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Old 07-01-03, 12:11 AM   #1
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Chaplin's "The Gold Rush" disappointment...

Specifically the piano only score that was provided for the "original" 1925 version of the film. What a let down. We finally get the 1925 cut, fully restored on DVD and it ONLY comes with a lukewarm sounding piano score. Where's the original Karli D. Elinor score!!! This is truly tragic for Chaplin fans... Its such a shame because the rest of the DVD's/Features are top notch!!!
Old 07-01-03, 12:18 AM   #2
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Although Chaplin's 1925 version of Gold Rush fell into the public domain, it's possible that Elinor's score is still under copyright and the Chaplin estate was unable to license it (or unwilling to pay whatever the cost was). Either way, I'm still very happy to have the 1925 version available.

Old 07-01-03, 12:25 AM   #3
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Join Date: Jul 2001
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Yeah, I know I'm glad it's on DVD also... It's just a shame that they couldn't/wouldn't get the original.
Old 07-01-03, 01:53 AM   #4
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YOU'RE disappointed? It's not even in 5.1!!!!
Old 07-01-03, 09:37 PM   #5
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Originally posted by DonnachaOne
YOU'RE disappointed? It's not even in 5.1!!!!
Or in anamorphic widescreen!

Old 07-01-03, 10:36 PM   #6
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Originally posted by Cornelius1047
Or in anamorphic widescreen!

Or in Color!
DVD Profiler
Old 07-01-03, 10:41 PM   #7
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Forget 5.1, early reports said this title was going to be in DTS-ES! I also read Chaplin himself was supposed to do a commentary. Of course it's nowhere to be found. Typical false-advertising. I wish I could find the website that knew Chaplin recorded the commentary specifically for the dvd!

Non-anamorphic, crappy sounding (it hurts my ears!) junk. PHOOEY!

In all seriousness, I love this disc. Disappointing the original score isn't there but I'm just jumping for joy at actually holding the dvd in my hands right now!
Old 07-02-03, 01:11 AM   #8
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no dts no $ale

But seriously, it sounded kind of funny to me that they mixed these in 5.1. Seems odd to me, but the original mono is on there too so its the best of both worlds. I haven't seen Gold Rush yet, but it seems like a bummer not having the original score. I think djtoell might be on to something with the copyright issue, who knows.
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