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AMAZON shipping problems?

Old 11-27-00, 11:39 AM
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Lately, (last two shipments) I have received NO SHIPPING NOTICES from amazon. Also, despite them putting a Fernley, NV warehouse return address on the first of the two items, UPS showed it was shipped from San Fernando, CA (distributor location).

Is amazon lowering it's inventory to boost profits? Is it now using distributors to ship? Anyone know? This could be a very rough holiday season if they are outsourcing to less reliable providers.
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Old 11-27-00, 11:51 AM
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I didn't get any of my last two orders Usually, I get them in four days. I've been waiting for them for more than seven days. Even the tracking number are not activated yet. And I didn't got a shipping notice.

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Old 11-27-00, 01:33 PM
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It took me over a week after release to get my Perfect Storm pre-order. What is the point of a pre-order if it shows up over a week later. Also, my DVD came from Tennessee, and I sent a complaint about the delay and they just sent me some B.S., canned reply, that I still might have, if anyone wants what they said.
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Old 11-27-00, 04:22 PM
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I didn't get a notice when they shipped Gladiator, and I haven't received it yet, even though they shipped it a week ago. However, the site says its been shipped.

PS - I should note, the site says my DVD was shipped Nov. 20, but the expected delivery is Nov. 30 - Dec. 6!!

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Old 11-27-00, 05:35 PM
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Got a Purolator tracking # but it's still not activated even though order shipped on 21st Nov.
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Old 11-27-00, 06:11 PM
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I too have had problems with Amazon shipping in the past couple of weeks ...

Both my 11/21 discs (shipped on 11/21; my best guess on their arrival is Wednesday or Thursday) and my PS2 bundle (maybe tomorrow ó shipped on the 20th) are still floating in transit even though I'm just outside Indianapolis, IN and all items were shipped from Lexington, KY.

Sure the holiday break has some to do with all this, but Amazon really needs to re-examine their shipping policies and those they use as carriers *cough*UPS*cough*.

I still believe and like shopping at Amazon, I just wish we had more of choice in carriers.

I've noticed in the past, single DVDs seem to be shipped by USPS ... arrive a couple days after street ó order more than one DVD well, it takes a week (or more) by UPS.


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Old 11-27-00, 10:51 PM
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I preordered Mission Impossible 2 from Amazon on 9/22 and still have not received it yet . Even with a $10 off coupon and preorder I could have had it long ago for just a little more $ at a brick and mortar!

The order status says it was shipped on 11/13 with estimated delivery date of 11/16 - 11/22. The shipping method listed was "Ship Carrier", anyone know what this means? I've sent an e-mail to customer service, but haven't gotten a response yet.

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Old 11-27-00, 11:13 PM
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It's been a bit frustrating of late... I have had to call and email them about my last 3 orders which have gotten stuck in the Shipping Soon phase for 5-6 days at a time.

E-mail tends to trigger shipment.
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Old 11-28-00, 12:11 AM
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I too am getting very worried. I ordered a digital camera and it was confirmed shipped by priority mail on the 16th, still no camera as of today. I emailed them and got a response that they did indeed ship on the 16th and let them know in a day or two if I still have not recieved it and then they will take action. Anyone know what kind of action they take?
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Old 11-28-00, 04:36 AM
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yes i got a canned response from amazon about xmen shipping late. however i had sent a email about gladiator . well i replied to them again pointing out that if they were going to make a canned response either do not mention the title or mention the right title. they finally responded by giving me free shipping credited back to my card. now if the movies would just show up

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Old 11-28-00, 11:30 AM
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I'm still waiting for Gladiator and Chicken Run preorders that were released a week ago. Now that Freeride is done in, I don't think I'll be using amazon much anymore. They are always late on shipping and I have to pay them sales tax to boot.
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Old 11-28-00, 01:31 PM
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Well, its not just UPS that is causing the problem. On my order of MI:2, X-Men, and Gladiator supposedly shipped last Monday, via a free "upgrade" to USPS Priority-how convenient, no tracking. I started getting upset when I got my dvd ordered Friday night, on Monday, when it was shipped via Priority from PORTLAND OREGON. How can anything take longer to get to Tampa, FL, than something from Portland? Nothing is further away. To top it off, my Best Buy order that shipped via first class on Friday got to me today.
I think we (Amazon) has a problem.
Is it illegal to charge for items before they ship? If it is, they better hope my package is postmarked the 20th.
I have been a huge fan of Amazon until right about now...maybe Best Buy is my best friend now.

