Research so far on HD DVD

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Research so far on HD DVD

1. HD-DVDs are available now, you can make them yourself. They store 30 minutes of full 1080i, probally 1 hour of 720p. A standard DVD recorder is capable of making them.
Virtually no standard player (non-computer) can play them.

2. Some success has been made with HD-DVD using mpeg-4. Because there is no such animal as a mpeg-4 hardware player, it must be done via computer, and either speeds in excess of 1ghz or hardware aided decoding must be used. To my knowledge, nobody has successfully played one with accurate sound and picture sync.

3. HD-DVDs have been announced, but not seen, as computer media. In this application, they are not referred to as "HD-DVD", since they are not designed for video use. They are simply high capacity DVDs. There is nothing preventing the use of such a drive for HD-DVD use.

4. HD-DVDs have been announced as a recorder format (Sony). They have not come out with further details, specs or any significant details.

5. The DVD Forum, a group of manufacturers of DVD product, have begun meetings on a potential HD-DVD forum. Note that the original DVD specs took years to complete and involved what could only be called intracompany warfare.

6. Microsoft has announced that they can compress movies to the present DVD format without blue light lasers. Its widely assumed that they are doing mpeg-4 compression as (2). They are a member of the DVD forum.

Because of the trends, you can expect to see products in the following order:

1. Amateur creation of HD-DVDs (already exists).

2. A stand-alone HD-DVD recorder.

3. Official, DVD forum blessed HD-DVD format and players.

4. The reintroduction of HD-DVD recorders using the official format,
which of course will be incompatible with (2).

All this might seem backwards, but note that VHS was a recording medium first, and studios only released films on it kicking and screaming.

Several pundits have quoted 3 -5 years before official DVD products appear.

At the present time, there are significant cost advantages to using play only media.
Briefly, play only media can be produced in a high quality injection
molding machine followed by an aluminum deposition process, then labeling and packaging. There is virtually no manufacturing process that can produce final product more cheaply than an injection molding machine, with the possible exception of nail
making machines and other trivial forming processes. The final cost of DVD manufacturing is in the 30 to 50 cent range per DVD. The technology basis to do HD-DVD using all the same processes as current DVDs exist, but would take a year or more to ramp up once the final format is reached. DVDs did not actually reach their
final form for several years (dual layer).

Add to this a couple years until a significant number of movies appear in HD-DVD format, and you can easily see why it might be 2010 before HD-DVD is an accepted and growing format. By that time, HDTV will be the norm, and it will be quite possible that you might own an HDTV tape recorder or even an HD-DVD recorder.
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Thanks for the info....
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I believe that there is no HD-DVD standard yet, and if I recall TheDigitalBits had a thing about a month ago saying that the standard wasnt going to be finalized for atleast a few years.

However, I am getting old and maybe dreaming about what I just wrote.
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