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  1. Columbia House Sent Me Cardboard Cases
  2. The House Cancels Ultimate Superman
  3. Cannot Log-In To Account
  4. A question for you guys
  5. Will we see A Fish Called Wanda S.E. or King Kong Extended?
  6. Speaking to a CSR Now = Longest Wait Ever?
  7. CH logs me out constantly - can't check out
  8. Excessive number of out-of-stock titles?
  9. did anybody had problems with ordering superman special edition?
  10. Anyone know how long CH tries to authorize a credit card before cancelling the order?
  11. Holiday Deal of the Day problems?
  12. BOGO, plus dvd 60% off & Free Shipping
  13. SNL: Complete First Season - $29.47 using $10 FC [YMMV]
  14. Ultimate Superman and Funcash
  15. CH year end bonus... free DVD
  16. Anyone else having tax issues?
  17. CH dvds are made in mexico?
  18. $5 web discount disappeared
  19. Price of Taken(Spielberg) on ch.com?
  20. CH free shipping on DVD's and Sets
  21. how come the dvd from the gift center cost more when you put it in shopping cart.
  22. Would a CSR close an account out of spite?
  23. Criterion Question
  24. is buying sets worth it?
  25. How can I talk with a real live CSR?
  26. CH charged me twice ???
  27. New Code - B1G1 + Free ship + 60% off
  28. Free Munich or Just Like Heaven... YMMV
  29. Buy 1, Get 1 Free + Free Shipping if you buy 3 or more
  30. James Bond Ultimate Collection: Volume 3 & 4
  31. Ch Tv Edition Questions
  32. Nonexistant director's selection that I can't decline???
  33. CH Return Question
  34. Question
  35. Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 - $19.98 @ CH
  36. 2 month old Click Director's Selection now shown on my account
  37. Just wanting to say hi... again
  38. just signed up for CH
  39. Columbia House Sale Offer Codes, Part II
  40. New $5.98 & Up Dvd Sale-No Other Purchase Necesaary
  41. B1G1F plus free shipping
  42. Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale Back
  43. How to e-mail TV club?
  44. keeping CH from "***"-ing and then (illegally) redoing orders
  45. Bill Me On Columbia House
  46. New 3 for $25 promo includes Das Boot Uncut (2-Disc)
  47. Has anyone else noticed that CH is very sluggish...
  48. Best way to get Superman Ultimate Collection
  49. FREE shipping???
  50. A Tale of Two Sisters - 1D or 2D /
  51. Potentially a very good TV Club Sign up offer (requires PSN)
  52. How do i choose stocking stuffers?
  53. Club mailings (postal mail) Holiday 2006
  54. Check your e-mails, free shipping
  55. Can you Cancel online?
  56. Check you emails, B1G1 + 50% off
  57. Price drops on some expensive Limited/Deluxe Editions, etc.
  58. Triple FunCash thru 10/26
  59. Any pre order for superman returns?
  60. Anyone know why CH dvds do not come properly sealed?
  61. unauthorised charges on credit card
  62. "Due to our purchase limitations, the following cannot be shipped." WTF?!?!?!?!
  63. $5 off first order?