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Old 11-28-00, 02:21 PM
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Got my Gladiator copy today...
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Old 11-28-00, 02:35 PM
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I'm very angry at Amazon about their shipping failures of late. I've been waiting for Bridge on the river kwai to ship since monday the 20th..their site claimed it was "in stock--shipping soon"...but the delivery date still keeps getting pushed back...right now i can expect it nov 30th through dec. 6th...This is my favorite movie...and I'd consider it a pretty high profile release...i can't understand why amazon can't get its act together; of course my friend who works for amazon acts totally clueless and defends their shoddy practices;/


Look what you've done to me!
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Old 11-28-00, 03:33 PM
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Got my camera today! What a load off my mind! They shipped it on the 16th so I would say priority mail had that one lost for a while. I once shipped a priority mail package that took 14 days to reach it's destination, sure hope they get a better tracking system soon.
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Old 11-28-00, 07:01 PM
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So far on one order Amazon have overcharged me by $15.90 (two erroneous international shipping set up charges) and in addition to shipping stuff out when they feel like instead of all at once, they debited my card TWO DAYS before they shipped the latest batch of items - What the hell is that all about??!! It was all I could do to keep the expletives out of my e-mail to them.

Iíll post here again when I get their weak-ass excuse.
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Old 11-28-00, 07:42 PM
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I must agree!!!! This is my first order from Amazon and unless I have a GC that will cause my next order to be FREE I don't think I'll be using them!

X-men the DVD that I want the most, my favorite movie of the year, my most anxiously anticipated purchas, shipped on Nov 20!!!! I'm already having problems with my postal carrier. My friggin' cable is out, not to be restored until next WEEK.

WTF!!!!! Each day I'm waiting for the postal notice, nothing. I've gotten my Perfect Storm and U-571 preorders from MovieSource in Canada!!!! My friend who ordered X-men from got hers the Saturday before the street date! WTF!
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Old 11-29-00, 01:48 AM
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Anyone who still hasn't received anything from Amazon and still waiting for movies like ... Gladiator, I suggest you check your orders. I just went to check mine and somehow it has disappeared!?
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Old 11-29-00, 04:33 AM
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Posts: 5,024 got some major problems with there site. I have checked 2 accounts and all orders that were not shipped are missing.

My son also called me up and told me the same thing happen to him when he went to check the status of his X-Files 2nd Season boxset order. It shows no orders, nada.

Also am still waiting on some Barbies dolls i ordered for my Mom for Christmas to arrive whick were shipped last week Wednesday.

I am also waiting on some dvds that were shipped last week to. I also checked a order of 3 dvds I placed a few days ago with the $10 off $50 Old Navy code and it is MIA also. It was there this morning and the status was the same it was a few days ago. One on hand shipping soon.

I called the 1-800 # and talked to customer service rep and she said she had no calls from anyone about them having problems with their orders or account info. I told her to check my order status and she said can see the order info but when she checks the account info, it has nothing there. She said she will have someone look into the problem.

Kahuna UN -
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Old 11-29-00, 08:56 AM
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The problem I got:
They shipped me someone's else order!!!
(I bet they swaped orders by mistake, and the guy has my order.)
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Old 11-29-00, 09:41 AM
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OK, jonathan.e and cinemaphile, it looks like my suspicions may be correct. Amazon packages may have their return address, but it appears they now have the distributors doing their shipments. My last ups shipment was from San Fernando, CA and not the Fernley, NV return address on the envelope (thanks ups tracking system). We all know how reliable the dvd distributors are (not).

That also may explain why the charges are before the shipment, especially if the distributors say it's shipped, but they haven't.
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Old 11-29-00, 11:22 AM
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My order for X-Files Season 2 boxset was suppossebly shipped on November 27th. The UPS tracking # says the package was to be delivered yesterday, but UPS never came. I called UPS and they said to call Amazon and put a trace on the package. I called Amazon and they said to wait as late as December 8th for it. They said they actually shipped it postal domestic mail. Then why the heck did they e-mail me a tracking # for UPS? The freaking package is being shipped from Lexington, KY to Lexington, KY. I wish I could barge into UPS and pick it up my damn self. Usually UPS are the idiots that can't deliver here. Now I am not so sure Amazon knows what they are doing either. I've never had a problem with Amazon before though. I'd like my set by the weekend, so we'll see if they figure it out.

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Old 11-29-00, 11:55 AM
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My Gladiator and Chicken Run order were supposedly shipped via UPS and showed that they were delivered on 11/21. I still don't have them. I checked the site today, the order is gone, my last order (which was delivered) for Bridge on the River Kwai and X-Men) is gone, and my only open pre-order was changed from DVD to VHS. All orders had been payed by GC, the GCs are gone too. WTF??
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Old 11-29-00, 12:46 PM
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BenCJedi: I feel your pain bro... I'm sitting here in Lexington... My Beastie Boys Anthology and Evil Dead SE have been sitting over at UPS "In Transit" since last Friday. On top of that, my delivery has been re-scheduled twice and UPS hasn't even made a delivery attempt yet. Amazon should shoulder some for the blame for their carrier of choice but UPS is suck suck suck. They sent my last order for the Fantasia's via UPS as well and it was finally delivered this past Monday. 14 days after it was shipped.
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Old 11-29-00, 01:58 PM
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My latest order is "shipping soon", too, but I think by this they mean "we will ship as soon as we feel like it." Funny thing is, though, they've had little problem shipping me junk mail.
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