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3-D Blu-rays

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3-D Blu-rays

So, Disney has announced a 2-D/3-D release for their upcoming Hannah Montana concert Blu-ray.

Has anybody else seen any 3-D released on Blu-ray? As a long-time 3-D fan, I'm very excited about this possible trend. Could a 3-D Nightmare Before Christmas be that far off?
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How would it work?? They can't do the old red blue glasses thing...right? This could be really cool but I wonder how it would work
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Rumor is it's the old red/blue glasses.
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The simplest way for now is an anaglyph conversion (red/cyan).

They could easily do a much better 3-D version using field/frame sequential formats (shutter glasses), which in it's rawest form, has been available for years to those with a $25 3-D driver box and glasses. This technology is now being rapidly improved upon though, and Samsung and Mitsubishi already have several DLP sets with 3-D capability built in. Blu-ray players with this 3-D equipment "in the box" aren't far off, either.

In short, anaglyph now, good quality, even HD 3-D soon.

As far as the "old" red/blue glasses.....you guys know that even in the 1950's the 3-D movies used the clear, polarized glasses in theatres, right? The colored anaglyph type have very rarely been used for movies, but usually for comic books and some 3-D TV broadcasts. If you've seen one of the old movies in the red/blue format, you should know that's not the original way they were shown, and you've seen an inferior downconversion. Out of all the 3-D features released to theatres, only a tiny handful used the awful anaglyph format, and most of those were the recent kiddie flicks. The myth/idea that "old" 3-D movies used red/blue format just *will not* die, and is continually repeated by ignorant reporters to this day, so who can blame people for believing that, but it isn't true. All 50 of the 3-D movies released in 1952-54 used the clear polarized glasses format and so have 99% of 3-D feaures since that time. The only thing "new" about the 3-D that Real D does is that is digitally projected, which allows greater clarity and control over the presentation.

I think Disney should NOT do an anaglyph version of "Hanna". They should release it flat on disc now and wait until they can market a quality 3-D version at home in a year or so. Anaglyph just confuses people and makes them think that that's what they'll get when they go to a theater to see 3-D.

The idea for the HD 3-D Blu-rays is that the disc will play in 2-D for those without the equipment, but with a 3-D option for those that do.

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What's the deal with that "3-D Ready" advertised on Samsung TVs anyways? Is it something that's actually coming out soon, and will it not work with other TVs?
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Originally Posted by Peep
Has anybody else seen any 3-D released on Blu-ray? As a long-time 3-D fan, I'm very excited about this possible trend. Could a 3-D Nightmare Before Christmas be that far off?
Unless it uses the clear polarized glasses they used in the theaters, I'm just as content to fork out $$$ for a movie ticket every Halloween...
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