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Friday the 13th 4, 7 & 8 cut scenes has some great interviews with various people involved with the F13 movies and other horror movies... as we wait on the edge of our seats for the upcoming news on F13 SEs, I thought some of you would be interested in what the directors of 4, 7 & 8 say was left or cut out of their movies (or ideas not filmed at all). Check out pitofhorror for the full interviews. Note that all these interviews are a few years old.

Joseph Zito (part 4):


Well, there's MPAA cuts throughout the entire movie. I mean every single Savini effect that was filmed was negotiated with the MPAA and trimmed, and trimmed again, and then trimmed a third time. We were under very very tight pressure for the release of the movie.


They were not shot for TV. They were shot and not used in the film, and then put back into the television version.There was a whole secondary theme of the Jason hunter, and Rob being Jason's hunter. He was avenging his sister Sandra's death, she was in the second movie. And he was using technology, and he had these different things to trip up Jason. And it was a whole secondary theme and frankly I never cared much for it in the first place. We shot some scenes that I didn't think worked very well. I didn't think the props were particularly very good. I think it could have added to such a movie, but didn't add to the movie the way we did it. I mean the scenes were okay. But we made the judgment that they didn't add to the film by keeping them in, and we eliminated them. So, the theatrical version of the picture was the version I wanted to play. I did shoot those other scenes. They needed actually to stretch material. They were included for creative reasons. They needed to stretch the running time when they have to edit for the TV version. They asked me if I had some additional scenes, and I told them what they were. And the scenes ended up getting included. I am not happy that the scenes were included because I took them out cause I thought the film was better without them. As individual scenes, "are they good"? Maybe. But as far as I'm concerned, the better movie didn't have them in it.


There was an alternate ending that was shot. It was a fantasy nightmare scene which actually was requested by the owner of the series. And none of us particularly thought it was a good idea. The studio agreed to shoot the scene. It was in the bathtub. It is a fantasy scene of her coming out of the bathtub. Her faces does burst out. She has these white lenses in her eyes. It's a horrific moment but it doesn't really have any meaning as far as I can tell. It was just an excuse to scare the audience. And well it worked in terms of scare, I don't think it worked in terms of anything else. There was a scene by which Trish found her mother and her mother was gonna be alive, even after she was killed by Jason outside. She there, it's the nightmarish theme. She was in fact supposed to be killed by Jason. The fantasy scene was that she was alive and in the bathtub and that the fantasy turns out to be nightmare. She is dead but she doesn't come out of the tub. I mean it wasn't a naked kind of thing. It was the matter of, she's in the tub but you don't see her. You only see her face, and just when her face rises out of the tub-- it's another one of these things out of the water with the awful, these dead eyes. It was just a fright scene, it made little sense really and that's why it was not in the movie.


Because you go through so many variations creating a screenplay, there's so much editing involved in creating a screenplay, and for the director you start visualizing some scenes so clearly that sometimes when you talk about a film that's over ten years old-- I'm not sure which scenes we actually did verses which ones I visualized and talked about. There was a wonderful wonderful scene which I think some version of ended up in a future movie. We had a terrific scene which took place at a diner. And there was a girl in the diner. She was working and was the last one in, and it was right next to railroad tracks. Jason ends up killing her in the diner. It was an absolutely wonderful scene. I did see a version of that which was not the scene that existed in the earlier drafts of the script. But I did see a version of that in one of the later Friday the 13th films.

John Carl Buechler (part 7):

Q: Recently, Kane showed up at a Horror convention and showed the reels of EFX shots that were cut from the film. The fans loved every second of it.

JCB: Yeah, well I'm telling ya, the movie that's out there ain't the one I wanted. Everyone says including Chazz Ballan that I whimped out on the movie. But as the fans saw in that reel, I got censored.

Q: Do you think any of that stuff will make it on the DVD when it is released?

JCB: If you could get the fans to write in to Paramount, you could force them to do it. We could find that footage, it's in the vault. Paramount is the company that put Star Trek back on the air because the fans wrote in. If people said "we want a DVD of the uncut version of part 7" they will listen. Flood them with letters of requests, and they will do it.

JCB: I wish. I mean the movie was made faster than any movie in history. This was before we could cut on an Avid. Everything had to be done on film. And we submitted it to the ratings board every single day. So, I ultimately didn't get my cut. I wish I could've.

Q: Where there any scenes or sections that were cut from part 7?

JCB: Not truly scenes. Scenes that were shot weren't cut. Dialogue within scenes was cut. And certainly almost every single punch-line to every stalk and pay-off was trimmed considerably. I mean when you see the axe jump-cut into that lady's head, and when you see Jason smack that guy up the chin with the axe. I mean the shots are just noticeably missing. I mean there were some cool shots we did. But not since Tom Savini's time have people been allowed to put stuff like that on screen.

Q: Were there any specific things that you were never able to do due time and money restraints?

