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  1. HD Tivo (both SA and DTivo) are coming....
  2. An inexpensive rear surround (Pics)
  3. Spam at the Consumer Electronic show
  4. Cheapest place(besides E-Bay)to buy an RF modulator.
  5. HDTV convergency issue
  6. DVD tracking trouble?
  7. DVD Stand...
  8. my aud/vid shelves/racks
  9. PS2 Issues Playing Certain DVDs
  10. Wife Suggested Speaker Stand??
  11. SVS Subs...any expirence?
  12. Long, but please help @ RPTV purchase
  13. Wharfedale Zaldek speakers?
  14. Help! Overheated tivo
  15. Is this deal worth going into debt? (Atlantic Technology 370THX, etc)
  16. Thinking about getting a new TV.. need advice
  17. Why am I getting distored horizontal lines on my 53' panasonic
  18. Problems with video...can you help?
  19. How can I tell if my ancient speakers are "shielded"?
  20. Tide-me-over 36" SDTV Reccomendations?
  21. Interesting article in the LA Times about cheap DVD Players
  22. Tube or Projection...That is the question?
  23. HDTV Recevier - Best Price/Worth It?
  24. goldenshop.com.hk?
  25. Need recommendation for TV
  26. Center speaker placed high (50") in my entertainment center... is this a problem?
  27. Dorm TV
  28. Help With DVD Player Hookup
  29. Tv (tube) advice needed
  30. Pardon my ignorance...a LASERDISC question.
  31. Two Subwoofers in one setup?
  32. Free HD recievers for satellite?
  33. Toshiba SDK700 reviews/opinions??
  34. Got an incredible deal on a HDTV
  35. Is rp82 worth $100 more than rp62?
  36. Having probs decoding DTS
  37. Help with finding a Laserdisc player
  38. How do I clean my DVD's laser?
  39. Cleaning your DVD player?
  40. Opinion on Bose Acoustimass 6 Series II Speakers
  41. Opinion on Panasonic SA-HE100 Receiver
  42. new player recommendations
  43. Samsung 30" Widescreen DynaFlat HDTV Monitor Anyone have it??
  44. Source for "keystone" style speaker connectors?
  45. I have a portable dvd player with....ntsc/pal switch?
  46. RP 62 vs. RP 82
  47. Odd Component Video Problem
  48. Save Money On Extended Warranties: Here's How
  49. blue ray discs replacing dvd?
  50. Sound Delay on HT-DDW740
  51. I just got my panasonic 53 inch tv today and have problems please help
  52. Need information on the JVC RX-8020VBK receiver
  53. Cheap All-in-One system OR Sound on a Budget
  54. I need some dvd to old tv connection help
  55. TV/VCR Combo doesn't work with DVD Player
  56. How loud is too loud?
  57. apex tv owners
  58. Cheap VCD Player?
  59. Need suggestions for odd sized movie poster...
  60. Best Buy Employees Need Employee Cost
  61. My DVD player vibrates
  62. looking for home dvd/mp3 player
  63. Question For The Home Theater Gurus
  64. Should I get a new Tv or really cheap surround setup?
  65. DVD, TiVo, VCR and Cable hookup
  66. Non-anamorphic DVD's acting anamorphic?
  67. Preventive screen burn on rear projection.
  68. does anyone know about DVD players with passwords(need help explaining this to my dad
  69. Sole' 42" Plasma at Costco
  70. Question About Component Video Cables!
  71. DVD-audio question
  72. Help Me Splurge
  73. Should I upgrade? Please advice.
  74. Help with speaker wiring
  75. Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV at Costco
  76. Just How good are these DVD recorders? How do you like yours?
  77. Help me, please!
  78. Which DVD players have the best downconversion these days?
  79. Can a magnet damage a DVD player?
  80. VCR Problems - Need Help, Not Flames
  81. Portable dvd player that can do jpgs?
  82. Best Price/Perfomance Paradigms?
  83. Need a quick answer about hooking a dvd player to a home theater system
  84. What's best S-Video or V-Port Cable???
  85. Finished my Home Theater!
  86. Sony HT-DDW840 opinions?
  87. THX Optimizer - No test sound for sub
  88. Which sub?? Approx $400-700
  89. anyone know about the Philips DVD recorder?
