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  1. Columbia House Bankruptcy
  2. Dollar Fanatic DVDs
  3. ClubHoopla.com $7 sets each (James Bond Vol. 1, 2 or 3 & Hannibal Lecter Collections)
  4. Disney Movie Club, anyone do the numbers recently?
  5. Columbia House Bonus Points Change Coming
  6. Question about fulfillment with blu-ray titles
  7. Oz the Great & Powerful Blu-ray for $19.77 at CH
  8. Cancelled CH awhile back...
  9. Quick Fulfillment Question
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Complete Classic Series Billing Errors-- Lookout
  11. Bill me later CH customers beware!
  12. Can someone clarify CH fulfillment pricing?
  13. I need to fulfill an account by 4/3. (2 regular price)
  14. Returning a Columbia House title (unopened)
  15. No Box For New Enrollment Codes?
  16. Is Anyone Else Getting the Wrong Enrollment Titles?
  17. Can I still refuse a shipment and get credited?
  18. How many DVD clubs are there?
  19. Shield-Individual Seasons Available for Enrollment on the DVD Site
  20. FREE DVD for DMC site screw-up.
  21. Select Newer Releases Blurays 3 for $50 this weekend at Columbia House (07/29-07/31)!
  22. New Columbia House Blu-Ray Club
  23. Harry Potter Strangeness at CH
  24. Fulfilling your purchase commitment with 1 Blu-Ray title
  25. List of TV DVDs Available for Enrollment at Columbia House
  26. Ordering from the CH website has become such a pain!
  27. Ordering from the CH website has become a pain in the ass!
  28. CH Just Added a Slew of Lion's Gate-Mirimax Titles to the Club
  29. Blu-Ray Enrollment Titles?
  30. are we still allowed 2 accounts?
