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Old 05-08-03, 02:12 AM   #1
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I recently made a purchase from Bookcloseouts
for a couple books and some cheap Palm software after spotting a coupon somewhere. Well, as it turned out, the shipping was almost as much as the order! Granted they are based in Canada but this seemed extreme to say the least. Well I went ahead with the purchase as the books were not available elsewhere and the other stuff was at great prices.

But after getting the order confirm email and seeing that shipping charge I emailed them about the exhorbitant shipping and got a reply that basically said, that's the right amount as the shipment is fairly heavy. Sounded lame but I had no idea how big the books would be which is the heavier component of the order.

Well, the stuff arrived yesterday and I checked out the package and they had sent it via USPS "Bound Printed Matter" for, get this, $2.13! (I verified this with the USPS gal). No wonder it took almost a month to get here and I hope they are having a nice lunch with the other $26 dollars I gave them for shipping!

So I write off another email explaining what I found and also that there were items in the package that really couldn't go via "BPM" rate, etc. Well, surprise, this tiem "Patti Cooney" comes back with "the shipping dept. made a mistake" and they would charge back my card $20 which makes the shipping almost reasonable

So, if you every buy from this outfit, beware, don't settle for stratospheric shipping charges. My guess is, this was a one time fix and that their site will not be changed but I could be wrong.

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Old 05-08-03, 10:59 AM   #2
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Thats interesting. That was cool of them to fix it for you.

Over the past year and a half, I have purchased several hundred dollars worth of books from them, and have never had a problem. The shipping usually comes out to be around $10-12. In the last shipment, it was about $12.50 shipping for a total of 18 books, so in that sense, their shipping has always seemed really reasonable to me.

My mom did have a problem with them once though much like yours. When she ordered it gave her a shipping price of $70 when in reality it should have been around $20. They also fixed it though, but before it shipped out.
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