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  1. When to cancel and getting a PSN
  2. Columbia House Video Library
  3. how do i get columbia house tv to mail me an aplication(with the stamps on them)
  4. I Have Been Double Charged For An Order....
  5. D'oh--received FS Madagascar. Now what?
  6. Shipping?
  7. Application Rejected?
  8. CC shows pending charge w/ correct amount plus tax .Did I get accepted?
  9. Mission Impossible Collector's Edition W/MI3 Ticket Up For Pre-Order
  10. Mailman delivers wrong CH shipment
  11. Unknown Charge on CC from Columbia House
  12. Lost app - how long to wait?
  13. Buena Vista and 20th Century Fox
  14. Interesting Situation with a Return... and Question
  15. I received an "end of preferred shipping" notice today
  16. Ten Commandments Anniv. ed. $10
  17. Will CH carry any of the Masters of Horror discs?
  18. Midnight Madness $4.99 titles (Friday only)
  19. James Bond available?
  20. What's the Webdvd web address?
  21. Being Black-listed from C.H. DVD Club ?? Anyone have a way to join?
  22. Shipping Notification
  23. No sign of return on account history
  24. Disk Stolen!!
  25. Disney and no CC?
  26. how to cancel an order sent?
  27. Question about fulfillment on recent account
  28. CH waiting for pre-orders before shipping the entire order.
  29. Phone Number to Call to Check on Application?
  30. Question about Gattaca
  31. Have fufilled but final order in "pending" state is it safe to close?
  32. CH/Great Stuff Money Back Offer Question
  33. What if you don't want CH mailing the directors choice?
  34. Once Upon a Time in China Trilogy from CH?
  35. Speaking of Rainchecks...
  36. Application from over a month ago just approved.
  37. Question about the TV club?
  38. Problems with shipping charge
  39. Capote?
  40. 2nd CS question
  41. Reaching Cust. Service w/out account #?
  42. New phone bypass?
  43. Available this coming week?
  44. Fulfillment/WebDVD Question
  45. confirmation e-mail
  46. Does CH inflate the list price?
  47. Waiting for HD DVDs
  48. applications guaranteed to ask credit card?
  49. CH Log in problems?
  50. Immediate Approval Over Phone?
  51. UPC Codes on DVDs
  52. Returning titles question
  53. Multiple Account question
  54. question about amount of application attempts
  55. really a 4 week wait?
  56. Why do my on-line CH orders just disappear?
  57. Columbia house Canada any good?
  58. Cancellation Question
  59. Why does CH lose application / orders??
  60. Will we see King Kong or Hostel sold by CH?
  61. Problems with my enrollment package
  62. Disney Movie Club - Live Phone Help?
  63. No free lunch...or rainchecks
  64. Batman Begins: DE - no comic
  65. A List Of Box Sets At $14.99?
  66. CC shows pending charge for the correct amount. Did I get approved?
  67. Columbia House Phone Number Live Person
  68. So Should I call Columbia house?
  69. Can anyone get to P-e-e-r-f-l-i-x
  70. new member/discount codes to fulfill membership?
  71. Is Jarhead going to be available?
  72. Perry Mason Tv Series
  73. Can anyone checkout at CH ?
  74. How can you get off of the blacklist?
  75. Returning $9.95 DVD from enrollment?
  76. About to cancel account, what to do with Funcash?
  77. Approval troubles
  78. How long does it take to receive an e-mail confirmation after creating an account?
  79. Predictions or information on HDDVD/Blu-Ray availability at CH?
  80. Strange - Account fulfilled without any purchases?
  81. Warner Gangsters Titles?
  82. Website not processing saving code
  83. Got A Coupon For Free Box Set With My Enrollment Package?
  84. Question
  85. very odd new CH account issue
  86. boy is CH sticking it to me...
  87. How long does it take....?
  88. Fulfillment but no enrollment?
  89. 22.95/21.95 vs 19.95
  90. Question about new account, and fulfillment
  91. How many accounts have you had?
  92. Not entitled to use codes?
  93. May Be a dumb question about TV club
  94. Naked Gun Set can't count as fulfillment??
  95. Question from Old Newb
  96. Psn?
  97. CH is giving me a free TV Season Set???
  98. New BOGO deal, so I went ahead and fulfilled with???........
  99. Separate DVD club accounts
  100. Spiritual Cinema Circle- free trial - pay S&H
  101. Buy 3 get 3 free?!
  102. New Sale - B1G1 free is back!!!
  103. "Get 2 free DVDs when you complete your purchase commitment"
  104. offer codes for randomcafe
  105. Does CH bill you or must prepaid?
  106. CH Automated Phone Hell -- Please Help!
  107. Disney Movie Club thread
  108. Columbia House I Love Lucy Season 1 ?
  109. Receiving director's selection after it is declined
  110. 5 TV Sets for 49cents each?!
  111. Bill Me Later causing headaches =/
  112. Does CH ever charge for returned selections?
  113. enroll with ANY TITLE!!!!
  114. No Inserts for Me ... Trend or Bad Luck?
  115. The Staircase
  116. Seriously, when will I ever use this?
  117. Bad Education?
  118. Anyone having a problem with lost or unrecieved packages?
  119. Getting a PSN?
  120. Will Weintein Company movies be available through CH?
  121. Why isn't Thumbsucker available at CH?
  122. Has Anyone Recieved Elizabethtown???
  123. K7L code
  124. Free Shipping Codes
  125. CH couldn't get any worse, right? CH + BMG = Worse!
  126. B1G1 (only one) not good enough!
  127. wedding crashers won't play movie, anyone else?
