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  1. Geoff - Have you changed anything? Netscape keeps getting hung up.
  2. Geoff, forget about T-Shirts, how about "Iron yourself DVDTALK Logo designs"?
  3. Reply question
  4. Software help requests to the Computer & DVD-Rom Forum....
  5. Login/cookie problems?
  6. Thanks Randy
  7. ** The New Official New Logo Thread **
  8. the "hot folder" function ... not working?
  9. Dogma Competition Question
  10. bumping poll threads
  11. Is there a way to delete a member's registration?
  12. Forum Search function flaw...
  13. Another 'please post unwanted coupons' thread turning into a begging thread
  14. Private Messages
  15. What does "Subscribe to Forum" mean?
  16. Quick suggestion for the new "Our Week in DVD & Movies" column
  17. Ignore User
  18. can't edit options-different from other post
  19. post formatting problem/question
  20. Editing profile -- It won't let me!
  21. Problem with the Search feature.
  22. why forced black font?
  23. Changing thread titles feature now disabled?
  24. Why are you able to bump your own thread?
  25. ad server down
  26. Please geoff make new forum! *Technical problem Disc/Player Forum*
  27. Question about self-promotion
  28. Survey totals(counts) like threads
  29. I'm sure it's my problem...
  30. Hey Geoff - How about a sticky?
  31. Thread title change
  32. Search problems
  33. DVD nicknames
  34. Another vague title needing fixing (Theaters Forum)...
  35. any plans for a MUSIC forum???
  36. A lot of the new reviews have broken cover art links.
  37. Studio forum out of control?
  38. Best Buy
  39. Even Though Post Counts Are "A Thing Of The Past" ...
  40. Aargh !! FIRST Post Time, please !!
  41. Are There Any Plans To Bring Back The Member's Section?
  42. Archives and search questions...
  43. Forum Time
  44. New forum Netscape bug
  45. Clubs - CH Sticky Threads
  46. OK. We really need a b*tch and moan forum
  47. Rolling eyes/Rolling Eyes old
  48. Last Thread/New Thread
  49. New software allows me to post/reply using lynx
  50. Poll thread question.
  51. Can the new forum software feel "love"...?
  52. Geoff - You do know how slow the entire site has been, don't you?
  53. DVD Easter egg section?
  54. "Back" button losing its place
  55. My next question is
  56. Hey gkleinman: I have a favor to ask
  57. New Forum Software questions...?
  58. About the users logged in feature
  59. search engine bug
  60. Street dates
  61. Request for Other Forum
  62. Just got a weird error [pic]
  63. Post Disappearing Mystery
  64. Spoiler tags?
  65. cant view member list with new software?
  66. Private Messages ?
  67. After today's Renovation a Little Problem
  68. Will moderators be using the merge/split thread function?
  69. HKFlix Spam
  70. Consider Infidel for mod status?
  71. Help for a newbie in forum terms?
  72. Geoff - Which Phantom Menace bargain are you pushing more?
  73. How about banning members for whining and moaning for an e-retailers mistake?
  74. Vague thread titles
  75. The Good Traders Thread?!?!?
  76. Ad Server Down
  77. Forum problem using IE 6.0 Preview 2
  78. Pornographic Picture in Other Forum
  79. Regional Insults in 'Other'
  80. Re: DVDTalk posts
  81. Smilie request
  82. Testing
  83. Old Posts?
  84. Why was the overstock.com thread moved to the store forum?
  85. new dvd's
  86. Typo on Home Page
  87. The Other Bargains Forum is becoming kinda useless
  88. Geoff, Petition Forum?
  89. So is there no way to display number of posts
  90. "Share the Love" thread (aside from official)
  91. Is there a dvdtalk purchase circle at amazon.com?
  92. DVDTalk.com................, and Release Info?
  93. Geoff, Decision on Share The Love?
  94. geoff
  95. Why isnt there a Music Talk?
  96. Why is everything centered?
  97. "Family Man" Add is Killing My Browser
  98. Personal Attack
  99. Can we stop bashing in threads?
  100. Can someone explain this one to me?
  101. How about a For Sale Forum???
  102. Please close this thead
  103. A Condolences Forum Is Badly Needed!
  104. Badly Needed - Oreo Forum
  105. How about an end to "Whining" comments?
  106. Help! Forum won't load properly...
  107. HKFlix selling bootleg DVDs
  108. Mods, check out this thread, spamming?
  109. Question about thread name
  110. Unbelievably petty problem (broken link)
  111. How do you make a link in your signature?
  112. Why does this 5 page Star Wars thread still exist?
  113. DVD Talk Newsletter email: multiple copies
  114. FYI: Still self promoting
  115. A Suggestion For The Review Area
  116. Amazon - Share the Love - What will DVDTalk's Policy Be ??
  117. Geoff - an idea for a store for you to get an affiliate link with
  118. Pull down forum menu error
  119. "Will Click For Stuff" is still an option on home page
  120. Can we end Shaggytalk?
  121. geoff
  122. Geoff here's a good/stupid idea to raise money for the site............
  123. Hey whats up with the ads over there <------
  124. We REALLY appreciate your Feedback
  125. Make these guys official Smilies
  127. cheap items section?
