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Best Buy Return Policy Question

Old 01-29-04, 08:15 AM
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Best Buy Return Policy Question

I was wondering about Best Buy's return policy in a particular situation...

Hypothetically speaking, BB is having a promotion where, if you buy 3 seasons of [fill in title] at the same time, you get $30 off. You buy the 3 seasons for someone as a gift and you get gift receipts. Your friend has one of the 3 seasons already and wants to return it for store credit. Does either the person that bought the sets or the person returning one of the sets get hit for the $30 that was initially taken off at the time of purchase?
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Old 01-29-04, 10:17 AM
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My 2 cents is that Best Buy will mess that up no matter what you do. Probably when the person goes in with the gift receipts, they will tell them they need to return all of them, or they will return all three in their computer and give them store credit, then charge the current "not deal" price for the other two in actuality if say you bought stargate (not on sale I know, just an example) season 3,4,5 and want to return just season 3, they will do it as a full return and charge normal for 4 and 5, since it is no longer a "complete deal", so they will lose the 30 right off the top, I would think. So whatever the price is (53-55 whatever) minus 30....23 something? isnt a whole lot in exchange.

I think they do it to keep people from buying stuff to complete the deal, then return what they dont need. But doing the same thing to someone with a gift receipt who is obviously not scamming them, it isnt right.

They should in actuality take 10 off each when it is returned, the "deal" is proportionate to each item. Even if people are returning stuff just to get 2 of 3 items instead of all 3, it doesnt hurt them financially and doesnt screw the gift receipted customer.
end of sermon.......(best buy really knows how to make a mess of things that should be simple). If it goes other than above, please post your findings, would be interesting to see what happened.
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