Treasure Planet Freezing

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Treasure Planet Freezing

I just wanted to check with anyone who has this movie and see if they are getting the same problem or if I got a bad press. It froze 5 or 6 times during the movie but continued on where it left off after about a 5 second stoppage each time. I have a Sony 9000ES DVD Player...any input would be much appreciated.
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I have this same problem with 4 or 5 other Disney/Buena Vista releases on my Sony DVP-7000. Most of the same titles that I have problems with (Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, 101/102 Dalmations (Live action)) have been reported to have problems on many varieties of SONY players.

I would try the DVD out on a non-Sony player. That will tell you whether or not it is the disc.
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I have an old Sony 530D, and haven't had a problem with any Disney/Buena Vista DVD, including Dinosaur, which I understand was notorious for incompatability. Watched Treasure Planet last night without any problem. Sounds possibly specific to the DVP-7000.
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I'm not sure how it compares to your models, but I watched it last night on a Sony DVP-N715S and didn't have any problems.
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i just bought the film today and watched it at a friends house where the slight pause occurred three times. i dont know what kind of dvd player he has, but the pause was only for a second each time and it resumed right where it left off. at first i thought it was a layer change but then i realized it was too early in the film to be that most likely, and then it happened again, so i dont know what the deal is.
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i popped in disney's 'spirited away' and it had a similar problem on my RCA dvd player. it would pause a bit and resume but without sound. i had to rewind a bit and play it again to have it played properly. it works perfectly fine on the PS2, tho.
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No prob on my Toshiba 2109
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Well, I have a Sony 7700. No doubt it will freeze on my player. I'm getting sick of this. I've contacted Buena Vista several times concerning this issue, and each time they act like it's not a real problem. I was just about to purchase this disk too. I'm getting really P.O'd at Disney.

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I never had problems with any Disney DVDs on my old Sony 360, but my new Panasonic has had the Chapter problem on Disnosaur.

I am looking forward to trying out Treasure Island.
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The issues that I have been following in the past seem to be concentrated on Sony's high end players, DVP-7000, DVP-7700 and the 9000ES.

I have not heard of issues on the other players, but I have not been checking on those either. I purchased Treasure Planet yesterday to see if it has the same issue.

I will report back.
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Okay, it has taken awhile for me to see down to watch this.

Just wanted to confirm that Treasure Planet exhibits the same issue on my Sony DVP-S7000 as other Buena Vista/Disney films, as I mentioned above, so this is the 5th confirmed release by them that has the "Freezing and/or Sporadicly displayed subtitles" issues.

Based on the other posts, more recent Sony players do not appear to experience this phenomenon.
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