  64. Unexplained Account Closure
  65. New 2 Disc Nightmare On Elm Street - Slipcover?
  66. Pre-order billing
  67. CH Enrollment Codes Part II
  68. Columbiahouse new b1g1 plus FREE Shipping
  69. Can I refuse an unwanted Disney Feature?
  70. Received bill for RV yesterday but never ordered???
  71. Clerks 2 Gone?
  72. Finally got an app approved, have things changed?
  73. New B1G1 - up to 4 free titles
  74. boned by CH but im not fighting it =/
  75. New Free DVD offer? B1G1?
  76. Does CH have a real SSL login?
  77. Can not log into either of my accounts?!?
  78. Amores Perros: which edition?
  79. How many of the same title can one get from CH?
  80. $6 DVDs at Buy.com includes some not available from CH
  81. Has anyone purchased War of the Worlds LE lately?
  82. lady vengeance
  83. Free DVD w/ reg. club price purchase - NOT!
  84. Will CH carry Bertolicci's The Conformist & 1900?
  85. National Lampoon DVD Club
  86. My Story....help ?
  87. Canadian CH - Magnolia Platinum - Enrollment?
  88. Columbiahouse.com is down?
  89. CH Canada Enrollment Code(s)
  90. When did BMG take over?
  91. Does columbia house have new Ace Ventura?
  92. What CH enrollments did you select?
  93. BOGO w/free shipping ALIVE again!!! (thx to Legolas in the all codes post)
  94. Beware of the Beavis & Butt-Head (Supposed Special Edition)
  95. ? about rain check DVD's
  96. Question about Il Bidone from CH
  97. No Silk Stalkings Season 5 at CH?
  98. $5 off first time web order gone?
  99. DDD Sale: Many Disney and Miramax Titles
  100. Been away for a while - any value to the DotD?
  101. Where are these titles?
  102. Are MGM titles going to disappear now that Fox distributes?
  103. Universal Music Group Buying BMG Music Publishing
  104. My latest haul
  105. New Disney Movies orderi numbers (not promo cades)
  106. what studios does CH not carry?
  107. Weinstein Studios added to CH?
  108. Preferred Member: 50% OFF today ONLY
  109. Columbia House overcharging me
  110. After coming here, I won't be a CH sucker again
  111. Disgruntled Former Columbia House Employee Here
  112. Strategies for getting accepted
  113. New here, sharing experience
  114. WebDvd question/problem
  115. Just had to share after a few years
  116. Why does CH NOT carry shows by some studios?
  117. CH buy 1 get 1 free until midnight tonight
  118. Why doesn't CH carry Cache?
  119. Where Is Star Trek Nemesis Collector's Edition?
  120. Code 807748 working again. buy 2 get 3 free details inside.
  121. Star Trek TOS now $32.55 (true cost)
  122. $5 Off First Web Order Code?
  123. Fox distributed MGM movies at CH?
  124. free shipping code?
  125. NO 6:2 ($9.95 for 7th DVD) enrollment codes??? Really???
  126. Phone offer
  127. Has anyone been able to successfully e-mail CH?
  128. Funcash suggestions (bang for your buck, etc.)
  129. Account cancelled - did I just get blacklisted ?
  130. Enrollment codes needing PSNs
  131. What's up with turning off online cancellation?
  132. same credit card,different address
  133. Red Tag Sale
  134. Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain sets?
  135. Sneaky BMG
  136. Any good phone enrollment codes available?
  137. Haven't been accepted 4 straight times?
  138. Semi-Annual Box Set Sale Up to 50% off
  139. Best strategy for Looney Tunes: GC 3?
  140. BMG settlement email
  141. BOGO Free ALIVE!!!
  142. Has it gotten as bad as it seems at CH?
  143. Questions about Columbia House? Ask them here.
  144. Free Shipping for orders over $50
  145. Problems with declining directors selection ?
  146. TV Edition Club, Discussion thread
  147. Stargate SG-1 Season 8 edited "Threads"
  148. Little Women Classic DVD and Book Collection
  149. is there a compareable site for music clubs ?
  150. Ques. to the admin / moderators
  151. Disney sending DVD's even though I declined
  152. The extra 5 off
  153. Need Help with CH club, thinking of joining.
  154. Fulfilling with Spike Lee Joint collection?
  155. Amex/Visa/MC Gift Cards OK payment for CH?
  156. World's Fastest Indian?
  157. Michael Haneke's Cache
  158. CH Canada - Fulfillment Q
  159. TV Edition question
  160. Average price per DVD discussion
  161. does columbia house carry The hills have eyes 2006
  162. Star Trek TOS Season I now $77.97
  163. No Preferred Shipping Rate for CH Fun Cash Orders!
  164. Magnolia studios?
  165. Applied with wrong e-mail address, now what?
  166. got email: 48-Hour Sale: Buy 1, Get 1 Free & DVDs 50% Off
  167. Countdown to -20%@DDD; what non-CH titles are you targetting?
  168. Columbia House ISSUES with Them Sending Wrong DVD
  169. CH Not Available for Enrollment (Regular Priced Items to spend on Funcash and B1G1)
  170. Odd Enrollment Experience - No Debit Cards?
  171. Need Help Regarding $19.95 Titles
  172. Rejected. What to do?
  173. Double Funcash
  174. DVDs 50% Off
  175. New membership
  176. mature dvds?