  128. Has anyone else ever...?
  129. President's Day, B1G1 48 Hour Sale
  130. The Twilight Zone - The Definitive Edition Could Be Available at CH?
  131. is this normal?
  132. Price Changes on different codes
  133. Online application problems
  134. Cancelling Account Online???
  135. Online apps - how long before you see a CC charge?
  136. CH.com Guide?
  137. Payment problems with Columbia House
  138. Funcash Problems
  139. Funcash Strategies
  140. Receiving movies after cancellation?
  141. WebDVD $5 Discount Troubles
  142. 48 Hour Sale: B1G1 + unlimited 50% (2/10 -2/11)
  143. When will The Amazing Race Season 7 become available?
  144. Titles available on CH TV DVD Club?
  145. Sony and BMG
  146. Magnificent Seven (2-disc set) unavailable?
  147. Pittsburgh Steeler Superbowl DVD
  148. Used/Opened DVDs sold by CH?
  149. Order Type: Prodigy?
  150. The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection Available?
  151. Hopefully changes will come to the Columbia House TV Club
  152. CH frustration.
  153. Semi-dead disk
  154. I ordered the wrong DVD as a freebie...
  155. any knowledge of upcoming specials??
  156. Question about King Kong Special Edition (1933 2disc non-tin)
  157. Columbia House/Combining Accounts
  158. Swingers removed from CH?
  159. CH money order payments
  160. Are there any codes that lessen the price of fulfillment selections?
  161. Anyway to Cancel Order Just Placed?
  162. Entering Code
  163. How the hell do I get a Columbia House rep on the phone?
  164. $7.50 DVDs w/ purchase (48 HR. Sale)
  165. All enrollment codes showing 5/.49 + 5 more to buy?
  166. Sale Price/Fulfillment Problem
  167. 1 Year Anniversary Sale-15% Off Until 1/29
  168. Problem with B1G1 code and shipping dates...
  169. Waiting for that approval email??
  170. is it possible to decline ALL directors selections?
  171. Will Columbia House carry HD?
  172. Anyone approved with K7L yet?
  173. Triumph
  174. question about ch.com vs. columbiahouse.com
  175. CH.com payment authorization
  176. Columbia House Excell Spreadsheets?
  177. Slightly Off Topic: CH/BMG Music
  178. How to phone CH without an account number
  179. CH Canada deal - is this good?
  180. Is this lost or a decline?
  181. CH Enrollment Question
  182. Today's Deals - New Section?
  183. Where is Spider-Man - The New Animated Series?
  184. Can't login
  185. Are the 2 disc Harold Lloyd collections likely to become enrollments?
  186. Recently discovered at CH - 1982 Cat People (what else?)
  187. Disappearing funcash orders
  188. Deluxe _Batman Begins_ & _Charlie and the Chocolate Factory_ as future enrollments?
  189. CSR Thread
  190. Multiple Accounts Question
  191. Can I close an account with preorders still pending?
  192. Incompleted Order Number: To Be Assigned
  193. No Bill Me Option
  194. no DVD in case
  195. CH approved an app I submitted back on Oct 8.
  196. Does CH have any Seinfeld sets?
  197. Anyone Else Waiting on CH Canada Sale Titles?
  198. Pay with CC online but CH never charges??
  199. How to get code
  200. CH shorted me a movie
  201. Can someone help a poor idiot out?
  202. Trouble with webdvd discount?
  203. Has been dropped due to policy?? (Interstate 60)
  204. I've heard of Pre-ordering, but this...
  205. Enrolled online but no confirmation email received??
  206. Hate when CH has wrong picture shown.
  207. CH sorta changed prices on me
  208. Columbia House policy on reselling DVD
  209. Jeremiah: The Complete First Season
  210. Booklets in DVDs
  211. Enrollment Change
  212. Negative Funcash balance after ordering???
  213. Studios that are not carried by CH?
  214. Blockbuster Online 1 month free trial!
  215. Email - Important Notice from CH Regarding Your Application
  216. Enrolling online with a credit card?
  217. Is it worth it to keep one account open?
  218. How long to wait on approval?? How about 3 months!!
  219. B1G1F + Free shipping?
  220. Account Number Help
  221. do specials count twords fulfillments?
  222. Funcash Questions
  223. So, all the Hitchcocks are back
  224. Merry Christmas!!
  225. Email Response
  226. Above List Price?
  227. Joining Online but NOT Receiving any "Welcome to" notice
  228. Did anyone get the FREE KING KONG TICKET?
  229. Closing account with negative Fun Cash balance?
  230. Need Some Help regarding Fulilment Problem
  231. Should my enrollment package be taking this long?
  232. Video Games
  233. Testing your memory on past CH deals...
  234. few questions re: columbia house
  235. William Shatner DVD Club
  236. Shouldn't The Outsiders Complete Novel be an enrollemnt by now?
  237. Does getting a title auto-shipped kill the $5 off $30 first time web order deal?
  238. Odd problem with M.D. Geist from CH
  239. You can't take the sky from me...Since I've found Serenity...
  240. Columbia House site down?
  241. Anyone else getting this: "Free shipping on every dvd you buy"
  242. TRIPLE Fun Cash
  243. Could I be blacklisted already??
  244. limit on orders?
  245. No humans answering 1-800-262-2001 this AM?
  246. my DVD order on backorder since 9/23/05
  247. Great CH.com deal
  248. The Evil Dead.....
  249. Double Funcash
  250. How long does it take CH to process and ship rainchecks?