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What the hell is wrong with dvdPlanet?

Old 02-18-04, 11:36 AM
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What the hell is wrong with dvdPlanet?

My work is about 10 minutes away from their retail shop. I go there about once every 6 weeks to mostly pick up some Criterions, and other more "obscure" titles I can't get at Best Buy.

Yesterday I noticed that they didn't get any new titles in. WTF? What kind of store doesn't get in new titles on or before release date? Most places even get them in weeks earlier and then just put them out on the right date, but dvdplanet doesn't even seem to get the titles in at all anymore.

Some guy was all upset, huffing and puffing at an employee who couldn't care less. I just shrugged and walked out - but I wish I could have let the manager/owner know that they just lost out on over $100 in sales from me, just by not getting things in on time.
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Old 02-18-04, 12:59 PM
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You should call or write their management - I'm sure they'd want to know that, since you're surely not the only one who wants new titles on release day.
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Old 02-19-04, 09:26 AM
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DVDPlanet bit the dust in my book since last June when they were bought out. I'm actually surprised they're still around. They're now the perfect example of how NOT to keep customers. If you do a search on dvdplanet you'll see a bunch of threads on their current state. Here's an example:
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Old 02-19-04, 10:39 AM
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Well, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I went back. But first, I called to make sure that they got in the new releases. I gave them a couple titles to look up and they said that they got them in.

So I go over to the store and... nothing. I even told an employee that I had called and been told that they got the titles in - so she checked and their system shows that they're "supposed" to be in - but they're nowhere to be found in the store. WTF?

I'm in manufacturing - when I order something I get it the next day, no problems. How in the hell does a retail store (a big specialty one, at that) which relies on shipments not even get things in at all, much less on time?
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Old 02-19-04, 11:52 AM
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I used to shop in their B&M all the time. I went there every Tuesday on new release day "back in the old days." Since they changed ownership and locations I go there maybe once every six months--only because I need something at The Good Guys or the Target up the street.

Come back, Ken Crane Junior, and rescue your store!
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Old 02-20-04, 11:43 AM
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He's probably chillin' in his Caribbean villa right now.
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Old 02-20-04, 07:57 PM
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Kenny doesn't want anything to do with this joint, and I wouldnt blame him. He ain't coming back and it won't be too long till the store goes under the way things are going right now....
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Old 02-21-04, 11:57 AM
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Well they finally got last weeks releases in. That's 5 days late - I can't imagine how much sales they missed out on because of that. This isn't a one time thing for them, either.

(at least they still have criterions at great prices)
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Old 03-05-04, 02:36 AM
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They refused my online order although I'm a returning customer! First they said I need to palce another order, so I did. Then the reply came: they can't process my order because there are many unauthorized orders come from my country? What is this?

Indeed, I'm from Indonesia and many cases of credit fraud come from Indonesia. But this doesn't mean that all Indonesian credit card are fraud! My card is legit, and I've been using that in other stores (online or not) no problem. And they've already verified my card when I made my first order last year! So what's wrong with this order? Only they know.

Now I've moved to They are cheaper and hassle-free. Adios DVD Planet!
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Old 03-05-04, 07:03 PM
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So would you guys recommend Dvdplanet? I've seen some great deals on criterions there (looking at in the mood for love and High and low), but I always get scared with this stuff, every time I search for an online store I'm scared away by the amount of negative comments.
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Old 03-06-04, 03:41 PM
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I just ordered 2 criterions last month from them and got them quickly, no problemo.
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Old 03-07-04, 12:50 AM
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I'm having a problem with them at the moment.

I ordered 2 Criterions from them in early February and paid for the Priority shipping since Media Mail takes 4 - 6 WEEKS to Hawaii. After it didn't show up after 2 weeks, I e-mailed them, and they said it was mistakenly sent by Standard (Media) Mail. They first insist I was not charged for shipping, but my VISA statement shows the shipping was charged. I wrote back, and now they insist there is a charge for Standard Mail. I said that I paid for Priority Mail, and the package finally arrived after 3 weeks because of their error in sending it by Standard, thus they owe me the shipping charge. I have not heard back from them yet after my latest e-mail.

Although it is a few dollars, it is the principal of the matter. I paid for 2 - 5 day shipping which took 22 days because of their error. If they do not admit their error in the charge and credit back the amount, I will never shop there again after my one outstanding item ships.

I'm afraid my advice at the moment would have to be to avoid DVD Planet, as they cannot get a simple transaction straightened out.

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