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Got Blu but still buy some SD DVDs? Which ones?

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Got Blu but still buy some SD DVDs? Which ones?

Old 05-14-08, 04:35 PM
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Got Blu but still buy some SD DVDs? Which ones?

I'm curious about which SD DVDs people are buying who largely buy Blu-ray or HD DVD. I've recently picked up a couple of SD DVDs from the many DeepDiscount sales... and it made me think, maybe there's some good choices out there?

I particularly looked at a couple of titles I don't expect to come to Blu-ray for a long long time. Also picked up some titles for my lady who was asking about some... and I don't expect on Blu-ray in the next 2+ years (Dutch and Stunt Man from Anchor Bay). I deliberately didn't buy some movies I thought might make it Blu soon -- Ronin for instance.

What SD DVDs are you still buying, and why?

P.S. Obviously this is not the thread to say, "I don't buy SD anymore." But, invariably someone will post this.
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Old 05-14-08, 04:44 PM
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I'm still buying DVD's of films here and there. Usually catalog titles from studios unlikely to release them in the next year or two, or recent releases where the studios aren't releasing anything in the forseeable future (Genius/Weinstein) and to a certain extent Uni and Paramount (catalogs).

I bought the 2-disc release of The Mist because even if Genius does take their head out of their ass and start releasing on Blu, I'm not confident the black & white cut would make it onto the BD release.

I also bought Bee Movie, There Will Be Blood and Cloverfield on DVD, not thinking Paramount would put those out so quickly. Couldn't wait to see Charlie Wilson's War so I picked that up too. Same thing with some Fox day and dates - they passed up releasing The Savages on BD, so who knows if they'll do it anytime in the near future now.

I've been buying most new MGM re-releases because who knows when we'll see Blu from them again. I did this with Misery and When Harry Met Sally, and will likely do so with City Slickers as well.

I still buy all TV stuff I want because outside of Lost and possibly some more HBO I don't expect that market to embrace Blu-Ray much more than it already has in the near future.

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Old 05-14-08, 05:45 PM
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I think I've only bought 2 in the last year. When The State comes out, that will be a must-have for me (and a safe buy, since it was produced in SD).
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Old 05-14-08, 05:48 PM
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pretty much just Criterion and MoC. and those are going on hold until we find out more about their BD plans...
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Old 05-14-08, 05:53 PM
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It's amazing how much I've stopped buying SDs since going HD/BD. I stopped buying new theatrical releases completely, unless it's Blu, & I pretty much only buy Criterions (but even that I will likely stop now that they are Blu), noir titles, older films (like El Cid recently), & the occasional TV show that I know will never get a Blu release (Missions Impossible etc). Also still picking up a lot of the Image/DD shaw bros films.

But one of my most anticipated titles of the year, comes out in SD next week withthe 3-Disc Inglorious Bastards.
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Old 05-14-08, 06:32 PM
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I re-opened my Netflix membership after switching to purple (I have a combo HD-DVD/Blu drive.) So now I rent the movies I want to see on Blu, and purchase the Blu-ray or HD-DVD version for movies that take advantage of the video/audio quality or have exclusive special features (Ocean's Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Chronicles of Narnia, for example.)

Edit: Oh, and Enchanted. I had to get Enchanted on Blu-ray for the trivia game, in fact it is the movie that finally convinced me to add a hi-def drive to my HTPC.

I'm still buying my TV on DVD on SD DVD, as well as my "chick flicks" that don't require spectacular video (like 27 Dresses, PS I Love you, and Fool's Gold.)

As a nice bonus for switching, my DVD buying has slowed down because of the raised cost of the hi-def movies, so I'm actually starting to make a dent in the unwatched movie pile.

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Old 05-14-08, 06:55 PM
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I'll still buy SD titles but it is based dramatically on price, meaning a couple of dollars type of range, and also for titles that I can't imagine spending any more on the future unless that initial view inspires an upgrade (speaking of blind buys).

I'll take a shot doing that on titles that I wouldn't otherwise think of renting/buying with the idea that they wouldn't be things I would ever seek out to replace unless I end up really liking them, they get released in HD in the future and for a price that meets my approval. Perhaps I'd be better served in terms of value to just Netflix those though.

(Though I do still find myself buying some things like Mischief and Only the Lonely that I would rebuy in HD if the price were acceptable just due to lack of impulse control).

I'm still buying my TV on DVD on SD DVD, as well as my "chick flicks" that don't require spectacular video (like 27 Dresses, PS I Love you, and Fool's Gold.)
But the main reason for watching them is to stare at people like Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson.
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Old 05-14-08, 07:11 PM
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Bought the unrated Live Free or Die Hard over the pg-13 blu ray even though its supposed to be one of the best blu rays out there.
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Old 05-14-08, 07:27 PM
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I've definitely slowed down my DVD purchases. I love Blu-ray and if the content that I want is on BD, I'll be getting it on BD. The price isn't that much more considering you're getting better picture and sound.

