Seeking suggestions for WWII DVD's

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Seeking suggestions for WWII DVD's

I am currently on a World War II film kick, having my own little film festival (to my wife's chagrin). I have watched all of mine plus a few others rented.

I am looking for suggestions for good to great WWII films, the more historically accurate the better (not looking for an education - already done that, just accurate representations).

These are samples of the ones I have watched (own/rented):

The Longest Day
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Saving Private Ryan
Empire of the Sun
U-571 (far from being accurate but fun movie to watch)
The Thin Red Line
Band of Brothers a few others.

What are some of the great ones I have missed?

(Edited to add a couple I have already seen)

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Fox put together a nice WW2 box set, has the 2 disc Patton, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Thin Red Line, and 2 others.
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Das Boot is great.
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Yes, Das Boot is one of the finest war films ever made. Alas, I forgot to list it up top as already been seen.
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Pearl Harbor
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The Longest Day. Not really good, but it's worth watching.
I just seen a nice little flicks about the Holocaust a couple days ago, The Grey Zone.
I second Das Boot. It's one of the best war film I've ever seen.
Grave of the Fireflies, it's a Japanese animation feature. Quite depressing, but also powerful.
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There's a large batch of good ones coming out in a few weeks... and if you have multiregion capability, there are a few great WWII movies out in R2 that aren't out in R1.
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Not exactly a "WWII" DVD but here's something
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I love World War II movies. I have everything on your list except for Empire Of The Sun and U-571.

I can recommend also A Bridge Too Far. If you haven't got that one, it makes a good companion to The Longest Day.

Couple more I like a lot are Von Ryan's Express and Operation Petticoat. I'm sure there are more recommendations I could make, but I'm blanking on titles at the moment. I'll have to think about it and come back.
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Barefoot Gen (Japanese animation)
Midnight Clear
Schindler's List
Life Is Beautiful
When Trumpets Fade
The Pianist
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The Great Escape
Mister Roberts
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In addition to those listed above:

The Dirty Dozen
The Guns of Navarone
Hope and Glory
In Harm's Way

and for comedic relief:
Kelly's Heroes
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Come & See

Two very good films about the Eastern Front.
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as a palate cleansing sorbet between all the action flicks , pop in Billy Wilder's Stalag 17.
not a lot of gun-play, but the characters and story are highly entertaining.

also, might seem like a blow off suggestion- but The Sound Of Music is kind of a good movie to put the war in a family context and give the conflict some more dimension.

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als another more drama orientated WWII film ( and one that might get the wife to sit down and watch)
From Here To Eternity .
concentrates on the relationships of various servicemen and culminates with the attack on Pearl Harbour.
much to interest both sexes.
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If you enjoy historically accurate films, you should check out WWII: The Lost Color Archives. While not fiction, it's worth a look.

I also enjoyed "Legendary W.W.II Movies" which has "Gung Ho!," "Go For Broke," and "The Immortal Battalion." (The first is the best IMHO.

I'd feel remiss if I didn't mention my favorite war movie of all time. Though it deals with WWI instead of WWII, it would be the perfect end to a war movie marathon: "All Quiet on the Western Front." Fabulous film!

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I would recommend the following three:

1. Sahara (Humphrey Bogart on a tank with a mutinational cast)
2. Battleground (A forerunner to Band of Brothers)
3. Baatan (Concerns the last battle for the Phillipines in 1941)
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Best Years of Our Lives (OK, so technically it's post-war)
The World at War Box Set (thank you
They Were Expendable
Mrs. Miniver
The Sorrow and the Pity
To Hell and Back
Enemy at the Gates
From Here to Eternity
Hotel Terminus
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For an emotional look at the aftermath of the war on the home front, check out THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, which won several Academy Awards.
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Operation Daybreak, The Dam Busters R2 Based on real story. I could names for days that I like.
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It's not a war movie in the traditional sense, but Casablanca is inexorably tied to the geo-political situation during WWII.

In other words, people already took all the ones I was gonna suggest.
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I 'd suggest: Midway, Desert Rats, 12 O'Clock High, Run Silent Run Deep, The Train, The Winter War, & Cross Of Iron. For WWII meladramas I'd add English Patient & Caine Mutiny. (4 of my all-time favorite movies: Casablanca, In Harm's Way, From Here To Eternity, & English Patient).

Kudos guys, great choices. I love these WWII recommendation threads!


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the anime "cockpit" is pretty awesome.
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Some of these are questionable (both the quality of the films themselves and the quality of the DVDs), but you can't beat this price:

$11.99 shipped for 8 movies and 4 documentaries.
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