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  1. Difference between Jurassic Adventure and Collection?
  2. BOG1 Free, 50% off plus Free Shipping (48 Hrs. Only)
  3. No Cinderella Man SE at CH?
  4. Help - $20 funcash, need options
  5. Discussion: Do you think Columbiahouse makes money on us ?
  6. CH Funcash Strategies?
  7. CH.com---Is it any better?
  8. War of the Worlds: Limited Edition. Has anyone gotten a shipping confirmation yet?
  9. Freedvds.com closing down.
  10. Oh Man!!
  11. Fun Cash aint fun!
  12. Sale! Matrix collection only $34-$36 after $5 off + still counts a two fullfillments!
  13. How long are enrollment shipments taking these days?
  14. more than 2 accounts at the same address
  15. Land of the (Brain)-Dead (i.e. CH)
  16. Batman Begins Deluxe Edition - Awaiting Stock
  17. Great price on Wizar of Oz (3-disc collector's edition)
  18. Free shipping?
  19. OT: Buena Vista (aka non-CH) titles 3 for $18-ish at DDD
  20. Has anyone been enrolling lately?
  21. Trick to extract offer code from links?
  22. Columbia House sells censored DVDs???
  23. CH just charged me for two orders I didn't place
  24. Price increases on box sets
  25. #%^&@*&* CH sends full screen instead of widescreen!!!!
  26. We're in a code drought.
  27. anyone get the CH email saying $10 off first online order?
  28. check Columbia... 120 tittles B1G1 free
  29. Do >$1 temp authorizations on your CC mean you're approved these days?
  30. Share your zany CH stories - Mine regarding an online 'LMT' DVD club application.
  31. Website unavailable/system maintenance for one but not all accounts???
  32. If during the application process you see
  33. Finally Blacklisted, (having too many accounts to the same address)
  34. (may or may not work) Canceling your account is FINALLY EASY through the CH website!
  35. Anyone else's Thin Man Collection awaiting stock?
  36. 15% of order over 50$?
  37. Are we about due for free shipping?
  38. Buy ONE Get ONE Free Code
  39. What triggers a decline at CH
  40. Live in Hawaii? Don't even think you can join!
  41. CH...unfreakingbelievable!
  42. Paramount Titles
  43. Fun Cash - Is my logic right here?
  44. CH Codes - some help
  45. Is an order number status of "Too Be Assigned" bad?
  46. Trying to open a Columbia House account w/ no luck
  47. got a new deal in the mail from CH - 4 for price of 1
  48. Newbie Q's (CH Canada)
  49. Dun..Dun..Dun Another app. bites the dust.
  50. ch.com questions
  51. Smokin' Hot Code - Take $21.95 title for $9.95, counts as fulfillment
  52. Reminder: Last Day For Funcash Is Today (6/30)
  53. Independence Day Special- 2 DVDs for $17.76
  54. Partial List of 60% Off Titles at Ch.com and Other CH.com Deals
  55. CH deliberately held off my new membership acceptance?
  56. DDD sale is on!!
  57. Uh-Oh. What happened to the site?
  58. Two Free Shipping Codes (Thanks Mpaul39)
  59. It's a Wonderful Life - FREE!!! (just pay s/h + tax, using B1G1F code)
  60. Buy ONE Get ONE Free (ends 6/17)
  61. Question about phone apps.
  62. You're getting 3 DVDs for $22 with our Summer Drive-In Triple Feature?
  63. this is amazing
  64. Semi Annual Boxed Set Super Sale. All sets at UP TO 50% Off!
  65. A list of all offer codes
  66. Need suggestions to get most of my Funcash
  67. Great lesser known or less popular titles at CH?
  68. What does "awaiting credit approval mean"?
  69. 2005 Poll Question: HOW MANY CH ACCOUNTS HAVE YOU HAD?
  70. $10 off a $40 order..
  71. DVDs $9 each when you buy 2 or more-counts towards commitment!
  72. Breaking news: Bertelsmann purchases Columbia House
  73. Buy one get one free - ends Thursday, May 12th 11:59 PM
  74. Free Shipping on 3?
  75. So, what did you get for your fulfillment disks?
  76. Whats in your funcash order? Anyone else holding out?
  77. CH has taken away my funcash!!!
  78. The ol' switcheroo at check-out
  79. Universal monster legacy sets - loose disks?
  80. What Type Of Deals Should We Expect From CH? FunCash Related
  81. Fun Cash order email confirmation?
  82. Fun Cash redemption starts today (change of terms in effect for website)
  83. Titles that never became available for enrollment
  84. Tired of oursourcing to india, I'm buying elsewhere
  85. ch.com the dv2 replacement
  86. New Specialty Shops
  87. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CODE FOR FREE SHIPPING? Just codes in general working on April7?