I still do get some DVDs, however. Mostly TV on DVD titles, though. I know a lot of TV shows won't be seeing the light of day on Blu-ray for a long time, if ever, and I just don't see waiting years for something that might never come out. I'd upgrade some of my TOD titles like Mission: Impossible and Hawaii Five-O on BD, but I don't think I'd be upgrading every single title in my collection. Of course knowing me I'd probably upgrade a large portion of my TOD library. I still buy some films on DVD as well, although it's slowly coming to a halt. I bought recent releases like The Savages, I'm Not There and The Great Debaters because I don't know how long until they see a BD release and I wanted to see them now.
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Old 05-14-08, 07:33 PM
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I've purchased nearly no regular DVDs in the last year or year and a half, even though I only got my HD DVD player last June or so, and the PS3 this January. The only things I'm buying on SD are TV shows that I started long ago (Simpsons, Mad About You for example) and new catalog releases that seem unlikely to come out in HD. The Dragon Dynasty stuff for example.

I definitely won't buy any SD when an HD version exists or I'm fairly sure an HD version will come out soon. So I'm missing out on recent faves like Grindhouse and Little Miss Sunshine .
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Old 05-14-08, 07:35 PM
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I'm encouraged by Criterion, MoC, and Kino all announcing BR titles, but for now I'm still buying a lot of DVDs, this is mostly because my favorite genre is documentaries, and to date very few docs have come out of BR.
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Old 05-14-08, 07:56 PM
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Old 05-14-08, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dsa_shea
Obligatory "never heard of that one".

I haven't gone Blu yet (still enjoying my HD DVDs ) and realistically I may not go Blu for quite some time but I'm preparing for the transition. I've practically stopped buying mainstream/recently released films that are on BD or reasonably could be by the time I go Blu. If I feel the need to see it as soon as possible, I'll rent as I did for "No Country For Old Men". I loved the movie like I figured I would but I'm patient enough to wait to buy it on BD. This works out in my favor, I think, because the price may be considerably reduced by the time I commit. It helps that a large majority of movies I buy/enjoy are older horror/exploitation/off-Broadway flicks. Some are genre favorites that I expect to make it to BD eventually but others are arguably terrible and may not.

Movies like Frankenhooker, Cannibal Holocaust, Burial Ground, Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, Street Trash? Films by Cohen, Fulci, Rollin, Franco, D'Amato? I think Argento may be the first of their "kind" to be released in HD and, hopefully, the others will follow.

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Old 05-14-08, 08:21 PM
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Criterions and TV shows that were not hi-def.
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Old 05-14-08, 09:02 PM
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I have not bought SD-DVD's for almost a year until today.

I bought Darjeeling Limited (who knows when it will come out on Blu) and Once (probably never) at Blockbuster today. I also got the Office Seasons. So other than a tv show, I am done with SD-DVD.
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Old 05-14-08, 09:08 PM
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I still watch a ton of DVDs -- around 40 so far this year -- but the overwhelming majority of those have been rentals and movies I'd already bought.

All I've bought in the past 6 months are another MST3K boxed set, the first Cinematic Titanic disc, and The Darjeeling Limited. I'll still buy TV-on-DVD sets that are only released on DVD, like The Office.
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Old 05-14-08, 09:09 PM
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Just some TV stuff for me. Everything else I absolutely will not buy, I will wait for BLU.
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Old 05-14-08, 09:16 PM
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I stopped buying major studio films on dvd about two years ago. Eventually most of them will be released on Blu-ray. I do still pick up the occasional tv-on-dvd set since the prospects for them ever on Blu-ray are dicey at best.
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Old 05-15-08, 07:40 AM
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I only buy on standard definition if I think there's absolutely no possibility of release in the next couple of years. I think the last regular DVDs I bought were INLAND EMPIRE and The Wire Season 4.
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Old 05-15-08, 07:47 AM
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My next purchase will be the Frontier(s) Criterion Collection (w/ interactive advertisement minigame!)

That aside, I usually only buy SDs on movies that I don't anticipate on Blu for a while, but only if they're the right price (< $10). Normally, this happens on a whim with Walmart budget bins or clearances on lower budget genre pics (Hatchet, Murder Party). It may not be real High Def, but upscaled retail DVDs do still look quite good from time to time.
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Old 05-15-08, 08:42 AM
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Mainly non-R1 titles.
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Old 05-15-08, 08:48 AM
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There Will Be Blood
Charlie Wilsons Way
Paris Je T'amie

Basically stuff that isn't out on BD day and date
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Old 05-15-08, 08:59 AM
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Some TV series (just got 21 Jump Street Season 1 for shits and giggles, and ordered Doogie Howser S1)
Also picked up the Red Balloon for less than 10 bucks.
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Old 05-15-08, 09:05 AM
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I buy SD's whenever there is no BD day and date release or will not be on BD probably for a long time. Most recent: Teeth, Frontier(s), Sister Emmanuelle, Hottie and the Nottie. Once in a while I'll get burned (There Will Be Blood), but then I'll just double-dip if I really like the movie.
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Old 05-15-08, 09:08 AM
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I still buy sd-dvds. I pretty much only will buy them if they are less than $7. Most of the time $5. I also still buy tv seasons under $20. Some movies aren't worth waiting forever to come out on blu-ray esp the older ones, but some just dont need to be in blu. For instance, is it really necessary to watch Ghost or Music and Lyrics in blu-ray? But movies like The Chronicles of Narnia was worth the wait for blu.
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