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I have a major store policy complaint - help!

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I have a major store policy complaint - help!

Old 10-28-02, 11:39 AM
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I have a major store policy complaint - help!


OK, here's an interesting problem. If anyone out there has had a similar experience or works at a customer service counter, your suggestions and insight are definitely appreciated.

About a week ago I bought the "24" box set from a local BB. Got it home, opened it up, and found that Disc #5 had a huge scratch across it (and a couple of small ones). No big deal - went to the store with my receipt a couple of days later to make an even exchange.

Brought the new "24" box set up to the counter, opened it up in front of them, and saw that Disc #5 was now scratch-free. The clerk was more than happy to make the exchange, as was I.

HOWEVER...I noticed that the inner ring of Disc #2 was partially broken off (had a big chip taken out of it along the edge from top to bottom). I pointed this out to the clerk and she agreed that it was, in fact, damaged.

I then grabbed Disc #2 from the OLD/RETURNED set that I just brought back and swapped it for the broken one in this NEW box set. The clerk asked what I thought I was doing. I told her that I knew that my OLD/RETURNED Disc #2 was in perfect shape, and since this NEW one was clearly damaged, I'd simply swap the two discs and save them the trouble and cost of opening up a THIRD box set.

She refused. The other clerk standing next to her was actually pretty pissy about it and came over to lecture me. Basically, she said that I was not allowed to take certain discs out of the returned box set to make a complete set of undamaged discs.

I told her that it wasn't a problem. I'll just go back to the shelf and grab a THIRD box set and make an even exchange for the second set with the broken inner ring.

Again, she said that this was not allowed. The store policy is that I have to take the entire box set AS IS right then and there, no additional exchanges, even if it was damaged when I opened it (in front of them, mind you). If it is still damaged when I get home (?!? - her words, not mine), I can bring it back later for another box set.

She said this saves them the aggrivation of opening up multiple items. But if I keep bringing it back day after day, isn't this the same thing?

In addition, I was told that if I do bring it back a second time, I would again have to hope that there are no problems/defects in the next box set that I open. She said that I am not allowed to "mix and match" box sets if certain discs in that set are damaged or defective.

Does this make sense? Am I missing something here? I was absolutely stunned and didn't even know what to do.

I have to box set sitting here right now waiting to go back to the store. I guess I could put the disc in my machine and make sure it works OK but I'm afraid that it might damage something inside. Besides, is it too much to ask that somthing not be broken when you buy it?

Maybe I'm being difficult in al of this but I can't understand why I couldn't switch the two discs right then and there and everyone would have been happy. Now I have to go back and do this transaction all over again. Plus, BB will now have to send back a second box set when I bring back this one.

Does this sound like a typical store policy? Is there anything I should have done differently (aside from the typical, albeit humorous, "you should have thrown the discs back in her face" comments)? Thanks for the input.
Old 10-28-02, 01:40 PM
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I think you're totally in the right, and your idea to get one correct set was totally justified and made sense. Perhaps you should have asked to speak with a manager; hopefully their I.Q. would be far enough above the speed limit enough to see that this would be an easy solution to the problem. If not, file a complaint with the corporate office.

You should definitely keep taking the sets back until you get what you paid for, a brand new box set with undamaged discs.

Although there have been some exceptions, BestBuy in general seems to be a store that treats the customer as the enemy.

By the way, I had the same problem on disc 6 of the "24" set that I bought at Borders (using a 15% off coupon, of course). When I took it back, we inspected another set, which was fine, but I am sure that if there had been a similar problem on another disc, they would have gladly "mixed and matched" to make it right.
Old 10-28-02, 01:52 PM
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This is asinine. Your common sense and helpfulness shouldn’t be rewarded with contempt and distrust. The only possible reason I can see for them treating you this way is that you took it upon yourself to act on the most logical solution possible. In other words, these customer service clerks were jealous of your solution and why they didn’t think of it first. They simply decided that the only way to teach you a lesson for upstaging them was to punish you by making up such a stupid rule.

If I were you, I would graciously return to the store and ask to speak with a manager. Leave the 24 set in your vehicle. Go in and explain the situation calmly to a manager. When that person gives you the okay, then go out and get the set and proceed to exchange it however the manager sees fit.

I refuse to ever set foot in another Best Buy store. The last time I did, I got angry at the stupid things they did, like this. That was a long time ago. Since then, I’ve read all these horror stories on this forum about Best Buy doing this and that to DVD Talk members. I don’t know how this company stays afloat providing such horrible shopping experiences to so many customers. I truly hope they fold within the next year. A dream, I know….
Old 10-28-02, 03:48 PM
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This is one scenario where it usually pays to order online from places like Amazon and DDD. I ordered the Simpsons Season 2 and one of the discs was damaged. They sent out a replacement with a return label. So I went through all eight discs, found the best four, and mailed the inferior ones back.

Best Buy does treat the customer like the enemy. I'm sure in some situations, customers try stuff that is shady. In your case it wasn't an unreasonable request. You are the customer, and you should be 100% satisfied. It wasn't any skin off that employee's back if you picked the best discs. I'm assuming they are sending the set back, so what's the difference if it is one damaged disc or six. They must have been on a power trip.
Old 10-28-02, 04:17 PM
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Are those BestBuy clerks on drugs or something? Your solution is the best. It doesn't require them to open up any more boxset, and no more time is wasted for either them or you. Whereas, their solution require more time for both them and you to deal with the problem later; in addition, another boxset will have to be opened up.
Old 10-28-02, 04:29 PM
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Not all of them are clueless. I once bought a boom box from Best Buy, and I found out after a couple weeks that the pause function didn't work properly when playing a CD. (If you left it paused for more than about 30 seconds, it would lock up and you'd have to start playing again from the beginning.) I still had the receipt, but I had thrown out the box and packing materials. When I took it in to exchange it, the clerk said that they would give me the actual boom box out of a new package, and keep all the packaging, instructions, power cord, etc. out of the package since I had already tossed my box, which I was happy to do.
Old 10-28-02, 05:02 PM
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This situation required the Best Buy employees to THINK and to use COMMON SENSE. It's no wonder you had problems.
Old 10-28-02, 05:14 PM
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Give the corporate # a call and explain the situtation... I'm sure they will make sure that you get a complete, undamaged set.

(But, you're right... that whole situation is nuts. Why they would not let you exchange between two open sets makes no sense. I think you're just dealing with low IQs and a very literal reading of the "rules".)
Old 10-28-02, 09:46 PM
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The only way to get Best Buy's attention is to contest the charge with your credit card company. Then contact their corporate offices:
Best Buy Co. Inc
PO Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312
Tel: (952) 947-2000

Tell them your story, and the fact that the charge has been disputed. I had to fight with many Best Buy drones before I got satisfaction, but when a company treats the consumer like an inconvenience, you have to keep calling until they give it up.

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