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Old 07-18-03, 07:24 AM
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Anyone have any experience with this on-line dealer? I'm having a problem with an order and have ben unable to get a response from them to my inquiries on it.

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Old 07-18-03, 08:41 AM
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Their customer service is usually excellent - have you tried telephoning?

Phone: 1.800.264.5076
Email: [email protected]
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Old 07-18-03, 12:12 PM
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Originally posted by marty888
Their customer service is usually excellent - have you tried telephoning?

Phone: 1.800.264.5076
Email: [email protected]
USUALLY is the keyword there...their service has gone to hell in a hand basket lately.
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Old 07-19-03, 03:04 AM
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I second that. I returned a DVD that they received on June 30, 2003 (courtesy of delivery confirmation) and have yet to receive a credit or reshipment. Called and the clerk Lisa didn't know a thing or had any answers. I think I'll stick with B&M and pay the extra dollar and not have to worry about defective dvds, or wait several months of reshipment!

However, if the DVD is not defective and you dont mind waiting 3 -4 weeks, then the price can't be beat. But personally I'd rather have it here and now than if ever or later.
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Old 07-19-03, 08:12 PM
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A while back DDD sent me an email that they are sending a "Return Label" for the "Nero Wolfe Set." It's almost 3 weeks since that email and no sign of the label. Repeated emails to them got no response. I think this company has taken a dive.
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Old 07-23-03, 03:30 AM
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I think it would be easier for everyone to do a chargeback on them. This is absolutely ridiculous. Received on 6/30/03 and still haven't processed it? I think a month is a month too late to deal with these sort of problems. I've had better luck in the recent past with dvdsoon than DDD. I'm giving them 2 more days before I do my chargeback which will cost them the price of my order times two. It's a drip in the bucket but it will add up hopefully.

I for one can't figure how stupid these companies are. They have huge warehouses, no store fronts which means no display of merchandise or fancy show room, low rent, low employees and still can't turn a profit. I wonder how much shrinkage exists through store employees?
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Old 07-25-03, 01:50 PM
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I haven't really had any problems with Deep Discount in the past three years. I do have some advice though if you are having problems since they are so slow recently.

1) don't preorder items......sometimes they arent in stock on the release date and it can be very frustrating
2) if you have a problem, don't email them, just call them because they are so slllllloooooowwwwww responding to emails.
3) pay for expedieted shipping if your orders are very mail is painfully slow these days
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Old 07-28-03, 10:48 AM
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There service has been getting very bad. They are taking longer to ship items out too.
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Old 08-05-03, 12:32 AM
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My biggest problem with Deep Discount is that their pre-order prices can be higher before rather than after street date.

There is basically no advantage to pre-ordering due to price and with a possible delay in delivery. I just received THE QUIET AMERICAN on the Saturday AFTER street date, even though it was shipped on the Thursday BEFORE street date--and I live one state over from Deep Discount!

The good news is that Deep Discount will adjust your price if they lower theirs. Of course, you have to go through the hassle of emailing them to ask for the price adjustment--they will not automatically change your pre-order price just because they lowered theirs!
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Old 08-05-03, 06:39 AM
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They wouldn't change a pre-order price (that hadn't yet shipped) for me. I had pre-ordered a title at $13.78 and 2 weeks later they lowered the price to $12.89. I sent a message asking for them to adjust it, and they said I had to cancel and re-order.

What a hassle.
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Old 08-05-03, 08:25 AM
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it also seems like they don't have much in stock anymore. I have ordered about 6 movies in the last few days which were all in stock and after I placed the order all the movies went on backorder.
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Old 08-06-03, 02:40 PM
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I was one of DDD's biggest supporters but I've had it with them.

I called to cancel something from them that I preordered and it hadn't shipped a week after the release. I called and they said it was to late and the item was in the process of being shipped. A week and a half after the phone call the item finnaly ahipped. Then I paid for priority and they shipped it media mail.

