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Does anyone do Customer Service better than Amazon?

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Does anyone do Customer Service better than Amazon?

Old 12-14-00, 04:43 PM
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Those guys are just awesome. Specifically Dennis Powell, who just helped me out of a fine mess.

Keep up the good work!


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Old 12-14-00, 05:42 PM
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well I guess that depends on whether you can reach a live person in less than 45 minutes somewhere else.
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Old 12-14-00, 08:45 PM
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I have been trying for 3 days to get a refund for a purchase they charged me for but never shipped. Amazon does not even list their 800 number anywhere on their web site!

My email pleas to their "support" department are ignored except for the usually form letter response.

I finally found their 800 number listed on DVD TALK (thanks!) and have been on HOLD for 45 minutes and counting.

Amazon customer support gets rated a bit fat ZERO from me.

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Old 12-14-00, 09:59 PM
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Their Customer Service may be helpful and nice but it doesn't matter because their shipping has slowed to a standstill.
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Old 12-14-00, 10:07 PM
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800.com has the best customer service in my opinion. Unfortunately, they never have good deals anymore. It's been downhill since Fall 1999 when the began slowly rising prices, and did away with their free shipping all the time.

Josh Hinkle
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Old 12-15-00, 10:24 AM
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Originally posted by joshhinkle:
800.com has the best customer service in my opinion. Unfortunately, they never have good deals anymore. It's been downhill since Fall 1999 when the began slowly rising prices, and did away with their free shipping all the time.

They probably figured out that if they were going to stay in business, sooner or later they would have to start making money on their sales.

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Old 12-15-00, 02:24 PM
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I second that about 800.com. They may not have the same great deals (noone really does anymore), but their service is terrific. That MSPassport deal WAS an awesome and unexpected bonus....
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Old 12-15-00, 09:25 PM
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As far as I've been able to see, Amazon's customer service has become non-existent! I for one, am totally fed up with them. They've had my orders "ready to ship-in process" for a week now. This is really messing my Xmas shopping up....looks like I am going to have to try to find the stuff I ordered with them at B&M stores, since it doesn't look like I will be getting their stuff in time. I HATE shopping the week before Xmas.

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Old 12-15-00, 10:33 PM
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Originally posted by Matt Parks:
They probably figured out that if they were going to stay in business, sooner or later they would have to start making money on their sales.

Yeah I know, but unfortunately they have to realized that if they don't offer prices that are cheaper than B&M's not many people are going to use them. I'm not one of those lazy people who would rather pay more to get it delivered to their door. I'll actually pay a couple bucks more to get it at a B&M because you don't have to wait for it to ship, worry about it getting damaged in shipping, and it isn't a hassle to exchange it if their is something wrong with it. I've been picking up most of my dvd's at Circuit City or Wal-mart lately. On-line stores are going to have to come up with a way to combat these lower B&M prices, or just give up. You can't keep a store in business by catering just to lazy people and computer geeks. The way I see it now is that the only stores that have a chance to stay in business are the multi-faceted ones like amazon and buy.com that have a lot of products to fall back on.

Josh Hinkle
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Old 12-15-00, 11:22 PM
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try outpost.com...thumbs up from me..
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Old 12-16-00, 06:14 AM
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I believe the question was:

"Does anyone do customer service better than Amazon?" and the answer is:

ANYONE does customer customer service better than Amazon!
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Old 12-16-00, 01:28 PM
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Slow?...I've ordered many items from Amazon and have never waited more than 3 mailing days...
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Old 12-16-00, 03:02 PM
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Whether or not you can talk to a live person or get an email reply thru Amazon.com's customer service is irrelevant because they can't accomplish anything. I have tried to get a refund from Amazon.com for the last couple months and got numerous email from different customer service reps promising me every time that the refund will show up in my credit card statement in a few days. Weeks, not days, have passed by. Still no refund. Finally, a customer service rep sent me an email saying my credit card bank declined the refund. I talked to my bank. They said they would never decline a credit to my account. Amazon is now telling me that they will issue a check. Again, two weeks have passed since they promised me to send me a check. There is still no refund. Now they don't even answer my email any more. Fortunately, I used my credit card. I complained to the bank. They will credit my account and deal with Amazon.com.
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Old 12-16-00, 05:30 PM
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I've never had one bad experience with Amazon.com -- never.

I've shopped with them 4 or 5 times, and one time when I hadn't received an item on time (I live in Denmark), I e-mailed them, and they sent a replacement express (which is $21 just for shipping, more than the value of the DVD itself) without any hassles whatsoever.

All my e-mails have been replied to within 24 hours, without exception.

I can't imagine getting better online service than with Amazon.com. Too bad it's become too expensive to shop with them after all the 40%'s and 30%'s off are gone, and customs are charging VAT and duty on everything coming from them.