JCB: With Tina I had an opportunity that I was not allowed to realize. I wanted to do some very surrealistic nightmarish things in her clairvoyant bursts when she would foresee something. Because if you read anything about paranormal and the way clairvoyant's actually see things before they happen, they're not dead-on, they see something that hints at it. It's a very surreal vision. For example, the vision that makes her veer off the road and crash the car. I mean, I just didn't wanna see Jason plunging the thing through her. What I wanted to see was her mom standing in the middle of the road, holding Betsy Palmer's head. And Betsy Palmer's head would be saying "help me mommy, help me" in young Jason's voice. You know, that's the kinda stuff I wanted to have in this movie that I wasn't allowed to have because Barabara Sax production associate said "oh John that's so over the top". And I said "Yes, of course it is. Are you crazy, it is over the top. That's what this movie's gotta be. It's gotta be over the top." Now why have Jason fall through the steps and break them, is he that heavy? It doesn't matter, it's visceral. It's impact. It's another moment of gosh-wow which is what people go to movies to see, for crying out loud.

Rob Hedden (part 8):


Yes, it was trimmed. It was a little more in the Psycho tradition. There was a lot more blood, a lot of Jason's arm slicing down upon her, shards of glass. It was pretty gruesome. And that was the end of it. The scene was over the top as far as the MPAA was concerned. I went into it with more of a Hitchcockian style. And whenever any of us, do a shower scene, you gotta pay homage to Hitchcock. But this was in color with real blood running down the drain. We went further with the scene as far as intensity, but the MPAA pulled us back. In filming her death, we didn't use any prosthetics. Originally, you see his arm slashing down, blood splatters the shower wall, blood on her. It's all very Hitchcockian. It's much like the Psycho shower scene. It was pretty much the same as what was released, except there was much more of it, and there was some gore cut.

Just like in the beginning scene with Jim and Suzy. And y'know, they have sex and Jason comes in, everything was trimmed. I mean, the kid getting shot with the spear. I had a lot more coverage of that. In that Jason takes the spear gun and not only jabs the spear into him, but the entire spear gun. When Jason guts him, and pulls the gun out, his intestines were all over the gun. It was just, trimmed, trimmed, trimmed. There were a lot of frames cut out. And in the final version, it's just quick cuts. If you look at it, the scene looks like it was edited.

The other thing was when Jason finds the girl in the hatch, and he reaches in and goes to stab her. That was very abbreviated in the final version. Before, it is really hard to watch, not for the fans but for most people out there. It's kind of a torturous thing. He really tortures her. He doesn't just shove the spear in. He shoved it in, he twisted it around. There were close-ups of her face, her gurgling. Back to Jason, more twisting, close-ups of the spear twisting. It was pretty intense and the MPAA said no. In a way, it was better almost. It just depends. It's hard to please everybody. To please the hard core fans, you wanna give them all that. But with this film, the producers were trying to reach a broader audience so they didn't wanna go too far. It was a moot point, because the MPAA cut all that anyway. The MPAA was really, at that point in time, extremely strict. They may have even loosened up since then. But at that moment in time in the late eighties, they were so intense about trimming. They were so down on horror movies, and it was really the end of the horror cycle if you really look at it. And it really faded away after that. Until Wes Craven came back. And Scream has brought it back in such a huge way. Now it's hip again to do a horror movie.
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Thanks for the info, makes me like the earlier Jason movies even more.

Hopefully we see these special editions in the states
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Here's a bunch of videos with deleted scenes from the Friday the 13th movies.

The content is graphic/violent - use discretion.

Camp Blood - Cut/ Deleted Video Clips

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Interesting news on part 4.. proves the fans don't know everything. They've been claiming for years,that part 4 was never cut by the MPAA!

Also part 8 may be alittle more violent than previously thought. Doesn't make the movie better,but still would be nice to see.
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Originally posted by Julie Walker
Also part 8 may be alittle more violent than previously thought. Doesn't make the movie better,but still would be nice to see.
I disagree. It would in fact make it better. I refuse to touch any Friday the 13th DVDs until they are released 100% uncut.
Old 09-01-03, 10:11 PM   #6
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Paramount are pimpin' Jason:

people keep asking for them at my store but we're sold out
Old 09-04-03, 01:49 AM   #7
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found this, on the same web page, in an interview with Harry Manfredini regarding part 6:

I really enjoyed Tom's intelligent approach to the film. Ultimately, it was changed from the original ideas. The changes occurred when the test screening did not produce the results that were expected. Tom had all sorts of cool intellectual things in the film. At one point, there were only 13 murders, and all sorts of references to the people from earlier films, as well as references to the people involved with the original film. When the screening did not go well, scenes of killings were just gratuitously added. Characters were introduced solely to get offed. The slickness paled a bit. But that is what these pictures are about. It is difficult to add any other element,(except in Part One) to the script.

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