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Netflix strategies: how do you manage your account?

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Netflix strategies: how do you manage your account?

Old 04-22-02, 08:56 PM
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Netflix strategies: how do you manage your account?

Very Long Wait: For this title, there is extremely high demand, limited availability and/or a very long wait; in other words, don't hold your breath. The wait for this title is generally less than 4 months, but could be longer. We strongly suggest making an alternative selection; otherwise, you may have to wait for up to 4 months.
I know that having titles that are not "available now" as #1 in your queue can delay your shipping. Even though they know they don't have the title in stock, they will delay the shipment of the next title by at least 1 day. Why they don't immediately ship the next "Available Now" title in your queue is beyond me.

How does one deal with this? Should I keep the "long wait" titles in my top 10 so that I stay in the front of the line when these DO become availaible. What if I move them to the bottom of the list, do I still keep my place "in line" to get the title when it comes in?

My tendency is to move the "long wait" (and even "short wait") titles to the bottom of the list so they don't sneak up to the #1 spot and delay the shipment of my next rental. Is this a bad idea, will they think that I don't care about it and bump me down the list? How does netflix determine who is first: by where it is in your queue or by when you add it to your queue.

Are the "long wait", "short wait" titles even customized for each netflix user. If I've been waiting 3 months for a title shouldn't it show up as a "short wait" for me and maybe a "long wait" for someone who just recently put that title in their queue.

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Old 04-23-02, 05:24 AM
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~ agent2099..... I place all my *not yet released * titles that have release dates next to them at the top of my priority, the closest release date the higher priority.

Second.., I list all my *very/long wait* under the *not yet released* titles to keep my place in line, the above *not yet released* only overide your lower priority when they are released, and if you keep your *dvd's out* spot open the day before they release, however many you choose, they will always drop off as they're sent to you.

Third.., I keep all of my *availble now* & *short wait* on a paper list, in this way I have control on what I want shipped to me, not netflix. I purposely keep an open spot the day before a new title gets released, after it goes into my *dvd out* box I then add any *available now* to # 1,2, or 3 so they immediately get released to ship and thus drop of.

The trick is knowing when and how long it takes them to recieve your returned titles. I mark the throw away envelope cover with the name of the title and the date I made the drop. My titles average a 2 day return cycle, in this way I know when to add an *available now* title off my paper list as not to disrupt my *new release* open *dvd out*spots.


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Old 04-23-02, 06:16 AM
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Old 04-23-02, 06:34 AM
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I usually try to keep all the "waits" (no matter how long or short) at the top of the queue in the order I would like to see them. Actually I've been surprised at how many times one of the will ship out instead of the currently "now available" titles. I intersperse those sometimes w/ some "now" titles that I want to see and occasionally I'll put a "now" title into the #1 slot just to get it out the door. The main thing I try to do is look at/reorder the queue whenever I receive one of the "we've received" emails. That way I can see what's in stock and try to get what I really want.
Old 04-23-02, 11:11 AM
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Most of the titles in my queue are available "now", as the vast majority of my list is older stuff that I want to catch up on. There was only one instance when a somewhat obscure titles was "very long wait". I made that my #1 pick, and after about a week, it suddenly shipped even though it was still "very long wait". So with that said, it's not like titles move from "Long wait" then get upgraded to "short wait".
And in most cases, I don't need to see the new releases right away. I can wait a week or so, and think it would be silly to have a paper list. But whatever works for you is fine by me.
I love being so close to the distribution center. If I drop a return in the mail today, they get it tomorrow, and I should get my new title the following day. My goal is to keep my per-disc cost at under $2.
Old 04-23-02, 11:26 AM
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I have reason to believe that your position in the waiting line for a particular title is not fixed...that it moves... to the front of the list if all of your queued titles are waiting... or toward the back of the line if you have other titles that are available.

Titles that have been long, or very long wait, mysteriously SHIPPED once all of the titles in my queue were waiting. So rather than pad my queue with "filler" that is available, I keep it to only what I really want...wait an extra day or two, and get the titles to ship.... very strange.

(Updated 4/24)
Two more titles just released for shipment...these too have been continuously on LONG WAIT for the past 5 months.

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Old 04-26-02, 07:01 PM
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I've had "Zoolander" on long wait/very long for a long while But I tried the trick of having it at the head of my queue instead of the end where I tend to put Long Waits, and bang! It's been released to be shipped after less than a day of "waiting to pick my next selection." A good 'trick' to get the movie you may be waiting to see it seems.
Old 04-26-02, 08:55 PM
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I have noticed that "SHORT WAIT" discs often ship before they say "NOW AVAILABLE". My new strategy is to keep all the SHORT WAITs at the top immediately followed by NOW AVAILABLEs.

I put LONG WAIT, VERY LONG WAIT at the bottom and keep an eye on them - when they move up to short wait, they get bumped up to the top.

This seems to get my next title selected the same day. (I have noticed that it sits in "Released to Ship" status for up to a day though).
Old 04-27-02, 06:48 PM
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I tend to the top 15 on my list...usually after a while, the top 2 or 3 titles (no matter what they are) will go into "short wait" or "long wait". When Netflix has put the 2nd and 3rd titles on short wait, with the first title bein long wait, I just move an "available now" movie up into first & keep on doing this until I see one of the 3 become available again; at which point it goes right back on top.

Not that I obsess on the order of my queue at all.

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