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What's the deal with this. I just realized that I hadn't received a shipping notice for it yet. I check my account and it isn't scheduled to ship until early Feb. Checking the item page ... "Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks"

What the hell?
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Maybe Amazon never received any DVDs for their inventory yet. I had that happen to me before with a DVD I preordered. However you probably will have it ship sooner then their estimate of 2-3 weeks. But I would suggest contacting customer service to find out what happened.
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I ordered something from amazon recently and didn't get a shipping notice email either. I did get an order confirmation email. Then recently when I check the web site, I noticed the item has already been shipped and there is a tracking number too. But still no shipping notice email. I think either that email got lost in the net or amazon has another glitch in their system to work out.
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I read on another site (dvdfile or digitalbits, or some site like that) that Paramount really screwed the pooch on this release, using GENERATIONS art for the second disc, not including any insert/booklet at all (I am not an insert required kind of guy, but I do enjoy the past releases with them and they should include them in all these releases) so I am HOPING (not sure tho) that Paramount is righting the wrongs and reissuing it, which would justify the delay to me. At least I hope so. If I get a pooched version, I will be contacting Paramount.
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I too am wondering what happened to the stock of this title. Been to several B&M locations and no stock anywhere.

Amazon now has 2 to 5 weeks for shipping.

Would really like to know what is going on.
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I don't know if this is releated to Amazon's problem with Star Trek 6 last week, but I'm having delays of shipping this week with 2 different orders. It appears Amazon hasn't received any copies of the Great Ziegfeld, Grand Hotel, and Keeping Up Appearances box set I preordered. Availability on the site ranges from 4-5 days to 5-7 days. Noticed a few other people having similar problems with different DVD titles in another thread. Anyone else experiencing delays this week?
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Mine finally shipped today. Strange to have such a long wait on a popular title (that I preordered months in advance).
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Mine was also shipped today (pre-ordered a month or so ago). Doesn't look like any sort of re-issue, just a stock shortage.
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