  31. CH Appears to No Longer Carry Paramount Titles
  32. Will a debt with the DMC going to collections?
  33. Columbia House is screwing with me
  34. Does CH allow substitutes on canceled titles?
  35. Will CH have Megamind?
  36. The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  37. District 9 bonus disc?
  38. CH sent me a DVD that is not available..?!
  39. CH is now getting new releases later than their release date?
  40. Columbia House charging sales tax?
  41. CH enrollment weirdness
  42. Problem with CH
  43. WB Insider points problem with Inception?
  44. Is shipping taking longer?
  45. Alien Anthology BD... $83.97 shipped.
  46. Blu Ray Sale - Today Only B2G1Free
  47. Despicable Me Blu-ray/DVD Combo at a despicably low $19.95 + 50 BR for 50% off!
  48. Disney Blu-ray Club!
  49. What's your strategy for Blu-ray?
  50. Iron Man 2 Combo $19.95
  51. Managed to go two years without fulfilling obligation...need advice..
  52. CH Great Summer Give-Away? Any winners?
  53. Dark Sky?
  54. M*A*S*H: Martini's & Medicine Collection $79.97
  55. Website issues
  56. Columbia House Sale Offer Codes, Part VI
  57. Disney Movie Club - Switch your account to Blu Ray and get 1 for $10
  58. Backordered, Backordered, Backordered!
  59. New CH enrollment links.
  60. Couples Retreat Dir. Selction - 4 Days to Respond?
  61. New Customer Service Phone Number Effective March 01, 2010
  62. Refund Issue (Likely new site related)
  63. Old unshipped orders now being sent
  64. The New CH Site: Questions, Comments, Likes, Dislikes?
  65. CH (Blu-ray) Survey
  66. Fun Cash is Getting a Makeover (Redeem for BLU!)
  67. King of Queens Complete Series $17.97?
  68. Blu-Rays - Three for $60
  69. Amadeus BLU Digibook = No Digital Copy
  70. Beware of autoship of Angels & Demons Director's Selection
  71. hi
  72. Horror/Exploitation titles
  73. Question
  74. When does an order credit to your need to purchase number?
  75. 40% off Blu-ray Discs at CH
  76. EPIX Studios and CH
  77. Columbia House problems
  78. Struggling with decision. Continue CH or go to netflix?
  79. Tax in IL again at CH?!?
  80. No Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinasours?
  81. Warner Archive club may be coming
  82. No more 2 active CH accounts per address?
  83. B2G2 Free Today Only (22-Sep) - DVD and BD
  84. Columbia House - Is membership now limited to only 3 DVDs for $1, plus 2 to buy?
  85. Has CH gone back to Pony Express processing and shipping for new releases?
  86. Is CH GIVING AWAY closeout selections?
  87. Harlem Globetrotters: The Team That Changed the World Free W/Funcash?
  88. John Hughes Remembered...
  89. No Watchmen or Coraline?
  90. $17.95 Pre-Orders (including 2-disc Watchmen!) (through 7/17)
  91. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Original Series Volume 3 Free With Funcash Glitch
  92. Buy 2 Blu-ray, DVDs Get 2 Free - Tuesday only
  93. ch.com; Titles to Order Before They Shut Down
  94. Does CH do bluray movie deals?
  95. DVD problem!
  96. Columbia House Enrollment: What 5 movies to buy?
  97. Take 2 DVDs at $2.99 each with FREE SHIPPING (No other purchase necessary)
  98. $13 vs. $15 (from the Sale Codes thread)
  99. B1G1 Free (with shipping) is Back on
  100. Director's Selection Frequency
  101. Inactive account message?
  102. 3 Blu-Rays for $60
  103. CH B1G1FS Blu, We Miss You!
  104. Backordered selection in enrollment, am I going to have issues?
  105. E-Mail Notification of New Columbia House Titles
  106. Can I do a B1G1 with a certificate code?
  107. Long delays in processing Disney Club order
  108. debate: jump on codes now or wait for better deals
  109. Are Columbia House shipments tracked? Missing orders
  110. I received an email with 3 special offers
  111. Anyone else get a "Slumdog Blu-Ray is out of stock" email?
  112. b1g1free bluray 3/23
  113. TV Edition Title Availability?
  114. Columbia House Sale Offer Codes, Part V
  115. CH Duplicated an Order 5 Days Later?
  116. Will Twilight be carried by CH?
  117. Hotel for Dogs Blu-ray: Free With FunCash
  118. CH return policy?
  119. B1G1F on Blu-ray Discs, through 3/8/09
  120. I'm waiting for the right moment to buy a couple of sets
  121. Best Codes For Blu-Ray Movies
  122. TribalFusion ad
  123. Question About Preordering from CH
  124. Any Given Sunday: Blu-ray $14.48 @ Columbia House
  125. CHCanada.com... Huh?
  126. Columbia House and FunCash?
  127. TDTESS Movie Cash
  128. TV on DVD Club - Enrollment Takes How Long?
  129. Alternate Selection Voucher Question
  130. Disney Movie Club - Disney Treasures Collection
  131. I am Legend (Limited Collector's Edition Box Set) (Free with Funcash Glitch)
  132. Armageddon and Rock Criterions available from the DMC
  133. Blu rays with Standard DVD
  134. Not sure if anyone else noticed, the special offer in today's email
  135. Pretty disappointing. No end-of-the-year box set free shipping?
  136. Columbia House problem
  137. Columbia House problem
  138. how many columbia house accounts can i open ?
  139. Free Movie Voucher
  140. Two free "Quantum of Solace" movie cash tickets
  141. New member for Columbia House blue ray best deal??
  142. Columbia House has The Astronaut Farmer for $5.95
  143. Does CH Have A Screwed Up Way Of Showing Your Order?
  144. Invoice but no shipment?
  145. Columbia House James Bond Free w/ Funcash
  146. duplicate orders under CH order history???
  147. End of the year is approaching -- funcash suggestions?
  148. Columbia house backorder dvds?
  149. [DEAD] B1G1 Blu-Ray + Free S&H
  150. Free shipping on box sets this weekend at CH.
  151. Free "manhunt" ps2 game at CH :)
  152. A couple of questions about columbia house
  153. Any deals for CH.com (Not ColumbiaHouse, but CH)?
  154. Look out for auto ships of Sandler's Zohan movie
  155. Semi-Annual Boxed Sets Sale: up to 50% off many great fulfillments e.g. buffy sets
  156. DD/DVDPlanet movies not available through CH?
  158. The Strangers and Incredible Hulk at CH?
  159. Has anyone ordered 'The Verdict' from CH recently?
  160. Account registration and free movie question!
  161. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at CH
  162. No Free Kung Fu Panda Blu-ray
  163. Anyone else with CH....
  164. POLL: Do you 'recycle' your Columbia House accounts?
  165. What's new at CH?
  166. B1G1 on Blu-Rays
  167. The "How do I enter a code" answer!
  168. How The West Was Won
  169. CH "3 for $22"......
  170. Inaccessible account?
  171. ColumbiaHouse Criterions
  172. columbia house charged my credit card and shipped dvd, now what?
