New HARD CORE LOGO dvd! Not WS???

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New HARD CORE LOGO dvd! Not WS???

I just got the new HARD CORE LOGO special edition dvd. To my knowledge the original dvd was in 1:85 to 1. This new dvd is full screen, yet inside it says it should be widescreen. I bought my copy in Canada. If anyone else out there has the new dvd I'd like to know if their copy is also FS. Thanks!
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Mind explaining what kind of movie this is? I thought this was a porn dvd and you were complaining that it wasn't in its oar.
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Originally posted by Rypro 525
Mind explaining what kind of movie this is? I thought this was a porn dvd and you were complaining that it wasn't in its oar.
I think it's a punk band and it's re-union tour...or something.
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Yes, it's a Canadian movie mocumentary about a ficticious punk rock band called HARD CORE LOGO. They reunite for one last tour accross Canada. It's similar to Spinal Tap, but it's darker and a bit more serious. The leader of the band has a real-life group called the HEADSTONES. The movie has an excellent soundtrack and it's share of funny moments. Highly recommended!
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and its good too QT had the right idea re-releasing it
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I think that the Hard Core Logo dvd is suffering from the same problem that Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys and Brotherhood of the Wolf (3-disc) suffered from. Both DLoAB and BotW are in WS but on some players they would show up either full screen or in a 1.78:1. You need to have your player set to 4:3 letterboxed NOT 4x3 pan and scan. This I think will solve your problem.
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Mine is set on 4:3 letterbox already. It's still full screen. Also plays full screen on my windows dvd players.
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I picked up the "Hard Core Edition" earlier this week and, yes indeedy, it's full-screen. Ticked me off because nothing on the slipcover indicated it as such. I wrote their official website ( and asked if there was a wide-screen edition available but the webmaster said only the original bare-bones US edition from a few years ago was WS, but it was imperfect too, missing some of the subtitles and such. I haven't tried the 4:3 WS adjustment suggested by meharry2003 yet. BTW, isn't the layer change in a weird spot? I mean right while The Ox is talking! Anyway, great packaging, great extras and the bonus CD is cool. Just a shame for us widescreen snobs.

For those of you wondering, Hard Core Logo is NOT a porn movie, it's a mock-documentary about an old Vancouver punk band reuniting for a tour of Western Canada. If you like rock movies, definitely check this one out if you can.

"You don't know sh*t from good chocolate, babies!" - Joe Dick, Hard Core Logo

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I've found 3 small hidden video clips on this dvd. They are all in the "biographies" section of the dvd. It appears they were filmed while the dvd commentary was being done. On the 1st screens of "Hugh Dillion", "Bruce McDonald" and "Noel Baker's" bios, hightlight the "next>>" and press the arrow up ^ on your remote. This will lead to a total of three small video clips. One for each person. If anyone finds others, although I think that may be all of them, please let me know. I saw one ad that said there were supposed to be deleted scenes on the dvd. Maybe they're hidden or was it a mistake? HMV.COM website here in canada definately makes reference to these deleted scenes. It's possible they decided to drop them from the DVD.
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Excellent, excellent movie!! I was thinking of picking up that special edition, but I didn't know it was full screen. Damn it all!!
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I e-mailed the actual company who released the DVD regarding this full screen issue. I haven't heard back from them yet. I'm sure that's do to the easter holidays. If I hear anything back from them I'll post it here.
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Another few interesting things to note.... the music video for "Who The Hell You Think You Are" by Hard Core Logo on the dvd actually has clips of the widescreen version of the movie in it. This is extremely frustrating knowing the movie appears to be full screen in this release. Also, at this link..... (the company that released the dvd) if you go into the "music" section and click on the details of the dvd release for Hard Core Logo they actually state that deleted scenes are on the dvd and they aren't unless they're hidden. This really sucks on both fronts. I hope they respond to my e-mail this week.
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Yeah, I was also very disappointed to see that this release is in fullscreen when it wasn't marked that way. Why would they release a fullscreen "limited edition," anyway?

Also, inside the book it does clearly say that the film is in 1:1.85. However, the original DVD did have a lot wrong with it, so you can't really win.

I've sent them an e-mail, too, and hopefully they'll get back to me quickly.

As for the deleted scenes, I can't find that on their web site. However, it does say there should be a "featurette," and there is not.
There is one thing, though. The original release of the DVD (and movie) clocked in at 92 minutes. That's what it says in the book inside, too. However, the disc is marked as being 96 minutes and I think that's what it clocks in at, too. So maybe they just integrated the deleted scenes back into the film?
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