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Poor Service from DVDPlanet

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Poor Service from DVDPlanet

Old 04-07-01, 11:41 PM
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Has anybody else recently experienced poor service from DVDPlanet ? Not only does this site has no order tracking, their customer service stinks. I placed my order in early Feb (10 Feb 2001). As I live in Singapore, calling them by telephone is out of the question, as I don't see why I should pay hefty IDD bils when other online stores provide speedy responses to my emails. Here's my email to them, after finding out after a delay of TWO months that my order for Silence of the Lambs (Criterion) could not be fulfilled :

To DVDPlanet Customer Service :

Lucas and Joseph, thanks to your delays, my order for Silence of the Lambs
Criterion version probably be never be fulfilled by DVDPlanet, as it is now
out of print. When I placed my order in early Feb, I could have chosen to
order this title from any of the many sites with this title still available.

I chose DVDPlanet because I got conned by the company's claims of good
service, and I must tell you that I have NEVER experienced worse service
from any other online store. Even a high volume site like Amazon takes 3-4
days to respond to my emails.

I will NEVER shop with DVDPlanet anymore. I intend to post my lousy
experience in all the international Forums that are available. You have done
me a great injustice.

You take tyically 2 to 3 weeks to answer emails, what the hell are you guys
doing ? Sleeping on the job ? Don't you have the courtesy to al least answer
customers' emails without making them wait forever ?

I wish to confirm the cancellation of all my outstanding titles on order
with DVDPlanet. Furthermore, I am unable to track any of my orders, and
even after the redesign of your website, my Order Status page still show "No
orders placed for this account".

Meanwhile, I have already gone to TowerRecords & Digital Eyes for my
business. Guess what ? I get a reply within 24 HOURS whenever I email any
queries to them !

I expect a response to this email, and I expect another delay of 2-3 weeks.

I am totally disgusted with my experience with DVDPlanet, and I hope that
everybody knows what sort of SHITTY service (close to none) is being
provided by your company.


Ken Cranes DVDPlanet wrote:

According to our records all of the available titles in your order have been
shipped. If you do not receive them within a week you should contact our
customer service department via telephone and they will be able to assist
you further.

Thank you for your email.

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Old 04-10-01, 01:27 PM
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I have been sending repeated emails on a bill I recieved that NEVER accompanied a DVD. I have yet to cancel a charge on my card for a DVD purchase but this might be the first. If the DVD is coming fine, but they bill and send a bill weeks before it ships?!? What is with DVDPlanet? Do they not reply to emails??


-On a brighter side, from a DVDTalk complaint I made Deepdiscountdvd has emailed me personally to try and fix any error. Now that is service!
Old 04-10-01, 07:51 PM
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Update: DVDPlanet corrected the errors on my missing order and is supposed to reship the package that never arrived soon. I guess it was worth waiting a while on the phone. At least it's an 800 number for us in the US. But I never did get an email reply.

And DEEPDISCOUNTDVD corrected a misprice fast and even helped figure out when I should expect my other pending orders. All is finally well again with the world.

Old 04-12-01, 08:12 PM
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I've only placed one order with them and it was correctly filled. They didn't send a message telling me they had shipped, however, but they did tell me that it had gotten as far as the warehouse. I'm used to the excellent status available on Amazon.

All that said, the California sales tax is really the biggest problem for me.
Old 04-13-01, 03:24 PM
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Since there is no order status for international orders (only an order history), and they don't send shipping confirmations, it is impossible to know what the status of an order is at dvdplanet. There usually is not a problem, but if there is, they rarely answer their email. They have decent prices and better international shipping than the rest, so if you're willing to take chances go ahead. However, you might not see your dvd for months.

ME: "What's the status of my order?"
THEM: <3 weeks later> "It shipped feb 1"
ME: "WHAT! That's 2 months ago! What's up with that?"
ME: <3 weeks later> "Hey, are you still alive? CANCEL ALL OF MY PENDING ORDERS ASAP"
THEM: <several days later> "Uh... we'll send a replacement" (no word on cancellation of other orders)

Old 04-17-01, 01:01 AM
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I've only ordered from them once and it didn't go as planned.

I put an order through for Silence of the Lambs CC and it indicated it didn't work. So I tried again and it worked.

A week later I received 10-yes 10!-copies of the DVD. Knowing what they were going f/on Ebay, I called and they said I ordered that many and if I wanted to return it would be my cost on shipping both ways.

So I decided the hell with it and sold the extras on Ebay-getting $7-$20 more per DVD.

Old 04-18-01, 12:54 AM
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I ordered a couple of DVDs from them in mid-February. Supposedly, they were shipping the discs by Priority Mail, which should've put the discs in my hand a couple of days after the order.

In early March, I emailed them to find out what the hold-up was and received no response. I emailed again, no response. I finally call, they tell me my discs were shipped out on February 28th, over two weeks after I had placed the order (both discs were listed as being "in stock" when I ordered them). The person told me I had to wait a few more days to see if the shipment showed up and call back. I waited the few days, but the package still didn't show. I had to call back several times and tell the same story. Three or four times, I was told that I needed to wait another day to see if the package arrived. Finally, I called and was told they would send out a replacement shipment that day.

I called the next day and was told that no replacement shipment had been sent out. So, I decided I would call my credit card company the next day and get the charge taken off my account. Before I had a chance to talk with the bank, the replacement shipment arrived.

On March 24th (about three weeks after I sent my emails), I finally got a reponse to my earlier emails asking about my shipment and offering to send a replacement shipment. I called them and told them not to send an additional shipment.

If you ask me, it shouldn't take two weeks to ship in stock items. It shouldn't take three weeks to answer emails. And the people who you talk to should have some idea of what is going on. The last time I talked to Customer Service prior to getting the replacement shipment, they told me no replacement shipment had been sent. Yet the package arrived the next day. I shouldn't have to call back several times to get a replacement shipment sent. I didn't make the first call until it had been almost three weeks since I placed my order. Any retailer should be able to deliver an in stock item within three weeks when sending by priority mail.
Old 04-21-01, 09:09 AM
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Same thing happened to me...

... I got the receipt mailed in an envelope without having received the movie (The Rock: Criterion). Who sends the receipt separately???? Don't you just put it in the box with the DVD? I called about 3 weeks after the street date and was told, naturally, that it had shipped the day it came out. To be fair, they did send a replacement rather quickly. I have two other films pre-ordered with them, but I'm thinking maybe I should get out now. Why I strayed from DVDEmpire, I'll never know!

Old 04-29-01, 07:46 PM
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Careful ordering two at a time from them: The box they use is no good. I've sent back 2 different orders for two Unbearable Lightness CCs. Each time they arrived, either the case was cracked and/or the dvd rattled around inside with the broken pieces of the snapper case. I mailed the first order back, but haven't yet mailed back the 2nd damaged one. I ordered 3 and didn't have a problem.

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