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Old 01-10-04, 03:55 PM   #1
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Fox's Criterionesque numbering

I did a quick search but was unable to find the answer to this.
If I missed the original thread, please forgive me

Now that Fox has released the Alien films in digipacks, I've become curious what all of the other titles are in their Criterionesque derived spine numbering . . .

1 - The Abyss
2 - Cast Away
3 - Independance Day
10 - Alien
11 - Aliens
12 - Alien³
13 - Alien Ressurection
14 - Planet Of The Apes (1968)
15 - The Commitments

Could anyone fill in the blanks please?
Thanks in advance

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Old 01-10-04, 04:02 PM   #2
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Probably the other nine non-numbered movies I have (two you already listed).

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard 3
Sound Of Music

Just a guess, but I think those are the ones. Not sure what order though.
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Old 01-10-04, 04:26 PM   #3
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I assume that these numbers are different than the numbered spines of the "Fox Studio Classics"

I really don't know I'm not aware of this. Is this like the Fox "Modern Classics" line or something?
Old 01-10-04, 04:40 PM   #4
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It's all the movies they have re-released in Digipaks.

Planet of the Apes, Castaway, Moulin ROuge, Fight Club, Die Hard, Sound of Music, and one more I can't think of
Old 01-10-04, 04:47 PM   #5
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2- Cast Away
3- Independence Day
4- Planet of the Apes
5- Sound of Music
6-9 (Die Hard, Fight Club, Moulin Rouge, and the last one I have no idea of, maybe From Hell)
10-13 (Aliens set)

What I don't really like is that with each batch, it seems like they're numbering them alphabetically, which would make sense if from 1-13 they're in order, but after the next release, the whole alphabetical scheme is out of whack.
Old 01-10-04, 04:52 PM   #6
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Yeah. Because they were the first ones to do it. I see.
Old 01-10-04, 04:57 PM   #7
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14. Planet of the Apes (Original)
15. The Commitments
Old 01-10-04, 06:05 PM   #8
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Originally posted by DonnachaOne

Yeah. Because they were the first ones to do it. I see.
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Old 01-10-04, 06:15 PM   #9
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It's all the recent digipack re-releases. So some of the others would be:

Fight Club
Cast Away
The Sound Of Music
Die Hard
Planet Of The Apes (2001)

14 is going to be Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Die Hard 2, 3, MASH, Speed and Cleopatra haven't been re-released as far as I know.
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Old 01-10-04, 06:22 PM   #10
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Fight Club is 9 for sure
Old 01-10-04, 10:39 PM   #11
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Old 01-10-04, 11:27 PM   #12
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Originally posted by fumanstan
No, but certainly the most recognizable around here. No need to be a smart ass
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And we still don't have a 16x9 Abyss? You know, we can always hope that Fox is getting Cameron to do a commentary before they re-release it 16x9 since he's done three in the past year or two alone. That would make it a far easier double dip pill to swallow.
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Originally posted by SMART-ASS
Did somebody call me?

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