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Should I get a new Tv or really cheap surround setup?

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Should I get a new Tv or really cheap surround setup?

Ok here is my problem. For Christmas I was given a brand new Jvc 32" 32AV303 television. It is a nice set and it is replacing an older 27" Sony Trinitron. The only thing so far is the sound almost sounds muted, but I think that is because I am spoiled by the trinitron. Mind you the 27" is wider than my 32" due to the built in speakers on both sides of the set. I realize larger isn't always better, but I feel like I really have to blast this set just to hear it as clear. It almost seems like it picks up the backround noise more than the vocals.

Now my options are to return the set and see if I can find a better 32" with better sound or buy a cheap surround sound system to boost the sound. When I say cheap I really don't want to go over 300, for everything and if it includes a dvd player that is fine since I will need one since my roommate is moving out and taking his.
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Old 01-01-03, 08:21 AM
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Buy a cheap surround system if you like the TV. Speakers on tv's are rarely anything worth caring about.
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If you have an existing stereo with auxilliary or "video" inputs, you could run composite audio out from the tv to the stereo and have stereo sound. If this is possible, I'd do that rather than spending $300 on a sound system that you probably will be unhappy with after a few months.
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Are you sure the t.v.'s speakers are working correctly? Turn it up as loud as you normally listen at, then turn it up as loud as you would likely listen to it. If the speakers are not distorting then you just may need to adjust to "seeing" the volume control really high.

If the t.v. audio is not distorting, then it may be perfectly fine. Some t.v.'s sound really loud with the volume display really low but distort badly at half volume. Others you can turn up very high (according to the onscreen display) to get as loud. It leaves the perception that the t.v. speakers are weak, but it still plays loud.

If you decide to go with an auxilary sound system, you really can't get a very good surround setup for $300. There are some good home theater in a box systems for around $500, you would be much happier saving up for one of those. If you are stuck at $300 then investing in a decent surround receiver and buying inexpensive stereo speakers would allow you to upgrade to a nice surround system (you could buy better mains and center channel when you could afford them and move the fronts to the surrounds.)
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I don't know how to accurately describe it, the tv does get really loud without distorting. At louder volumes the sound is somewhat comparable to my old set but the backrounds are just as loud as the vocals. Maybe my old set was off but the vocals at least compared to this set always seemed a couple notches above the backround. For example I watched MTV's Pajama Party and I couldn't make out what the people were saying sometimes due to the backround noise which isn't something I am used to. I definitely notice it a lot more on live shows or at least with large crouds and not sitcom type settings.

I wouldn't really be looking for a true surround sound. In fact at most all I would want is a 2+1 or 3+1 setup, so no rears. Just something to enhance the audio without necessarily making it a home theater setup.
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