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Old 04-30-03, 09:54 AM   #1
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Movies with the most multiple purchases in your collection?

I was just looking over my list of movies and noticed that over the years I've bought and re-bought quite a few versions of the same movie on laserdisc and DVD (never really collected VHS). I think the most I've re-bought is five versions of the same title. What's your most excessive re-purchases? I would imagine the hard core Evil Dead collectors can sympathize here!

- P&S Image LD
- LBX Lumivision SE LD
- Anchor Bay movie only mono DVD
- Anchor Bay 16x9 DD5.1 SE DVD
- Anchor Bay LE Tin DVD

4 versions of Pulp Fiction, The Professional (Leon), Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Aliens and probably a few more at four as well.

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Old 04-30-03, 10:35 AM   #2
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I only have double dips.
Almost Famous and Untitled
Silence of the Lambs, both Image and Criterion. Planning to get the MGM version if I have the money and chance to get one.
The Longest Day
Saving Private Ryan DTS and DD.
Old 04-30-03, 10:39 AM   #3
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Isn't the TIN version and the other AB version of HEATHERS the same? Why not get all the different covers too????

I think i have only repurchased Fear & Loathing and Pulp Fiction. But I sold my old copies
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Old 04-30-03, 11:11 AM   #4
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I have two of a lot, because I've repurchased most of my VHS (and no one will buy the VHS, and I haven't quite come around to giving them away)

Only DVD double dips so far are Dune (TV version), Terminator 2, Almost Famous, and (hopefully today) 400 Blows

I can't think of anything that I've purchased three times.
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Old 04-30-03, 11:27 AM   #5
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Most definitely Star Wars. I have, in my collection:

Old 04-30-03, 11:32 AM   #6
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Location: Unique New York
Posts: 4,106
Star Wars for me also:
P&S Star Wars (pre-95 release)
P&S OT VHS Tape (Faces)
WS OT LD (Faces)
Old 04-30-03, 11:34 AM   #7
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Scream for me.

Widescreen VHS
BareBones DVD
Box Set SE DVD
Old 04-30-03, 11:40 AM   #8
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Location: City of Chicago
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Probably Phantasm
Beta, VHS, original laserdisc, special edition laserdisc, DVD.

And the Dalek movies (Dr Who and the Daleks/Dalek Invasion of Earth 2160 AD), NTSC VHS, WS PAL VHS, Aus DVD, UK DVD, USA DVD.

And almost forgot Raise the Titanic: VHS, Beta, old laserdisc, laserdisc re-release, Swedish DVD.
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Old 04-30-03, 11:43 AM   #9
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Join Date: Mar 2001
Location: North east England UK
Posts: 1,689
Brotherhood Of The Wolf:

Canadian 3 disc R1
Limited Edition 3 disc French R2
Ultimate Edition 4 disc French R2

other than that just a few douple-dips
Old 04-30-03, 11:45 AM   #10
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Location: Indiana
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Reservoir Dogs for me

barebones DVD
my wonderful DVD collection
Old 04-30-03, 11:57 AM   #11
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Posts: 12,304
Originally posted by DJ_Longfellow
Isn't the TIN version and the other AB version the same? Why not get all the different covers too????
Yes, the DVD itself is the same in both the Tin & the SE, but I bought the tin for it's limited edition collectibility plus the 50-page booklet, ruler and packaging that you don't get with the regular SE.

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Old 04-30-03, 11:58 AM   #12
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Off the top of my head I have only three (3) that I have "double dipped":

A Few Good Men: Barebones to SE
Full Metal Jacket: Kubrick Collection to Remasterd Kubrick Collection
Notting Hill: SE to Ultimate Edition

My Best Friends Wedding, I have been debating about "upgrading" to (there is an SE). Emperor's New Groove, I would love to get my hands on the two (2) disc addition. CTHD, I plan on "upgrading" to the SB, but just havent found the time yet.

But the funny thing is that the only "double dip" I spent my own money on was the Remasterd FMJ (the others were through store credit). And those that I have upgraded are on their way to Spun for credit towards other films. Its a revolving door I tell you.
Old 04-30-03, 12:01 PM   #13
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: R2
Posts: 238
Can't go over 3:

T2 - LD, LDSE, dvd SE
The Thing - vhs, LD, dvd
Big trouble/little china - vhs, LD, dvd
Natural born killers - LD, vhs DC, dvd DC
Old 04-30-03, 12:46 PM   #14
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I've purchased Halloween four times so far (five if they do the 25th anniversery addition). Twice the remastered vhs (p&s) first copy was stolen along with the rest of my luggage on a bus trip. Also bought the wide screen vhs and the current one disc theatrical cut dvd.
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Old 04-30-03, 01:01 PM   #15
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Posts: 1,177
I've repurchased a ton of the movies I had on VHS, so I won't count those, but I've double-dipped on

