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Blockbuster & Hollywood Video (rules etc for renting DVD's)

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Blockbuster & Hollywood Video (rules etc for renting DVD's)

Old 09-19-02, 11:20 PM
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Blockbuster & Hollywood Video (rules etc for renting DVD's)

Does anyone know how much these places charge for DVD rentals. returns , late fees,max number of DVD's out at a time etc? I'm curious as I never rent DVD's(I buy them) but my younger brother thinks I'm a Blockbuster by taking out 32 of my DVD's at time!. He just gave me back 31 DVD's he "borowed" from me a few weeks ago. Out of 32 DVD,I'm missing "We Were Soldiers" . I also have now to reoraginze my DVD's(which is going to take some time I have over 750 )all over again from the ones he "borrowed". If I was a video rental place, I'd be rich with his late fees, overlimit etc.

Can anyone help out here?

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Old 09-20-02, 02:04 AM
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the local hollywood and blockbuster charge about the same, 4 and some change for a new release. you keep it for 1 evening, 1 day and 1 morning at blockbuster, hollywood gives it to you for like 6 days, they don't count the night you rent it ymmv.

for late fees, i think blockbuster charges you the rental cost for each day it is late, so five days late means you owe like 20 bucks.
hollywood charges you the rental price when it is late, but rechecks it out for you, meaning a 5 day late fee is 4 bucks and change.

blockbuster won't rent to you if you owe fees, hollywood allows you to rent owing money.

old dvds, are like a dollar less than new releases at both, i think.
hollywood give you the dvd case, BB gives you a generic crap thing.

hollywood usually has a better selection of non-mainstream titles.
i don't know about max out for either place, for some reason i am thinking it might be 6 at hollywood. at blockbuster i have no clue, but a strong gut feeling that if they could be sure that you'd return them late, they'd rent you their entire inventory.

so if you don't want your brother to "rent" from you or like you very much, and you have a strong desire to hassle him, adopt BB policies.
Old 09-20-02, 02:12 PM
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Here is the speil I give new folks.

All prices are with tax.

All new releases are $4.02.
All dvd's are $4.02, regardless of whether they are new or old.
All older, category vhs are $2.11.
PS2, Gamecube and X-Box are $6.35--late fees are $1.19 daily, not to exceed the $6.35/5 days.
N64 and Playstation are $5.29--late fees $.99 daily, not to exceed $5.29/5 days.

Everything is a 5 day rental, not counting the day you rent, so when counting the days, start at tomorrow.

Everything is due back in the store by midnight. On the day the movies are due back, at 5 after midnight, if it isn't checked in by one of us, the computer automatically checks it back out to you for another 5 days at the ORIGINAL(not coupon) rental price, and that is your late fee. So if it's a day late, it's 5 days late, so might as well keep it a few more days.

You get a free rental on your birthday, but you must come in on your birthday to use it.

If you verify with a credit card, the max out at any one time is 9. If not, then you have a 3 rental limit through the first 10 in order to establish a rental history.

Anyhoo, except for the early return special, which we tell everyone if they have an actual title that it applies to, that's what Hollywood is about as far as fees at our store.
Old 09-20-02, 02:23 PM
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So, 31 dvds=124.62(assuming he didn't have a coupon, then it would come out to 101.04.

Late fees, assuming that by "a couple of weeks", you mean 14 days actually keeping the films, would have been the initial 5 days, then 10 additional days, or two extended viewing periods, or $249.24.

However, we wouldn't allow him to have more than 10 out, unless we personally know the person, or they talk to the store director. Even then, we still wouldn't go much above 10.

Therefore, that puts his late fees down a bit, because realistically, you have to accept a little loss in order to keep customers happy.

Ultimately, though, those movies to rent, with the fees, would have cost your brother around $375.00. If you want my opinion on your situation, I'll give it, otherwise, I'll just leave it at that.


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