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Best Online Stores for DVDs?

Old 11-28-00, 07:30 PM
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Although I've had a DVD-ROM drive on my computer for the past 3 years, I never got interested in DVDs until I bought my first player a few days ago.

So which sites are the best for DVDs? Which sites are you happiest with? Is there a difference, or should I go with the site that has the cheapest prices on DVDs?

How is,,,,,,, etc.?

Thanks for your help!

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Old 11-29-00, 10:04 AM
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I personally have shopped with Buy, Express, and DVD Empire. Which one you choose depends on what's most important to you: Customer Service, price, or availability. Experience with CS seems to vary from person to person... I've personally had pretty satisfactory CS experiences with all 3.

Prices have been, for the most part, been the best at Buy. But beware... don't order something there unless you absolutely want it. The cancellation process is far from convenient. Most of the time, you'll request a cancellation and it will still ship. CS handled my case very well, so I will still order from them if the price is right, but only items that I know I want.

I've only had one order with DVD Empire so I can't comment too much on them. If you have ever looked over shipping rates, policies, and prices, they are very similar (at least when I last checked) with Express. Prices are fairly good on less-than-mainstream titles. You'd probably get the best deal on titles like Gladiator at Best Buy or something. I like Anime, so Best Buy, Buy, and other bigger stores don't have the titles I want. These two have a larger selection of the titles I want. Express didn't have a lot of titles in stock for a while (rumors that they were having problems) but they seem to be (however slowly) recovering. Oh yeah, doesn't charge sales tax at all so that might be somewhere to look too (their selection isn't all too big though).

Another store that I a lot of people seem to like is DVD Planet (Ken Cranes). They are owned by Image Entertainment so their selection is one of the best. However, from my observations, their prices are not. I'm the person who would rather wait for a title at a lower price than have it now for a higher price, so I've never placed an order with them.

I've never bought DVDs at Amazon (only books) because I don't like their site. It's not the easiest one to navigate.

My advice: shop around and experience it for yourself. These companies are competing for your business right now. Look around for the best prices, if something's not in stock at one place and you really want it, try looking elsewhere and try another store out. See which one best fits your needs.

Checking back here can help you out too. There's a lot of feedback. But don't get scared when someone has a bad experience at a store that you like. People CAN and DO have different experiences. But do be aware of possible problems that could come up.

I know this was kinda long, but I didn't want to tell you that any one place is the best. Perhaps other members can enlighten you about other sites which I haven't gone to.

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I like to think of Amazon as having the easiest site to navigate. I've bought over 60 dvd's from them, never a problem. Sure some might come a bit late, or might come with the package chipped, but they mail out a replacement that same day via express. Let's see Buy have that kind of CS.
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Buy - preorders come early sometimes and they allow you to set up multiple accts so you can take advantage of the coupons. Plus they are generally the cheapest.
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Given the recent website and shipping issues as well as pricing, I would avoid amazon currently...
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i used to order exclusively from amazon, but lately it's just been problem after problem. They always resolve them, but it's time consuming and irritating, so I'd avoid them as well.
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but lately it's just been problem after problem.

I have found this to be true of ALL the online stores.

For some reason, the customer service and order fulfillment for online stores has been going steadily downhill over the past 6 months.

It's like all the online stores have fired all their old personnel and replaced them exclusively with people from West Palm Beach.
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