A Bad Move By Disney

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A Bad Move By Disney

I didn't see this posted yet

from ultimatedisney.com

There are a number of news items today, and not much of it is good. The highly anticipated 2-disc Masterpiece Editions of Pocahontas and Lilo & Stitch have been pushed back to 2005, where the latter will coincide with the theatrical release of Lilo & Stitch II.

The 2-disc Special Edition of Mary Poppins has also been delayed to December of this year, when Julie Andrews' The Princess Diaries II comes to DVD. (The same month, The Princess Diaries will be reissued as a Special Edition.) This re-release is just one of a number of classic live action Disney titles hitting store shelves in 2004. Look for Darby O'Gill and the Little People, the original Freaky Friday, Dr. Syn, Alias The Scarecrow, and a 50th Anniversary Davy Crockett DVD containing both Davy Crockett and the River Pirates and Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier films.

Lastly, a disappointing item on dual format releases of live action titles. Disney's new policy is to discontinue one of the editions released a few months after initial release, based on sales. So for instance, if you've been putting off buying The Santa Clause 2 in widescreen, you may want to pick it up soon, as the widescreen edition is scheduled to become unavailable in the near future. As always, you can e-mail ([email protected]) or call (1-800-72-DISNEY) to lodge your complaints.

stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put that reallly bad stuff in bold
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Stupid Studip Di$ney
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"Mary Poppins" rescheduled?

Oh Poo!!!
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If true, this news pretty much pees in my Cheerios today
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Yay Disney. You have officially ruined my day. They really need some new leadership over there. The company just continues to piss all over their customers.
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Lilo and Stich 2? Seriously, why do they have to mess with their good films by releasing hundreds of sequels? Hopefully as a theatrical maybe it'll be like...good. But I doubt it. I did like the first one though. much better than that treasure planet thing.
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Thats a long ass time.
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Whatever. These films are not high ony my priority list, so I am not too concerned, but it is sad that the quantities are being limited accross the board. A lot of times I won't buy a DVD until its been out a while.

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dvds like lilo and stich are getting a second release yet movies like aladian havnt even gotten one yet, i know its comming but iam impatiant!!!

dont get me wrong lilo and stich was good but come on!
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Eisner needs to go.......
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I was looking forward to the masterpiece editions of both Pocahontas and Lilo and Stitch. And what is with that discontinue one of the editions thing??? They should discontinue the full screen version, as that one typically sells fewer. Usually on the top sellers charts, it's always the widescreen then the full screen down the line. Darn Disney!!!

In the plus column, they are releasing the original Freaky Friday and Davy Crockett, which is good. Though why are they re-releasing The Princess Diaries, the original DVD is already a special editon (practically) and a good one at that.
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It would be too strong for me to say Disney suck since some of their DVDs (POTC) were good, but someone needs to save them from their own stupidity before its too late.
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The f'ed up thing about their logic is that they want to MAXIMIZE SYNERGY!!!

The whole plan reeks of "corporateness". They've been instructed to maximize the synergy between any two items, even if the relationship between the two is slim to non-existant. I mean why delay Marry Popins so that you can release it along with Princes Diaries 2? They both have Julie Andrews, big whoop! There really isn't much crossover between the two. Mary Popins will sell the same with or without a Princes Diaries 2 tie-in.
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Yeah Disney is getting out of hand with these delays.

And as a company, they are going downhill very rapidly, but we can all toss that in one of the other threads about Disney
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i give up my faith on these f#cker$
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Originally posted by speedy1961
Eisner needs to go.......

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Originally posted by speedy1961
Eisner needs to go.......
I'm beginning to think that won't be enough..
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Originally posted by JimRochester
If true, this news pretty much pees in my Cheerios today
That's the funniest expression I've heard in a long time.
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Has this been confirmed, or are people jumping the gun to criticize "Di$ney" based on a single web site's rumor?
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I really wanted the 2 disc Lilo....

but nice to hear Darby O'Gill is being released - anyone know when?
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Fire Eisner and put Roy in charge....
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Originally posted by B5Erik
Fire Eisner and put Roy in charge....
Viva la revolution!
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I was really looking forward to the Lilo and Stitch Special Edition. It sucks to hear that we have to wait for sequels with a very high possiblity of sucking to get them, especially another year. I understand that its business and they're trying to bank on advertising from the movies, but Disney surely should have known that the movies were in the works before advertising the DVDs.

As for the discountinuing... i've grown accustomed to it. Very annoying.
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So, the "s" in Disney now has a dual meaning - $ and Stupid.
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