  88. Extreme giveaway link, no sign a friend
  89. How long before you try and join again if you don't get in?
  90. New Funcash Terms (for box sets) & other related FC issues..
  91. PSN code?
  92. Signing up for a second account?
  93. Will you still consolidate Funcash?
  94. Information on High Level accounts (how to get one)
  95. TV EDITION - Available For Enrollment List - Read 1st post before posting!
  96. new CH account registration problems?
  97. So Which Sites Are Actually Good?
  98. FunCash Redemption For Next Month!?
  99. 'Awaiting Credit Approval'....why?
  100. b1g1 deal
  101. Triple funcash for 48 hours...
  102. Missing inserts from CH movies...
  103. So , how did you do on Funcash ?
  104. Blacklistable offense? (Multiple copies)
  105. 1$ titles on phone in only
  106. Funcash Screw-Job
  107. DVDs from Anchor Bay Entertainment?
  108. need a few sugestions
  109. So That Is Why I Can't Open New Accounts...
  110. 4.95/5.95/6.95/Keep It Simple Sale,etc. = FOX Clearance?
  111. Some Weird Funcash Speculation from a CSR...
  112. Giftcard wierdness...
  113. My Fun Cash - Gone!
  114. FreeDVDs.com?
  115. $10 Off First Web Order...
  116. Funcash Strategy?
  117. Easter specialty shop. 4 for $29.95
  118. Free Shipping Code
  119. Glad I got back in the game! $3.13/dvd! My Story.
  120. DV2 Club?
  121. Action Double Feature 2 for $18 sale @ CH
  122. CH One Day Sale 60% off dvds with purchase of 1 at regular price
  123. New CH code for established accounts.....
  124. Has anyone received phone solicitations from CH?
  125. Is the Columbia House TV Edition club worth it?
  126. Anyone know how to get free shipping?
  127. Is it me or has shipping been alot slower?
  128. Stupid CH...Sending ONE DVD at a time
  129. Multiple Accounts at CH?
  130. 3 for $25 gone?
  131. "Extreme Digital Giveaway" Contest
  132. Criterions!
  133. How many times have you played the game?
  134. Columbia House DVD, buy 1 get 1 free
  135. Anybody else lose access to cancelled account?
  136. Best way to contact CH for a replacement disc?
  137. cancelling membership is hard
  138. "Expensive" Enrollments No Longer Available
  139. Star Trek: Voyager
  140. Anyfreeegift is a bunch of deadbeats?
  141. Check Email for 10% Off Private Sale
  142. Guesstimates on the next 40% off boxset sale?
  143. Free shipping is back, buy 3 get free shipping...
  144. Best CH Canada Code?
  145. Warner rebate and Columbia House
  146. Free DVD w/$19.95+ purchase. Works in TV Club! Use with fulfillment orders. Exp 1/29
  147. Something is missing from my enrollment package..
  148. Anchorman: Gift Set - No longer available?
  149. How do you combine fun cash from different accounts?
  150. CH has got me Fuming!
  151. Best versions of dvds? Superbit? Ultimate?
  152. CH Email Codes
  153. Looking for genre enrollment pkg suggestions
  154. Columbia House is screwing me over
  155. I miss free shipping already
  156. Yet another huge CH screw up; I think I'm done
  157. Where do people buy dvd's not available through Columbia H.
  158. Free DVD when you buy 1 online at regular price
  159. Average Cost Per DVD-Wow!
  160. How do I know if my account has been closed
  161. Box sets up to 40% off again
  162. Problem cancelling membership thru website?
  163. Buy one Regular get Unlimited at 60% Dec 10-12
  164. Buena Vista Titles Back?
  165. CH Enrollment Issue
  166. Signing Up For DV2 AND Selecting Unavailable Titles
  167. Official No More New Fox/Universal DVDs From CH Thread
  168. What are some good $20-22 non-enrollments?
  169. communication problems with freedvd4me?
