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Old 10-13-03, 07:09 PM   #1
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Question for those with the Red Curtain Trilogy boxset

How are the discs packaged? I have Moulin Rouge the 2-disc SE and I see that DDD dropped the price on the Red Curtain Trilogy box set. I wanted to get Romeo and Juliet for a while now and that 4th disc intrigues me. Is the packaging for Moulin Rouge the same as the standalone SE? I'm thinking that it's not because R&J is in a keep case as is Strictly Ballroom. I need to know whether I should trade off my existing MR if the case is different, or trade off the new MR that comes in the set.
Old 10-13-03, 11:02 PM   #2
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They are the same. I should know. I bought both of them.

I don't remember if the titles inside were individually shrink wrapped if you care, but the MR was the same packaging as the stand-alone 2 disc set.

Edited...looks like I was mistaken...see below for more informed reports.

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Old 10-13-03, 11:25 PM   #3
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Isn't the cover for William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet different than the individual one for sale? I noticed an individual one with a cover similar to the design for the one-disc Moulin Rouge (and the Red Curtain Trilogy overall design, I think) for sale at a store around here.

Old 10-14-03, 10:46 PM   #4
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Originally posted by Blade
but the MR was the same packaging as the stand-alone 2 disc set.
the inside digipack packaging might be the same.....but the slipcases that I have are different between the boxset and the one I purchased on its own.
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Old 10-14-03, 11:27 PM   #5
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Yes, the Romeo and Juliet cover and the Moulin Rouge Slipcase are different - they sort of look like the Strictly Ballroom cover (same colors and design scheme). The boxset is nice, haven't explored the bonus disc yet.
Old 10-15-03, 05:06 AM   #6
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Location: Overlooking Pearl Harbor
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I checked them both after I bought the boxed set and they looked the same to me. I've since sold my extra copy, so I couldn't check before I posted.

My apologies for posting apparently incorrect information.

I'll edit my post above.

My DVDs and HT

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