  90. Wega KV27FS13 SVideo problem/question important
  91. Sony TV broke - any ideas?
  92. Panasonic Widescreen HDTV 47" or 53" ?
  93. DVD/VCR Combo with RF In/Out Question
  94. HELP with Surround Sound System
  95. Good Progressive Scan Players with DVD Audio?
  96. Anybody have an RCA Scenium HDTV?
  97. Any Other Denon AVR-5700 Owners?
  98. portable audiovox vcr question
  99. Toshiba 32A42 from BB -- worth getting $100/4yr warranty?
  100. I need help with a set up for my house
  101. Help with Optical Cable, a PS2, & a HTB 205
  102. What's the pros and cons over a DVD and VCR combo?
  103. This is sad... I can't hook up the dvd player to the TV.
  104. Slushee/Smoothie/Blender for home theater
  105. Gumball machine $9.99 or $11.49 / shipping and tax extra
  106. looking for a scanned recpt for CC price match
  107. Toshiba 50HX81 $1599 at Good Guys- good deal?
  108. BEST DVD player in $300 range
  109. speaker stands?
  110. Horrible TV Problems
  111. Looking for more reviews on Philips 724at dvd player
  112. How can I make my own Speakers
  113. can you copy from DVD to VHS?
  114. White DTS plaque with blue letters
  115. Any opinions on the Denon DHT-683XP
  116. Faroudja deinterlacing chip and region hacked
  117. Codes to set my TV and optimum settings?
  118. Small flat screen or regular TV?
  119. What receiver to buy-- approx $1000
  120. can i unlock hidden features with a remote that doesnt have number in it?
  121. Component or S-video?
  122. DVD Audio hook up question
  123. New Widescreen TV Owner - any tips/suggestions welcome.
  124. Looking for a DVD rack that can also hold receiver
  125. Onkyo SKSHT500
  126. Need help purchasing HDTV antenna
  127. Need a reciever with an amplified phono input
  128. opinions on Velodyne subs?
  129. Audio Problems with a DVD player!!!
  130. is there any different ?
  131. CyberHome CH-402 Questions
  132. Avia set up and monitor menus.
  133. anybody ever built their own speakers before?
  134. Will home video on DVD-R benifit from a progressive player?
  135. Need help findign best HT system for computer hook up.
  136. Which player has best progressive image?
  137. which RPTVs have the widest viewing range?
  138. Great deal on klipsch synergy speakers!
  139. TV and Cable companies agree on national Digital TV Transition Issues
  140. What do you think of Memorex TVs?
  141. mini home theater decor or concession items
  142. Digital Cable: Is it possible to choose which channels you get?
  143. Opinions about Panasonic PT47WX42
  144. Opinion on Audio Source SW Fifteen Subwoofer
  145. Audio Problems with the Sharp DV-S1
  146. Portable DVD Screen Question - Everything's Squashed!
  147. Problem with TV playback... "banding"
  148. Sony DVPNS315 or Panasonic DVDRV32K?
  149. New Pics of Home Theater (Revised)
  150. DVDp problems...getting worse?
  151. $2000 for a new TV.
  152. Bought Panasonic RP-82, what things should i know about it???
  153. would a sub work for me?
  154. No such thing as a HD antenna??
  155. Welcome our newest moderator, skar!
  156. Need info on the Pioneer DV354..is it region free??
  157. Where can I find a rack to house my HT components?
  158. What product to clean really dirty DVD's
  159. What cleaner to use on my new TV screen
  160. Need help with HDTV...
  161. Pepsi and Coke retro signs
  162. Jvc Th-a9r
  163. DIY subwoofer suggestions
  164. DIY speaker finish
  165. what does "gauge" in speaker wire mean?
