental material for the DVDs when they do come out.

Lewis has never been shy about self-promotion so I have every expectation that he'll be pushing these when he feels the time is right.
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I'm sure you're aware of the bargain set available everywhere of the Martin and Lewis show and one film.

Here is a link:

It is a multi-disc set for under 23 bucks.

Better then nothing.

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The Day The Clown Cried, Criterion, huh...........sheesh. My grandchildren may see it......or maybe not.
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I've never really understood why people think he is funny, but it is strange that some of the bigger Martin and Lewis hits aren't out. It seemed HOLLYWOOD OR BUST was OK when I saw it on TV years ago.

I saw MONEY FROM HOME in the original 3-D version last year, and even that couldn't liven it up.

I would like to see that Clown flick, though.
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