Alien Quadrilogy packaging problems...

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Alien Quadrilogy packaging problems...

I'm a young DVD collector and when it came time to buy the Alien Quadrilogy, it took about 1/3 of my christmas money. Granted I have a part time job, but that set still ain't cheap. Anyways, here's my problem. This may have been poster before, but are anyone else's plastic DVD holders coming off of the digipak? Mine are, most of them anyway. And the bonus disc holder is coming off even more than the others. What should I do? Is there any way Fox could send all owners amaray cases or something?

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No offense, but are you joking? You're talking about Fox! Theres no way Fox would be that charitable. And you're not the only one having problems with the damn packaging. two of the holders have already cracked on mine.
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Sorry to bring a thread back from the dead like this, but has anyone come up with an acceptable solution for the trays coming unstuck issue?

I was going to pick up something to try and fix it (Duco cement, super glue, rubber cement, etc) but was hoping someone had already experimented with this so that I won't go ruining the packaging completely.
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My quadrilogy packaging was all pooey to begin with. The plastic holders were already coming off haha, go 20 century fox . I have since then used a little super glue. Like just a dot near each of the 4 corners, then pushing the plastic down tightly until the glue dries. The stuff dries clear so it hasn't caused me any problems. Anyone else try this as well? so we can get some kind of consensus going?

edit: not putting the glue too close to the edges, because when you do push the tray down, the glue spreads and you dont want it oozing outside of the trays.
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I took my disk out of the box and put them in custom keep cases. The origional box is in my closet so it would be in perfect condition if I ever want to sell the collection but I like the custom covers for Alien Quad better (Thankyou DVDCA and artist who created them).
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If FOX would rerelease this in a box set with the individual movie packages that you can find the movies in now, plus a case for the bonus disc, I would gladly repurchase the set and hock my current one on Ebay. Theres nothing I hate more than having to unroll a DVD box thats 4 feet long just to get 1 disc out. I like cool packaging and all, but this isnt it....not like its shaped like an alien head or anything.
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....not like its shaped like an alien head or anything.
Like this one...

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