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XBOX 360 HD player= Problems

Old 11-21-07, 12:32 AM
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XBOX 360 HD player= Problems

Just thought people might like to know about potential problems with the Xbox 360 HD player. I got the player soon before the wal-mart secret sale at best buy and got Heroes season 1 free with it. Two of the discs would not play at all on the player, but played fine on the A-2 I got later. Also, Born on the 4th of July and Lucky number Slevin showed problems as well. On these two HD DVDs, the subtitles flash off in a split second instead of remaining on the screen long enough to read. This also did not occur when played on the Toshiba A-2 player. Xbox owners beware, you may want to consider an alternative HD DVD player.
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Old 11-21-07, 10:38 AM
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You either got a defective drive or set it up wrong...because the add-on works flawlessly for everyone I know.
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Old 11-21-07, 10:44 AM
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I would agree with mdc3000; just because you have an isolated incident that occured with yourself doesnt mean the whole unit is garbage.

I had problems with Heroes:S1, but after an firmware update - no problems.

Potential customers; please do more research before purchasing any electronic devise. However, on a personal note I've enjoyed my add-on.
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Old 11-21-07, 10:45 AM
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Never had a problem with mine, including all the discs the OP mentioned.
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Old 11-21-07, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Parasol Stars
Xbox owners beware, you may want to consider an alternative HD DVD player.
I got one when it came out, and have had zero problems with it. Even on the Heroes set, which people seem to complain about - I think with that one, they're running into problems with it's "web-enhanced" features. If that is what's giving you trouble, just unhook your 360 from the internet, and you should be fine.
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Old 11-21-07, 11:38 AM
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Never had an issue with mine. You should return it as it is most likely defective.
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Old 11-21-07, 12:06 PM
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Mine has played every disc I've tried (both HD and standard) since day one. You must have gotten a faulty unit.
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Old 11-21-07, 01:16 PM
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that's an interesting faulty unit isn't it? plays most movies fine, but some with subtitle problems.... hmmm, are you sure it's not a FW problem?
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Old 11-21-07, 01:45 PM
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No problems here. fairly excessive use. Return the unit.
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Old 11-21-07, 02:35 PM
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Yeah, the Heroes set got flack because of a cookie that runs on the 360. It appears to be locked up for 10 minutes, when in fact it's just accepting that cookie. (or something to that effect)

No problems here either, btw.
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Old 11-21-07, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Ocelot
that's an interesting faulty unit isn't it? plays most movies fine, but some with subtitle problems.... hmmm, are you sure it's not a FW problem?
Sure sounds like it...like the proper software wasn't installed...I know the add-on was giving people trouble if they didn't follow microsofts instructions about when to hook up the drive/use the installation disc... very odd.
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Old 11-21-07, 02:49 PM
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The only problem I have is the Hot Fuzz menu not loading occasionally, other than that everything is fine.
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Old 11-21-07, 05:52 PM
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Really there's no wrong way to set up the player. I used the included install disc and most movies played fine, including the King Kong copy that came with it. I just experienced these problems with certain movies. And I haven't had those problems with my A-2.
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Old 11-24-07, 09:48 PM
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My Xbox HD player wouldn't play Transformers the other day until I unplugged my hardwired DSL connection. It would get stuck on the "web loading" screen everytime I tried to start it.

Tried to play Transformers last night and it would not play it AT ALL! It would sound like it was loading the disc and then would exit back out to the 360 dashboard. It did this with or without the internet connection. I tried it on my A2 and it played fine (which is not hooked up to the internet). I started freaking out and looked around online and found this: http://www.lockergnome.com/digged/20...lemfix-inside/

Recently my brother purchased a copy of the movie Knocked Up, very funny you should watch it, and for some reason the HD side of the disk did not work it would just revert back to the home screen on his Xbox 360 HD DVD player so we tried the DVD side of the disk and it worked like a charm. The next day he returned it for another version, guess what? He had the same problem as before. So after a little while I figured out what was wrong with this, and here is how to fix it if you have the same problem with any movie on your Xbox 360 HD DVD player:

Go to the System blade
Scroll down and select Memory
Scroll down and Select HD Player ( do NOT select Hard Drive)
Here you will find the cookies from the HD DVD player, you will need to delete one that is 11mb but if you do not see that then delete all of the cookies, that is what I had to do
So DELETE all of the cookies unless you have found the 11mb cookie then delete that one
Try the disk again and if it comes up to a loading screen you have done it! Your movie will work now
This will take several minutes to load so please do not hit cancel because that will take you back to square one. So there you go have fun watching your new movie and hopefully there will be a permanent fix so that this issue doesn’t happen again.
I did not have a 11mb save but many other ones. I deleted them all and Transformers started up fine. Phew!

I am starting to think these web-based extras might cause a lot of problems in the future for some people.
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