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  1. Pages unresponsive - delays loading threads with a lot of video links
  2. Test Oembed Read
  3. Are old reviews being deleted?
  4. Post Revisions Being Undone
  5. No way to see “likes” in mobile version?
  6. New Post button takes me to messages I've already read
  7. BB and [IMG] code links under Posting Rules broken
  8. Spoilers not opening
  9. Will the main page ever be updated?
  10. Marking threads as read
  11. Controls/Icons Missing
  12. Why is this coming up on iPhone when using the full site?
  13. test IG
  14. DVD Talk Newsletter
  15. Any Thoughts on Allowing "LIKES" in the Politics Meme & Social Media Type Threads?
  16. Spoiler Slippage
  17. Did Instagram embeds/links get killed?
  18. Automatic Text Color
  19. Marking forums as read
  20. Soundcloud URL/embedding is broken?
  21. DVD Reviews - Search Error?
  22. Is Dark Mode Available?
  23. Image & Signature Limits
  24. Virus in Safari browser?
  25. Can we no longer edit font sizes in posts?
  26. Can we get rid of the "View Post" button?
  27. Reply to a post about Meagan McCain in the political forum
  28. The Mass Shootings thread is broken
  29. Any possibility of a 'Hide thread' feature?
  30. Images won't upload.
  31. Purchase FilmAficionado and make it part of the site?
  32. COVID Disinformation
  33. Website is loading pages slowly.
  34. Why was my post deleted?
  35. Should Arrow releases be in one separate thread? (Domestic or International)
  36. Easter Egg Database not working?
  37. Codes busted Dude ["9","47","73","-1"]
  38. New attachment support?
  39. Test FB links
  40. Go to first new post link not working
  41. Can't click from front page straight to politics anymore?
  42. What's wrong with the thread I just made?
  43. Merge TV Talk and Streaming Talk?
  44. Videos vanish when clicked on
  45. Multi-Quote Function Not Working on PC
  46. Is this allowed? This looks like it could be considered as a "doxing" of a DVD Talk member.
  47. The Bouillabaise Subterfuge Smorgasbord thread doesn't open right for me
  48. How do I ignore someone?
  49. How do you like a post in a thread?
  50. Is there any way to search for the very first post you made in these forums?
  51. disgusting spam
  52. Site help
  53. Can't get to last page of thread
  54. Did embedding videos get killed off?
  55. Testing Thread!
  56. Bulleted List Issue
  57. When Did the Opportunity to Like Posts Begin?
  58. The "Whoops, I screwed up a thread with copied code." thread.
  59. Can't copy paste into or save any edits to my post
  60. Getting weird reply box?
  61. avatar sizes - some bigger than 100x100?
  62. Editing polls?
  63. Title change for Politics subforum
  64. new members in politics
  65. What are the rules/best ways to post images
  66. Ad for DVD Piracy
  67. NRA ad showing up
  68. Why does deleting a post take so long?
  69. Song of the South
  70. New user: Restrictions on posting and formatting
  71. Tagging a user
  72. Change YouTube embeds to match aspect ratio of the source?
  73. Logged Out
  74. "show first unread" button isn't working right
  75. What exactly is Political Exile status?
  76. What is Standard Editor?
  77. Podcast Sticky Thread?
  78. Conceal carry gun advertisements on this site
  79. Profile Pictures
  80. Randomly unable to post
  81. Broken page
  82. Suggestion For Toys & Collectables Sub-Forum
  83. Dark Mode. Please.
  84. Father
  85. "New Posts" search doesn't seem to work for me
  86. What happened to PMs?
  87. Random Asterisks in Posts?
  88. Please deactivate my account
  89. DVD Talk Presents: The Best Releases of 2018 -- Link not working?
  90. Would a mod please quote my post(s) that caused me to be put into permanent political exile?
  91. Blocking spam
  92. Request: Hide spoilers in email notifications
  93. Broken thread - other talk random pictures thread
  94. Thread Title Length - increase?
  95. Threads are remaining highlighted as unread, dating back over a week now.
  96. Thread broke - 2019 Pro Wrestling
  97. JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: Desktop skin versus Mobile skin
  98. JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: Ads column on the right
  99. JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: Reviews are down, but we are working to fix this ASAP
  100. JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: What is "Infinite Scroll" and how to disable it
  101. JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: Clear your browser cache
  102. Jan. 3rd 2019 Upgrade Master Thread
  103. Whoa, what happened to the formatting?
  104. My Closed Thread
  105. Process for status of reported posts?
  106. Database issue? Broken thread.
  107. Mods: Regarding the George HW Bush thread
  108. Sales Team Follow Up
  109. This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view.
  110. Mobile friendly
  111. Wait, now we’re sponsoring DVD Rippers?
  112. Feedback Forum Guidelines
  113. DVD Talk rubbing ads for right wing candidates?
  114. Character Limit / Post Length?
  115. What is this?
  116. Was Cloudflare Added to the Site?
  117. What is this?
  118. Adware volume: are you kidding me?
  119. How can I change my user name?
  120. "Your connection to this site is not fully secure"