  173. CH Free Shipping on DVD pre-orders
  174. Bluray free with funcash
  175. What Happens If I Don't Fulfill In Time?
  176. Watch out for unwanted 21 (Director's Selection)
  177. Dark City Blu?
  178. Wish list titles gone??
  179. Paper coupon with my bill
  180. Columbia House DVD Club
  181. i got a free hd-dvd?
  182. Warehouse Sale: Over 300 DVDs - $5 each (free shipping)
  183. RED ALERT! B1G1 Working on Blu-Rays!
  184. Drama 10% Off
  185. CH orders processing FOREVER
  186. CH problem adding titles to cart.. anyone else?
  187. CH-Read How Screwed Up Are They?
  188. Unable to change credit card information.
  189. Official Columbia House Deal-of-the-Day Thread
  190. Incorrect "You have fulfilled your purchase commitment"
  191. What CH DVDs are the best value for commitments?
  192. NEW HD DVD sale @ CH - 50% off EVERYTHING
  193. Free Shipping over $75 this week (currently works on boxsets)
  194. NEW CH Blu-ray Club? (seriously, read this)
  195. CH sends a DVD I didn't order... and tells me to keep it!
  196. AFI's 10 Top 10
  197. Returning DVDs bought as part of a B1G1 sale
  198. Anyone order the Ingmar Bergman collection from CH?
  199. Received movies I never ordered/I have no membership
  200. CH revealing more than they intended
  201. CH on endangered list?
  202. Order history returned movies I didn't return
  203. 5 day contest. Win an order up to $200
  204. McDonald's vouchers/coupons from CH (free food)
  205. Glamour Collections from CH - no sleeves?
  206. Coming Soon...The All-New Columbia House.com
  207. BOGO on All HD DVDs
  208. When will Blu-ray become available for enrollment?
  209. No more HD DVDs at Columbia House?
  210. Comanche Moon Gone???????
  211. Missing Funcash Order
  212. B1G4 Free-Buy 3 in 2 years
  213. CH.com
  214. CH: Batman Begins (Limited Edition Gift Set) pre-order
  215. Will these titles be coming to CH?
  216. Columbia House address getting spam
  217. A Flirtation if You Will
  218. how long till paymeny status gets updated..
  219. Columbia House ..Received someone elses' order
  220. Charlie Wilson's War - Why CH Doesn't Carry?
  221. HD-DVD I Am Legend - Out of stock
  222. quick question... about a movie AVP 2 dvd.
  223. Columbia House Sale Offer Codes, Part IV
  224. Help with contacting Columbia House
  225. question about my order status...
  226. Blu Ray Enrollment??
  227. Columbia House - Changes to FunCash™ Program
  228. Is the party about to end? Or about to get better?
  229. Get 3 Blu-ray movies for $9.99 + Free Shipping (Canada)
  230. Free Shipping on ALL orders over $50 (incl. sets and HD/BD) 1 Week only
  231. CH bi-weekly director's selections
  232. Possibly Lost Package
  233. B1G1 with Free shipping today only-email
  234. B1G1 FREE Blu-ray & HD DVDs at Columbia House!
  235. BCI Eclipse titles added (He-Man, She-Ra, etc)
  236. Disney Movie Reward Codes
  237. Strategy for Special priced items?
  238. are you able to call and change a pre-order?
  239. Need Help! Columbia House Is Trying To Scam Me!
  240. Need some advice on columbia house
  241. Version of "Rio Bravo" from Columbia House?
  242. Columbia House Collections Letter
  243. pre-order The Assassination of Jesse James - Blu-ray $19.95
  244. Free Shipping this weekend
  245. Classic films missing from catalog
  246. is there any way to cancel CH online?
  247. Up to 50% off Sets includes Star Trek Voyager/Deep Space Nine
  248. letter from ch: "no longer accepting applications" for ch.com plan
  249. Classy Columbia House, Real Classy
  250. When DVDs become available for enrollment list?