How many Incredible Hulk DVDS do we need

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How many Incredible Hulk DVDS do we need

I just noticed on DavisDVD that there are 5 Incredible Hulk DVDs coming out between May & June, Is that overkill or what. Here is a rundown

May 6- Anchor Bay will release the tele-films The Incredible Hulk Returns & The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk

June 3- Universal is releasing The Incredible Hulk: Original Television premiere (with bonus Bride Of The Incredible Hulk Saga) & FOX is releasing The Death Of The Incredible Hulk

June 17- Disney's releasing The Incredible Hulk (A compolation of episodes from the 90's animated TV series & 1 episode of the 60's show)

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For people interested in buying them, the answer to your question is: enough such that every episode and TV movie get released.

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I agree forget the tv movies for now and release the tv series in season sets!!..That's what most people are waiting for
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Don't forget Fox's June 3 release of The Death Of The Incredible Hulk!

FYE has the Anchor Bay item out now, full list price!
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The only reason that they are releasing the old Incredible Hulk movies to DVD now is that the Ang Lee movie "Hulk" is being released soon, and they want to help promote the new Ang Lee movie by releasing the old Hulk movies to DVD.
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They did the same with SPIDER-MAN, PLANET OF THE APES and they will continue to do that always.
But no mention of those 60's Marvel hero cartoons of the HULK for dvd, same thing happened on SPIDER-MAN last year.
Don't forget the t.v. CHARLIE'S ANGELS boxset coming out too because that movie is coming also.
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Here's some of the news just posted today at The premiere episode (which also includes the episode "Married") is loaded for a $20 MSRP...and the 1st printing comes with a coupon to see HULK for free.

Tons of Hulk news!
We have 4 updates for you Incredible Hulk fans with bits and pieces about the various upcoming releases:

* Starting with the most minor item in the batch, Universal has updated the list of supplements for The Premiere Episode . It now includes, of all things, an excerpt from the novelization of the upcoming Ang Lee film. While that may be a "so what?" for many of you, it's notable that Universal is just packing this release with so many extras. Here's the full list so far:

* SPECIAL INTRODUCTION by "The Incredible Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno
* DVD Audio Commentary on both episodes by Director Kenneth Johnson
* Trailer for and sneak preview of the upcoming 2003 Ang Lee feature film, The Hulk (with a special look at ILM's groundbreaking special effects)
* "The Hulk" Interactive Game trailer
* Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the award winning "Incredible Hulk" roller coaster at Universal Studios
* The Hulk Novelization Excerpt
* "See The Hulk movie for free" promotion: The first printing of this release will have a Coupon (good through July 6, 2003) to get a mail-in rebate for the entire cost of a movie ticket to see the new film.

There is also some updated cover art for this release, featuring some faded images of Banner and Hulk in the palm of the hand. It can be found at the bottom of this news, along with some menu shots.

* Finally today, we reported a week or so ago about the upcoming Fox release of The Death of The Incredible Hulk . DVDPlanet listed the release date of July 3rd for that, but it turns out to be an error (7/3 is a Thursday!). The actual release date, reported directly from Fox, is actually JUNE 3rd (the same date as Universal's release of The Premiere Episode). Below, along with the new cover art for the Universal release, is the cover art and keepcase insert for Fox's Death of... release:
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Well, as a fan of the show, I say we need as many as it takes until the whole series is out on DVD!
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i'll be picking them all up
can't wait for the whole run of the tv show
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Originally posted by JJE-187
How many Incredible Hulk DVDS do we need
I'd say we need about 196 of them. I love that man.
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90's tv series? You kids crack me up.
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That show had one of the coolest openings. The closeup of the flashing ANGER zooming out to reveal DANGER and that cool piano music. Nicely edited.

It's been so long, I don't remember the first episode but does it show Banner changing the tire in the rain and the famous "Mr. McGee, don't me angry" line?

I want to see that episode with the older guy who finds a way to cure Banner and then becomes the Hulk. I think it might have been a 2 parter. There was a battle of the hulks near the end.
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Don't get me wrong I will be getting them all too, the point I was trying to make was that studios have gone a little overboard on trying to steal thunder from this movie with there DVD releases, there are 4 studios releasing these, when Spider-Man came out Disney released 1 animated DVD there wasn't a single disc of the Live-Action series released or a disc of the Japanese Series, Daredevil again only got a single (kinda) animated DVD release by Disney, & know with X2 coming again only 1 animated Disney DVD, no Generation X DVD from fox to cross-promote (they did re-release X-men though) so that was what I was referring too, just take a look at those covers, they are mis-leading to some people (J6P) who will think they are picking up the Hugely Hyped movie & end up with the old TV series.
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Well what can you say it's business. If there ever was time where these studios could release these old products on DVD and make some money off them, it is now, when a mega budget Hulk movie is coming out. Until the film industry turns into a humantarian cause instead of a business, this is always how it will be. I know if I ran a company with Hulk material in my library, I'd be doing the same thing. It makes sense. If the movie is popular, people will want to buy this stuff. If anything, it's always good that the studios are releasing old stuff for those who want it. I'm not interested in any of it, but I'm sure someone is.
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Hell yeah, man! More Hulk is good! I missed out on the pal discs, and now you can't find them for anything less than 40 smackers.
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I'm just wondering why all the "Hulk" series DVDs that are coming out are being released by multiple studios.

Does anyone know if there was some sort of strange series license that happened years ago that caused this?

Anchor Bay

What's up with that? Until one single studio gets the rights to the series we will never see the full series on DVD, much less a boxed set.

I hope something changes... that would be a cool box set.
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Well, the Anchor Bay discs are TV movies, which might have been done under a different agreement. Disney has the animated series. I don't know what's up with Universal and Fox splitting episodes of the series itself.
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Re: How many Incredible Hulk DVDS do we need

Originally posted by JJE-187
episode of the 60's show)
The show began in 1977
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