Almost Famous and Untitled
Silence of the Lambs: CC and MGM SE
Die Hard 2 barebones and SE
Traffic and Traffic: CC

after I get the SEs, I trade the barebones in, though. It mystifies me that anyone wouldn't dump the barebones if they got a superior edition.
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Old 04-30-03, 01:03 PM   #16
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Sleeping Beauty - French DVD: DTS, German DVD

Bugs Life - Region 1, Region 2: DTS

Monsters Inc - Region 1, Region 2: DTS

Fifth Element - laserdisc, Superbit DVD, German: DTS-ES DVD

Sleepy Hollow - Region 1, Region 2: DTS

E.T - Deluxe Laserdisc, Special Edition DVD, Regular DVD with theatrical cut in DTS

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Region 1, Region 2: Director's Cut

Saving Private Ryan - Dolby Digital Laserdisc, DVD: DTS

Star Wars Episode 4-6: Japanese Laserdisc, Special Edition Box Laserdisc set

Jaws - Laserdisc Special Edition, DVD

Stop Making Sense - Japanese "Expanded Edition" laserdisc, Region 1 DVD

Toy Story - DTS laserdisc, Toy Box DVD set

Jurassic Park - DTS laserdisc, DTS DVD, Box Set

Akira - Criterion Laserdisc, DTS DVD

Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Criterion Laserdisc, DVD

Bram Stoker's Dracula - Criterion Laserdisc, Superbit DVD

Air Force One - laserdisc, DVD, Superbit DVD

Desparado - laserdisc, Superbit DVD

Das Boot - DVD, Superbit DVD

Night of the Living Dead - Elite laserdisc, DVD

Re-Animator - Elite laserdisc, DVD

Dead/Alive: Region 1 DVD, Region 2: 104 minute version

Titanic - Dolby Digital Laserdisc, DTS Laserdisc, DVD


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Old 04-30-03, 01:05 PM   #17
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Location: Las Vegas
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I've got a few double dips...

Almost Famous (original and Untitled)
Pulp Fiction (Canadian and Collector's Edition)
Dogma (original and Collector's Edition)

I hate double dipping and won't repurchase the same movie unless there's a really good reason for doing so...
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Old 04-30-03, 04:11 PM   #18
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I think the most I've done is a triple dip:

The Doors: VHS, Single disc DVD, Special Edition 2 Disc DVD

Army Of Darkness: VHS, LE Director's Cut, Boomstick

AOD is more like 2 double dips, as I have 2 copies of the theatrical release and 2 of the Director's Cut.

Star Wars:

'95 THX VHS Box Set (original versions Pan&Scan)
'97 Special Edition VHS Box Set (Pan&Scan)
'01 Special Edition VHS Box Set (Widescreen)

Star Wars will obviously break this record.

I've also done too many double dips to list here. I don't mind double dipping too much, as long as the upgrade is worth it. If it's a movie I enjoy, I have no problems buying it again if there is a compelling reason to.
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Old 04-30-03, 04:50 PM   #19
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Posts: 6,332
It's a Wonderful Life

Radio show, Cassette
B&W Regular edition, VHS
B&W 45th Anniv, VHS
B&W 50th Anniv, VHS
Color Regular edition, VHS
Computer CD Set

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Old 04-30-03, 04:52 PM   #20
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Only double dips for me, and they were all movies where the original release wasn't anamorphic and/or lacked a 5.1 track, yet I liked the movies so much I still had to buy the crappy original releases.

Pulp Fiction
Silence of the Lambs
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Old 04-30-03, 04:53 PM   #21
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Posts: 16
I got my first today. I have the vhs version of the last boy scout and just got the dvd. I was called a psycho for buying the same movie. Some people will never understand.
Old 04-30-03, 05:53 PM   #22
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Posts: 1,752
I have a few doubles but never bought a third of the same movie yet.

Pulp Fiction
Young Guns
Old 04-30-03, 05:56 PM   #23
Rest in Peace
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The Wraith 1986, Raise the Titanic 1980

Vhs, R2 DVD, R4 DVD 93 minute version 2.0 Dolby Surround (Pro-Logic) 1.85:1 OAR, Dolby Surround was the original mix according to IMDb.

"Raise the Titanic", Beta in Pro-Logic, Vhs, R2 DVD (Germany) AKA "Hebt De Titanic" OAR 1.85:1 Monaural, CD sound track. IMDb says recorded in Dolby Surround

Lots of DVD not available in the USA, from R2 and R4 to replace Vhs.
Old 04-30-03, 06:01 PM   #24
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Star Wars here.
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Old 04-30-03, 06:06 PM   #25
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I guess Star Wars:


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