Kenneth Vestergaard

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Old 12-17-00, 12:16 AM
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I have never had a problem with Amazon customer service. The few times that I have had to talk to them they were able to help me. The only problem I have is with there shipping. But then that is not really there fault. Once it leaves there place, they cannot control it.
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Old 12-17-00, 01:23 AM
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I've had much better experience with Barnes and Noble. They had some mispriced Criterions that they went out of their way to make good on. And they acknowledged that it was their fault, and never made me feel I was exploiting them. Unlike Amazon, which sucks.
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Old 12-17-00, 01:57 AM
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I've placed several orders through Amazon this year, and have had some minor problems, but they've always been cleared up with an email or a phone call. The biggest problem that I had was email response time. In some cases it was four or five days after I sent them an email that I finally got a response. Calling wasn't much better, with a half-hour wait on hold to talk to a CSR, then another 5-10 minutes on hold to speak with an `order specialist.' But once I got through, all of my questions and problems were dealt with immediately, and virtually everything arrived exactly when they said it would.
They must have spent a fortune on packaging/shipping this year, though, since almost every item I ordered under the free shipping was shipped individually, rather than waiting for all items in the order to become available.
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Old 12-17-00, 11:01 AM
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The only problem I'd ever had from Amazon is once or twice shipping seemed to be frozen.

Overall they've been great to me. I wonder why other people have so much trouble with them...

I hope amazon doesn't go out of business... it's the best store for me, because they ship to Canada via courior... so I get it very fast, and I don't have to pay a customs charge! That saves me a good 10 bucks right there.

The worst place I've dealt with is CDuniverse.com
I ordered 5 DVDs from them.

Batman Returns
Fist of Legend
Dark City
Terminator 2
Terminator 1

They tell me

Batman Returns and Terminator 2 have shipped.


Fist of Legend, and Dark City have shipped


Terminator 1 has shipped.

The first order was fine. I got B2, and T2.

The second order was Fist of Legend.. no Dark City...

The third order didn't even get here!

So I had them reship T1 and Dark City...

So they say they do...

3 weeks later.. NOTHING

E-mail them again..

They say say they ship them..

3 weeks later.. NOTHING

I email them again, they just give up and credit my card.

Ugh. I still haven't bought those DVDs anywhere else.
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Old 12-19-00, 12:36 AM
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I used to have nothing but positive things to say about Amazon's service, but then a couple consecutive incidents has caused me to completely abandon them for regular purchases. I only order from them now if I know they'll be losing money. I know some will frown on this, but if they're gonna screw me, I should be able to screw them.
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Old 12-22-00, 02:06 AM
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Well, my copy of Gladiator finally arrived yesterday!

I will say that they were actually very responsive, it just took alot for anything to get done.

The order specialist I spoke with (who finally got the item shipped) said she sent them an email telling them to ship the movie. The two prior OS's had simply sent inquiries asking what's the hold up. It shipped that day! So you might want to try asking for that type of inquiry if your item is in stock.

Also got a $10 promo GC and an upgrade to free 2nd day air out of this.

On the downside, I ordered a Toshiba 1600 DVD player from them, had it shipped via USPS and the box it came in was open and pretty beat up. Not very well packed. I'd recommend considering UPS shipping for large bulky items.

Still, I'm very happy overall.

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Old 12-22-00, 04:15 AM
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Well I'm pissed at them again. I've been waiting forever for some toys to get here that they said they shipped USPS Priority (complimentary "upgrade" after I bitched -- from what -- Pony Express?). After the mixer they said shipped in 24 hours never shipped for a week so I cancelled. They've got one more day or it's off to Toys R Us. I wouldn't have touched Amazon except for the 2 MCI $150 GC's.

They completely suck in my opinion (or did you already figure that out?), and I think they're going down. Too much competition in being crappy and no barrier to entry.
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Old 12-22-00, 06:16 AM
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Amazon actually called me on the phone at home last night to give me an update on my order. Somehow they managed to resolve all of several complaints I had within a week and were very solicitous. In three years of ordering, they have never failed to fix a problem. All that it required from me was a little patience, repeated low key explanations to the right people (order specialists), and kindness.

I have dealt with several other online companies for DVDs and no one else comes close. Good customer service is very expensive. I feel they do a better job than most in providing a quick escalation to knowledgeable specialists, and an even better response if you can show that their specialists failed to follow through.
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Old 12-23-00, 11:05 AM
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Amazon.com has always provided outstanding customer service. I have had very few incidents, but they have always been quick to respond. They always throw in something free even though I do not complain, just ask for a correction.

Amazon is the only online store that I use now....not for their prices or their fast shipping, but more for their extremely reliable customer service.

Let's face it, the biggest issue with online shopping is a potential return and Amazon.com has everyone beat!!!!

They are the only store that I recommend to friends.
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Old 12-23-00, 12:27 PM
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I bought a Pioneer DVD player (using the $50 off Electronics coupon) a few weeks ago. Their was also a $50 rebate IF you also bought a Pioneer receiver. But you only knew of the receiver part of the deal if you actually clicked on the "further details" link. I did not buy a receiver. Amazon just made up for it with this email:

Thank you for purchasing a Pioneer DVD player from the Electronics
Store at Amazon.com.

It has come to our attention that some customers who purchased this
product did not realize that the $50 rebate from Pioneer required the
purchase of another Pioneer product. If you were among those
affected, we regret any misunderstanding, and would like to offer you
a $50 promotional certificate from Amazon.com with our sincere
apologies. You can use this certificate towards any purchase of
electronics, books, music, or other products at Amazon.com. Please
use the shopping cart rather than 1-Click when redeeming your

Amazon is tops in my book.


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