  166. quick TV/receiver question
  167. For DVD/VCR combos: can you just hook up the cable and watch a DVD too?
  168. Opinions on Samsung S-221 and S-222 DVD Players
  169. B&K Ref 50 preamp
  170. Video Pass-through on an Amp
  171. Problem with blue colors on screen....
  172. DVD player question
  173. Thinking of replacing my front & center speakers for $300-400... ideas?
  174. Buy one, get 2nd half off - wall plaque or dvd marquee
  175. How often must u service a rptv
  176. Sony Dream System DAV-C770 reviews?
  177. Quality of line dubbler
  178. Suggestions for a 36 inch TV?
  179. Sony hacks
  180. Yet another progressive scan question
  181. Is it normal for a player to make a loud sound when I play a DVD?
  182. Klipsch SF-2 speakers---->
  183. Need component cable advice
  184. DVD Player that plays VCDs?
  185. HiDef/Progressive Scan question.
  186. Suggest a good dvd/cd storage unit.
  187. How do I change the region coding on the JVC XV-SA600?
  188. Questions about this receiver and some speakers...
  189. Hooking up dvd player to crappy old tv with no inputs? (giving a cave man a laptop)
  190. General HT advice re: HD/Plasma/Cable
  191. I get a chirping in my speaker during DTS playback?
  192. Which Philips player?
  193. Component input problem
  194. What kind of labels to tag A/V cables?
  195. Do all Wal Mart electronics suck?
  196. Does this happen on a non-projection TV?
  197. Is this worth it? the Bose® QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headset
  198. Hughes/Echostar merger dead
  199. DVD/VHS suggestions..
  200. A Little Advice Needed about a used Sony DAV S300, speakers and remote....
  201. dvd players w/ dts decoding; how does it work?
  202. PLEASE HELP!! Wife buying gift
  203. $699 Denon 3802??
  204. How's CyberHome DVD player at Best Buy?
  205. Questions regarding Panasonic DMR-HS2 v. Toshiba RD-X2
  206. Need recommendations on a good entry/mid level subwoofer
  207. DVD Players at Best Buy?
  208. Doh! My Main Player - RIP!!
  209. So who wants to test out some lamp cord for their speakers?
  210. TV Surround Sound Question
  211. hitachi rca philips whos more relaible
  212. Any S-VHS blanks tape deals?
  213. Help! w/Wireless Headphones w/RCA inputs
  214. Upgrading my Home Theatre in a Box
  215. I just bought my new TV today. Wow! Also, question about S-video.
  216. TV question
  217. Limited S-video and inputs
  218. Should I get an RP-82 for a LT260 projector?
  219. QUALITY FM Portable Radio Suggestion Needed!
  220. If I bought this would I be crazy or is this a good deal?
  221. sony dvd changer cx875p... opinions?
  222. TV/Receiver question
  223. Plasma vs LCD vs ??? (and megapixels) Help needed!!!
  224. Question about cables
  225. Do all HDTV's have a crappy picture when using standard basic cable?
  226. Code-free - question from a newbie
  227. APEX TV's
  228. Attn: Laserdisc Lovers! 1 Pioneer CLD-D504 & 40 Laserdiscs for $100. Should I buy?
  229. Good source for upgrading HT cables & wires
  230. Just bought a HDTV (Sony KV-36HS500)
  231. opinions on portable players
  232. Need help with Antenna Issue
  233. Progressive scan (480P) Question
  234. Advice needed on this 6.1 speaker setup
  235. question about speaker wire
  236. Region Free DVD Question
  237. Discrete or Matrix
  238. How important is it that I have a progressive scan dvd player with a new theater sys?
  239. TV and DVD product info (not much info)
  240. Panasonic RP-82 - OOP
  241. Need home theater help
  242. Questions about using a PS 2 as a DVD player
  243. DVD to VCD-how??
  244. New Sony KP-46WT500
  245. JVC XV-S500BK (Excessive Over-Scan)
  246. Please Tell Me: Do I Need a New DVD Player??
  247. Opinions on: SONY 60" 16:9 LCD...
  248. Thoughts on the Yamaha YHT-300 5.1 Channel Home Theater System?
  249. Anyone ever try those "shaddy" ebay lens?
  250. Code-free modification and picture quality