Most annoying problems ordering online!

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Most annoying problems ordering online!

Does anyone else have the bad luck of getting dvds out of the holder when ordering online. This week I got Robocop from DDD and the disc was out of the holder and probably being thrown around since media mail is free and is the slowest mail of all kind. So the disc is scratched up pretty nicely. Week before I got Jackass the movie from DDD and it was defective and would not play chapters 32-34 and i tried it on 2 dvd players. Today i got my enrollment package from CH and Jurassic park 2 was out of the holder and scratched beyond belief. Luckily CH has a good policy with your 1st defective dvd. So now im waiting for DDD to send me the label so I can rewrap the dvd and drive to my post office and drop it off. Anyone else having the same run of bad luck recently!
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never had a loose disc via mail. so far.
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Me neither, but getting a defective one is a pain. Got a bad pressing of Dante's Peak DTS (lots of sound glitches) from DDD recently. I sent it back, and now I get to wait... and wait... and wait.

In the meantime I ordered Silence of the Lambs and Pitch Black Unrated, so I have something new to look forward to
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Can't examine the case for oft-occuring razor slash across the spine, or that you have a nicely inserted cover, or that the corners of a cardboard case aren't dented. And yes, most importantly, you can't do the shake test!

I only order online in the rare case that I can't find something in the store.
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85% of my discs come in the mail and once in a blue moon, I'll receive a disc that is loose in the case, but it usually only has a few light scratches that I can easily buff out and they all played fine. No big deal to me. The last one I got like that was a disc in Buffy S3.
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had one this morning. as i opened the case, the DVD fell out. there's a large scratch on the disc surface, probably as a result of it falling onto the floor, data side down. pathetic.
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happened numerous times (overseas, columbiahouse, DDD, fox). I usually avoid the hassle since all plays without a problem.
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Most of my disks come in the mail, I think I've had two that were loose and worth returning (if they're loose and look fine, I just play the movie and if it plays fine I let it go--not worth the bother to me to return it).
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I ordered a box set from and got 2 day delivery and had it the next morning. I then ordered another box set from them and got the standard free shipping, a month later it showed up.
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Yes, I get loose discs from DDD maybe 10-20% of the time. Annoying. Surface scratches. So far, though, no playback problems.
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My worst was a huge razor slash across the front of the Vision of Escaflowne box set I ordered from DDD. The replacement had a lower box number, so I guess it was worth waiting for. I've had a couple loose discs, but like everyone's been saying, they've always played fine.
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Twice now I've ordered the Babylon 5 season sets and had them arrive through the mail and twice one disc in each set was scratched to the point where it would not play. I returned the disc to the retailer and got a replacement the first time and am in the process of doing it for the second.

I don't blame the retailer, as it was Warner Home Video's packaging that caused the discs to come loose.
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Around here we call them "rattlers" and if you buy through the mail enough, you'll likely get one eventually.

I've actually ordered over 200 discs online and have only had 2 rattlers so far. That's only 1% so that's not bad.

And I only had to send one of them back.

Don't be discouraged, though. Unless your post office is particularly careless (or just *mean*) you probably won't get many rattlers.

I order online all the time and usually everything arrives in perfect condition - almost always.

-- Jough
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Yea theres no one to blame but the shipping method. Even though media mail is free for DDD and CH charges for there media mail for fullfilments. Media mail is the slowest of anything I have ever seen.I wonder how many times the box is thrown and tossed around and stepped on before it gets to my house with a shipping range of 7-10 business day. I ordered from DDDHOUSE and the dvds coming from hong kong come in like 4-5 business days. Apart from the problems i listed on my thread starter my buffy season 3 from DDD also had 2 discs loose and scratched up and Kung pow from CH was out of the casing and had some scratches but played fine. The more I look at the scratches and even if it plays fine i think to myself I purchased a NEW-MINT dvd and this is not new nor mint but hey I wont stop buying them online saves me money, time and gas. Like I said its a very annoying problem

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