  170. One & Only Ch Foreign & Anime Dvd Thread
  171. Spider-Man 2: Put the power of DVD Talk to work
  172. Will FunCash Expire on 12/31/04??
  173. CH has a new site front-end design today, what do you think?
  174. Box sets at CH vs. DDD
  175. online codes for CH
  176. What are other hard-core CH users buying during the DDD sale?
  177. Phone Deals (AKA Thursday deals)
  178. What are some good 3 for $25 DVDs you are getting?
  179. LEGEND, ULT ED. 6.95 (Reg. 19.95) . . . GALAXY QUEST, 4.95
  180. Too Many Failed Apps...Looking For Decent non-PSN Code...
  181. The Passion at CH
  182. Shrek 2 Pre-Order
  183. Box sets @ CH showing up @ 40% off
  184. Spider-Man 2 availability?
  185. FREE DVD w/any purchase of $35.00 OR MORE
  186. Bonus $10 Fun cash on >$40 order by phone 11/4
  187. Can someone help in getting DVDs for less then $6/disc
  188. My Columbia House horror story
  189. Applying on the web
  190. 3-for-25 = 1 commitment; Is it working now?
  191. One Day 60% off with $19.95 purchase
  192. My 3@$25.00 nightmare
  193. Free Shipping through 01/03/05
  194. I have free shipping today
  195. Is it impossible to use the webdvd coupon to fulfill a account?
  196. Best code to use for a new account?
  197. Will The Day After Tomorrow be available at CH?
  198. CH ever canceled your order?
  199. ReleaseDate-to-Available: What is your experience w/CH? (LOTR 12/14/04 Extended 12-D)
  200. succees, in having funcash combined
  201. How can I retain the webdvd discount
  202. free shipping sale not allowing to select 2 for commitment
  203. Double Fun Cash w/$35 . . . any free shipping codes out there?
  204. FreeDVD4Me Will Have LotR: Return of the King as a Weekly Bonus
  205. Quick way to 3.0 commitments: Ultimate Matrix Collection pre-order $59
  206. CH - The Joy of Giving, anyone won yet?
  207. Earn $5 Funcash with these titles:
  208. Use Shawshank as your Fulfillment if wanted
  209. What's the latest date to pre-order?
  210. Running out of titles to choose from CH Canada
  211. Can someone point out the expensive deluxe editions available as enrollments?
  212. Anyone receive THX-1138 yet?
  213. It's FS and it's back from the dead/Chillin' at the beach, down at Club Med
  214. Canceled Membership?
  215. Weird FunCash prices on Box Sets @ CH!
  216. Has CH Stopped Universal Pre-Orders?
  217. Fahrenheit 9/11 pre-order available
  218. What dvds have you gotten?
  219. 40% off box set sale @ CH. Ends 9/27.
  220. Star Wars Boxed Set
  221. 5 dollar web discount link?
  222. New 3 for $25 offer.
  223. Stargate SG-1 now available
  224. I need a box set sale NOW!
  225. So, what did you select for your CH Enrollment Discs?
  226. Letters from Sandy
  227. Underworld UR extended now enrollment
  228. Watch out for scam check in the mail.
  229. CH TV Edition Club is dead
  230. Goodfellas SE still showing as Pre-order?
  231. Free Shipping is Back?
  232. Is anybody else CONSTANTLY being bugged by CH to re-join via phone?
  233. Billy Wilder Collection for cheap at Columbia House
  234. NEW Offer Reviews
  235. Free Shipping is Back! 7/23 Online only!
  236. From the FAQ: Are these DVDs the same as the ones I buy in the store?
  237. Is this a relatively dead forum?
  238. Free shipping haikus
  239. Funcash Redemption July 28th
  240. TV Club - HDL Code - Expired???
  241. Playboy DVDs in Columbia House!!!!
  242. DVD Club: TV Edition Introduction and Discussion Thread
  243. The Complete TV Club Enrollment List
  244. CH Offer Codes (NOT Enrollment Codes)
  245. Is there some super, ultra, mega secret trick to logging onto Columbia House's site..
  246. it's 5/04: Free Shipping expected back anytime soon?
  247. New site to get a free iPod mini (requires only six offers)
  248. Foreign Titles at CH?
  249. CH Enrollment Codes (Previously "Better Code Thread")
  250. New Columbia House Club: DV2