  177. MGM to move distribution to Fox
  178. Still getting emails after cancelling account
  179. Free DVD When I Canceled Membership
  180. Box set for 3rd fulfillment title?
  181. Double hold on funds?
  182. Dumb question
  183. Apps. disappear, but orders too?
  184. Ideas for enrollment selections?
  185. am i fulfilling incorrectly?
  186. Special Preview: Buy 1, Get 1 Free + DVDs Up To 50% Off (Today only?)
  187. Requesting a title link on CH website?
  188. How long to wait on a missing application?
  189. Not Yet Available for Enrollment, Part VIII
  190. Is CH your main source for DVDs?
  191. Will CH be adding HD-DVD's and Blu-Ray?
  192. Disney Movie Club part 5
  193. The Recently Available For Enrollment List (Rebirth)
  194. CH & James Bond?
  195. Where Art Thou Recently Available Enrollment List?
  196. Should I join CH?
  197. Erroneous Charge (King Kong) anyone else?
  198. CH Returns?
  199. "Today's Deals" 05/06/06 (including Million Dollar Baby 3-disc DE for $19.95)
  200. Columbia House $5 DVDs for our Cinco de Mayo MovieFest
  201. Will Munich be available?
  202. "Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory" not showing up?
  203. Help with CH selection numbers
  204. Any Codes Right Now to Fulfill?
  205. Need Help On What To DO
  206. Multiple accounts Question. Do I do it like this?
  207. A Sign of Things to Come?(CH Has a Sony Title Up for Preorder)
  208. Samurai Champloo Volumes 1-7 Now Available at CH
  209. columbia house web problem?
  210. 2 Apps at once equal rejection?
  211. The Lord of the Rings : TTs Extended Edition WS for 12.95 @ CH
  212. CH curent sale question
  213. CH Canada Return Question
  214. Any problems a getting a copy of Of Mice and Men Special Edition from CH?
  215. Missing shipment
  216. Order question
  217. Application-Selections Not Available
  218. Did anyone received the Justice League Season 1 Box Set Yet?
  219. No more phone CSR access??
  220. King Kong Production Diaries
  221. Fulfilled agreement without actually buying anything?
  222. Received a "Welcome to the Club" email but there's no order history. Am I in?
  223. My Order is Missing
  224. No Sony TV??
  225. Count More than One Towards Commitment?
  226. Will Crash (2 disc DC edition) ever be available as an enrollment?
  227. C7L (and similar) web codes going south?
  228. $7.95 MGM titles--good way to use FunCash
  229. Damaged Slipcase
  230. Hammer Horror @ $19.95 - Is it Worth It?
  231. Wrong titles or maybe someone else's enrollments?
  232. New CH Canada Offer For Old Members - 3 DVDs for $9.95
  233. Good deal in my BMG mailer
  234. When do they/don't they require the return
  235. 4 lost apps....now what
  236. Called to cancel today..new company policy or just an annoying rep?
  237. Best Buy sticker WTF?
  238. New TV Edition code ?
  239. TV Club vs fulfilling with sets?
  240. Will CH have Universal "Glamour Collection"?
  241. Awaiting stock noob question
  242. K7L fulfilled with 6 titles?
  243. BOGO Boxset by Phone Offer?
  244. 3 FREE DVDs Code
  245. Looking for good 60% off code
  246. New accounts phone number?
  247. One Week Only - Boxed Sets 19.95
  248. quick enrollment and acceptance question.
  249. Does any1 know the 50% off code?
  250. Where do you insert the B1G1 code?