  128. Forum outage
  129. Forum clock is off...
  130. How about making two new boards on DVD Talk: Star Wars Talk and Godfather Talk
  131. Which store do you prefer I order from?
  132. Sport and Music Forums
  133. Suggestion -- an editor for the 'reviews' portion of the site
  134. Geoff should share the love?
  135. What ever happened to that cool forum?
  136. A question about signatures
  137. How about a moderator getting rid of...
  138. The site has been running pretty crappy today.
  139. bestbuyguy
  140. How About A Separate Forum For The California Energy Problems!!
  141. sweet, I just had an ad for anime porn
  142. Geoff, do you ever take a vacation?
  143. So classicman and mysterX have gone crazy, or their passwords are out.
  144. Hey Geoff, how about a survey forum?
  145. Hidden Fortress "New Review" Doesn't work
  146. Hardware Exchange Forum?
  147. To the MODS, you are the Best :)
  148. Hey Geoff!!!
  149. Add a "Number of DVDs Owned" field to the profile
  150. Bigot Alert on Aisle 9...
  151. Oubliette Forum suggestion.
  152. Please remove this spam thread
  153. Why is this site so *slow*???
  154. Favicon required for DVDTalk ???
  155. "DVDTalk" (this site) compared to new forum site "DVD Talk" that was started May
  156. Where to complain about off-topic messages about where to complain about CyberRebate?
  157. Main Page TYPO
  159. toldyouso.net ads by user
  160. Criteriondvd.com adverts
  161. Can we ignore members?
  162. another question
  163. Q: New page in thread?
  164. Forum started loading REALLY slow for me
  165. How about an adult forum?
  166. editing a post where you've quoted another post
  167. This thread closing is ridiculous
  168. Couple more Forum ideas
  169. Can we start a 'Let's introduce David Stein to the Real World' forum?
  170. Shouldn't this thread be DELETED not just LOCKED?
  171. Geoff have u heard from KENWOOD ?
  172. Unnecessary/unwarranted suspension IMO
  173. OT: Thank you cubanx, gambrelw, jonathan e., cartman, thunderball, sm8680, and DrJag
  174. Mistake in identifying of members who are studio reps
  175. I'll probably get shot down in flames for this but...
  176. House of Mirth review is messed up
  177. Who cares if they're referral GCs?
  178. Forum scroll bar at the top of the page still says "At The Theater"
  179. DVDTalk and AdultDVDTalk
  180. Leon Vitali Interview
  181. Is the forum clock running ever so slightly fast?
  182. Some of the drop down menus still say "At The Theater"..
  183. Possible to have an option to turn signatures off?
  184. Hey Geoff!
  185. Spam in main DVD Talk section...
  186. Uncensored DVD
  187. Where Do You Find This Forum Software?
  188. Geoff, can you add DDDVD to your links page?
  189. Canadian affiliates?
  190. Geoff, Mature Ad's?
  191. Why not a Nature Forum?
  192. Geoff your Studios forum
  193. Yow! Those ARE Hot DVDs!
  194. DVDTALK Affiliate links...what should I look for?
  195. We need a mascot.
  196. Almost A Month Into Geoff's "Gentler" DVDTalk Forum ... What Are Your Thoughts?
  197. Can you add Crucial.com to your affiliates?
  198. Geoff/Randy/Bushdog, you may want to check out this thread
  199. Geoff: Getting Five Star DVD banners showing up at 10 in the morning...
  200. about bannings / suspensions in general . . .
  201. Weekly Newsletter Probelm
  202. Add an UNDO to the "clear fields" function when posting ???
  203. GEOFF: What's with the risque "FIVE STAR" ads
  204. I remember when.......
  205. GEOFF: Can we please have a link BACK to the Official Other Forum Chat room?
  206. "An example of why lawyers get a bad name" was closed! For what possible reason?
  207. I can't believe how badly this place needs SPELL CHECK!
  208. Response time REALLY sucks right now...
  209. looking for a bargain forum
  210. AD Server
  211. Where does Wrestling fit in?
  212. Category: Mods ?????
  213. Er... what's the point of the Review Forum if...
  214. we need a forum where people can make new forum suggestions
  215. Music Forum
  216. Studio Talk placement on forum page...
  217. Threads regarding file sharing question...
  218. Pricegrabber
  219. Why can't I get this entire thread to download?
  220. This is NOT a complaint, just a question :)
  221. Out of Print DVDs
  222. Geoff/Mods-Clarification on what can and can't be posted in subjects please?[Mature?]
  223. Testing a New Ad Server
  224. The FUN Has Left This Forum ...
  225. Studio Talk = DVD Talk 2
  226. Does DVDTalk Have an Official Position Against CyberRebate?
  227. Why aren't images allowed in .sig's
  228. Against "Deal Censorship"...
  229. How about a Laser Disc Forum?
  230. Ad server's on the fritz again...
  231. question for DVDer
  232. Can there be a big plug for the DVDTalk Reviews on the DVDTalk Reviews forum?
  233. Is "WTF" really necessary in subject lines?
  234. Notifying Mods
  235. What about a State by State forum?
  236. Mods, close please
  237. Too many forums??
  238. server space
  239. Geoff: ANY way to get back the new forum Other posts?
  240. Do we really need the new forum software?
  241. Deleted Posts
  242. Time Warp?
  243. everything centered???
  244. I think the ads are killing Netscape again.
  245. I just thought of something
  246. Geoff, why did you ban me?
  247. PETITION: Who thinks we need a BOOK FORUM!
  248. My Password won't work!!
  249. Problems? Response is really erratic right now.
  250. Change the title of this thread please!