I have a few preorders left with them but after I'm not using them until I hear the service is better.
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Old 08-09-03, 02:16 PM
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DDD used to be where I bought nearly everything from. Recently I haven't bought much of anything merely because nothing that I've wanted has been released in the past several months. But about 3-4 days ago, I emailed DDD asking them if they would price match Amazon since both offered free shipping over $25. Since then, I have not received any response at all, and DDD's price is still the same. Oh well, forget trying to price match, I'll just order from Amazon.
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I bought a DVD from them recently because their web site said it's in stock. Once I checkout, I found out that it's backordered. Then after waiting a week or so without change in backorder status, I emailed to cancel the order. Then after a few days, I got an email said my order is shipped. When I received the DVD, I found the case is broken. Now, I emailed back to ask for an exchange because their DVD is defective. They said they will mail me a return label. It's been 2 weeks and I still haven't receive the return label yet.
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Old 08-12-03, 05:16 PM
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How about this !!! I ordered 6 movies. (one was a preorder)
They "pre-authorized" my credit card for the full order. Two days later 3 titles shipped ( 2 are on backorder plus the prerelease) They actually charge me for the 3 that shipped. The preauth for all 6 is still on my card and today I get another "pre-authorization"
for the remaining 3 movies ???
I called Customer "NO" Service and was told "Well that is the way our system is set up" The BALLS of a company to get an approval for the total amount of the order and then because they are out of stock they charge a 2nd time. NEVER AGAIN with DDD.
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Kranke - what is the problem with a "pre-authorization"? It isn't a charge - it is just them making sure you have enough credit (and sometimes reserving access to that credit) before they package and prepare your order. I think that is fairly reasonable.

Now, if they actually place a charge, that is another story.
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i've had nothing but great experiences with them until today... I got my shipping confirmation for kuffs last week and today a package arrived in the mail..The packing list/receipt had Kuffs, but the DVD was some Jodie Foster movie called Foxes..hopefully they sent the right thing for Undergrads(which shipped yesterday)..hopefully they will resolve this situation quickly or i will find another place to do my business
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Old 08-13-03, 05:53 AM
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jkzahn I have no problem with a preauth. I do have a problem with TWO pre auths. The first for the amount of the total order and the second for the remainder of the order that the company couldn't fill. That coupled with the actual charge for the portion of the order already processed indicates to me that there have been at least duplicate "charges" or holds on my available balance. ie. Total order $60 (preauth) Processed and charged $25
leaving a balance of $35-Then 2nd preauth of the $35 for remainder of order that is backorder/preorder. According to my math that is $120 for a $60 order.
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Old 08-13-03, 01:49 PM
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Still no problems here with DDD. I think many of the complaints actually are out of DDD's hands (slow media mail shipping via USPS). Even after reading a bunch of complaints, I placed an order last Wednesday for Versus Director's Cut, Opera LE, Deep Red and Night of Shooting Stars, they were all shipped the day after and I received them on Monday. Maybe there are growing pains occurring there, but I think many people are so spoiled anything less than perfect and they are crying that the sky is falling (see the thread . . . . So where to buy now that two of the classic online retailers are crap)

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Never had a problem with them yet. Once they did cancel an order of mine without telling me but they caught their mistake and sent me a coupon code. So I will still use them.
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Absolutely no problems with them in the years I have been using them and unless I have a coupon elsewhere or there is a better deal at a B&M, I always make my orders from DDD. Last few I have ordered from them came on or before the release date and have never had a problem with them canceling my orders or doing anything else to me. I would, and do, recommend them to everybody I know. Just wanted to let people know that not everybody is having bad experiences with DDD.
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No serious problems with DDD but I did experience several orders that took longer than normal to arrive during the month of June. Usually shipments take about a week with the free media mail but I had several take about two weeks. However, my last order in July only took a week to arrive after placing it. And a recent preorder for Laurel and Hardy has shipped almost a week before its official release. Now if they would only get Bat 21 in stock I would be totally happy. But I don't know if it is their fault since many other online stores also don't have any copies available. I think that MGM forgot to inform everyone that it was released.
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