  121. Houston, We Have A Problem...
  122. Forum software doesn't allow google short links?
  123. New Mod - story
  124. Should dvdtalk get rid of the Politics Forum?
  125. Why was this thread being allowed in the forum?
  126. Admin says changes coming to DVDTalk
  127. Users should be able to ignore mods who poo-post in subforums they don't moderate.
  128. Why is this sig being allowed in the forum?
  129. Star Images in Polls
  130. ? About digital codes I have
  131. Dark Theme?
  132. Can I post stuff from my personal blog?
  133. Is it OK to advocate murder here?
  134. GDPR compliance notice
  135. "Can't post" or "there's no reply box" issues -- ANSWERS HERE
  136. How long are users suspended?
  137. Database Error
  138. Locking/Retitling Threads
  139. An Observation about the Dvd Talk forum
  140. Smilies window is serious business - change default size?
  141. Can MODS ban a user?
  142. Users online
  143. Why does the word "it" turn into a link?
  144. Um... how do I change my avatar?
  145. Politics Proposed Rule - Post frequency limits?
  146. Random pic thread broken?
  147. Black Panther Thread - Relevant Discussion about Cultural Impact and Importance
  148. Is there any way that we can get the 2018 Spending Tab thread stickied?
  149. Should "Streaming Talk" be moved to the DVD Discussions section?
  150. Merging "DVD Talk" and "HD Talk" into a single forum
  151. Merging "DVD Bargains" and "Blu-ray Bargains" into a single forum
  152. Can't get to the 7th page of the Bond 25 thread.
  153. Why not just fix the site?
  154. Contact via email not working reliably
  155. Can we have a food sub-forum?
  156. Can't copy and paste a picture.
  157. toxic auto link
  158. Old thread shows a pop up asking for login and password
  159. Video Ad Causing Problem
  160. Just joined the forum
  161. Sig not showing up in every thread
  162. Mark this Forum Read ~ Not Working
  163. I can't see YouTube videos
  164. Need Moderation in HD Talk Twin Peaks Release Thread please
  165. New site encryption
  166. Digital Copies Buy/Sell/Trade thread: post frequency?
  167. What happened to the President Trump thread?
  168. Tolerance for trolls
  169. Why were my threads and posts deleted without any contact or explanation?
  170. How to contact DVDTalk physically
  171. buggy script
  172. multi-quote limit?
  173. Test thread
  174. HTTPS support?
  175. Malware warning in TV Talk thread....
  176. Yet another Ad issue (autoplaying audio and video)
  177. New Moderator - TheBigDave
  178. Why are my letters dancing?
  179. What's up with all the political ads?
  180. Account request
  181. Can't get to second page on Saw Legacy thread.
  182. Fix Twitter embedding
  183. main forum page is slow when coming from another site
  184. I lost an avatar bet, can I use this avatar?
  185. Amazon CANADA links getting broken (desktop)
  186. Last page of thread not loading
  187. Emoji errors
  188. Are we really good with members calling each other POS, C***s, D****s???
  189. New mobile site issues: Annoying as hell edition.
  190. Hope thisis the right place...
  191. Political Cartoon Thread Stuck?
  192. New feature request: personal threads subforum?
  193. Server slowness
  194. Real-time 9/11 thread?
  195. What's with links now?
  196. Post reply issue?
  197. Ads redirecting on mobile
  198. Forumrunner being turned off for DVDTalk
  199. Keep getting script errors...from this site?
  200. Youtube Embedding Test, please ignore
  201. Anyone having an issue with threads marked as new?
  202. The Wikipost intro thread
  203. Forgot old e-mail with old username.
  204. Weird glitch
  205. Ghost in the Shell Movie thread...
  206. Image Auto Scaling
  207. Why So Blu = thing-fish24
  208. "Calendar" link across forum top menu not working
  209. Amazon Links in threads no longer working
  210. New Update
  211. Mobile issues and questions
  212. Hot Linking images -- Do they become broken after XX period of time?
  213. Not allowed to embed anymore?
  214. Original DVDTalk logo?
  215. Can't make 2 posts in a row?
  216. Embedded videos not showing
  217. Methinks we broke the presidential thread
  218. I modified someone's post
  219. HTML Tag
  220. Spambot attack!
  221. Subscribe to a thread status does not change to unsubscribe after subscription
  222. After making a post, shouldn't it go to the bottom of the thread?
  223. The Ghostbusters reboot thread
  224. Broken ad preventing page from fully loading in Chrome
  225. Thread view count shenanigans in Alex Rodriguez thread?
  226. Embedding YouTube video in a table
  227. Time to Close "Political Film" Subforum
  228. Spoilers in movie review threads
  229. Star Wars subforum
  230. Forum game section
  231. Posting new threads about a movie not allowed?
  232. What does this mean?
  233. Mods?
  234. Private messages?
  235. Is there a rule like this here?
  236. Flash Player Upgrade? Virus/Malware?
  237. sexy
  238. When and why was the C-word banned?
  239. Signature doesn't show
  240. Help with logging in for another user needed
  241. Why can't a post just be a smilie?
  242. signature
  243. Lost "go to first new post" icon
  244. bossman1000
  245. Sports talk not visible on the main forum page
  246. Posts getting deleted
  247. Incoming Spammer?
  248. Can't get past page 1 in thread?
  249. Anything But Facebook Available...
  250. redahola