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My Last DDD order !!!

Old 01-20-04, 05:33 PM
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My Last DDD order !!!

I ordered Quatermass and the Pit & Quatermass 2, 2 disc set from DDD that was just released in early January or so atleast thats when they shipped it. I get it today and SGT. BILKO is in the box. The packing sheet is correct and has Quatermass etc. on it.

I called the CS and was told first that they would have to send me a return label and then when they get SGT. BILKO they will send me what I ordered in the first place. Plus I have to write a letter explaining what they did. I replied that is going to take along time wont it and the person says just put in the letter that it was to have upgraded shipping.

I asked if there was anything else that could be done and he said they could order me another Quatermass and Quatermass 2 over the phone and then refund me for the first order when they get SGT. BILKO back. I said okay. A few seconds go by and he comes back and says that title has been dis-continued and is no longer available and all they could do was send me a return label and give a refund when they receive SGT. BILKO and an explanation of what happened. Also SGT. BILKO is rattleing around inside!

I think they have seen the last order from me.
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Old 01-20-04, 07:39 PM
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Sorry you had such bad experience with DDD. I ordered many times from DDD and in general, I'm pretty happy with them. I did have a few bad transactions with them though that's worth mentioning and sharing with others:

1) once my DVD arrived with disc loose and scratched up inside the case. I immediated contacted DDD and was able to sent back the bad DVD for an exchange. It took several weeks to get the DVD exchanged because of slow shipment.

2) another time I ordered one copy of a DVD. They sent me confirmation that I ordered 1 copy. Then a few days later when the DVD was shipped, they sent another email that they sent me 2 copies and that I was charged for both copies. I immediately contacted DDD and got a return label for 2nd DVD. Well, when I got the package, I only got 1 copy. So I had to contact them again to tell them I didn't get 2 copies so I can't return the duplicate. So they said to ignore the return label. It was a hassle to have to do all this due to some glitch.
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Old 01-23-04, 02:01 PM
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My first web order did not go through. I waited 4 days, then finally ordered over the phone.

The next day I ordered more items over the web. I waited 30 hours for confirmation, and when I didn't receive it, I ordered over the phone again.

The nice CSR, Janet, said she'd hold on to my order and see if the web order went through, if not she'd process my phone order and apply the 20% discount.

Too bad both of them went through! I was charged twice, but only received one of two orders, b/c one was lost. I had to return the one I received b/c there was no 20% discount applied.

The good news is I did receive the replacement order this week! Here's hoping your next transaction goes smoother!
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Old 01-24-04, 04:03 PM
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I always seem to have problems with DDD. I still haven't received all my items from the 20% off sale. Today I get an e-mail saying that some of the items are discontinued and they are cancelling my order. Funny thing is on 12/22 I received an e-mail that those titles had shipped and was charged for them. Now a month later, they decide to let me know, that the items never actually did ship. Hopefully the refund won't take forever. Hell, knowing DDD, hope I ever get the refund.
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Old 01-27-04, 06:44 PM
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For me, DDD used to be a great store, but they are no longer worth the cheap prices. The last three times I've ordered discs from them, the wait time has been ridiculous.

I ordered three DVDs for my wife for Christmas on 11/30. They supposedly shipped them on 12/6 and then I received them on 12/24.

My next order was placed on 12/30. The website says it shipped on 1/13. Today is 1/27 and it still hasn't come.

I find it absurd that they need close to a month to ship a small package 1500 miles. I don't care how cheap they are, I'm through with them!
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