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  1. Recommend a TV Soundbar?
  2. That whole "Super Bowl Time is the best time to buy a tv" mantra...any truth?
  3. Sony STRDH520. Cannot receive other components unless blu ray is powered on
  4. Different audio between Sur rear and Back
  5. Might be time to upgrade the projector. Any new developments?
  6. Optical port in TV?
  7. First time Blu-ray user can't see a difference vs. DVD
  8. Need some help with a new 1080p Vizio I got.
  9. A good LCD/LED tv for DVD and Blu-ray watching?
  10. Do CD-R's "go bad"?
  11. Just bought my first 3d Panasonic TV. Now need Glasses.
  12. Pixelation problem when watching Blu Ray ... any ideas?
  13. 3D Help
  14. Advice on speakers for a vintage system...
  15. Best Blu Ray Player for < $150
  16. Panasonic TV image speed up
  17. Need advice on streaming device options
  18. 3D Bluray Player + HD Speakers - Suggestions/Deals??
  19. With my Blu-Ray player Blu-Rays look great, DVDs not too bad. Explain!
  20. My lame home theater.
  21. Which Panasonic 60" Plasma to get?
  22. School me on headphones.
  23. how is the Panasonic VIERA TC-P50X3
  24. Region Free DVD player - Black Friday deals?
  25. What is wrong with this turntable?
  26. Paramount Pictures HCS5500DR remote
  27. Any Reg Free Blu Ray Player?
  28. Bedroom TV suggestions
  29. oppo 83 no region free anymore?
  30. does the LCD vs. Plasma issue still matter in late 2011?
  31. What is the largest Plasma TV a man can easily carry around all by himself?
  32. REGION FREE Insignia NS-WBRDVD4 refurb $35
  33. Panasonic BDT210 connection problem?
  34. Recommendations on a new (zone free) BD player?
  35. Bad Toslink optical cable-Sound drop outs?
  36. Recommend a 46-47" LCD TV
  37. Considering New Samsung HDTV
  38. Sub-Woofer Problems
  39. Anybody have a Dune Player
  40. Samsung Series 4 43-inch PN43D490 720p 3D Plasma HDTV
  41. Potential first time Blu-ray player purchaser with questions
  42. Harmony One, separates, turning amp on/off?
  43. Need to paint my DIY screen silver. Recommend paint.
  44. Moving... looking into wireless speakers 7.1
  45. Looking for a replacement for Apex AD 1165 DVD player
  46. Any TVs that allow rotation of image 180 degrees?
  47. new power cable for Toshiba HD-A3
  48. Can anyone recommend me a really cheap Blu-ray player?
  49. Strange Sound Problem
  50. Surround Sound Help Needed
  51. Newly installed wall plate won't work with all devices
  52. LCD Televion Recommendations?
  53. Is this YAMAHA system any good and some general questions
  54. Blu ray player not working with DVDs
  55. My Sony STR-DH520 Receiver doesn't output the proper HD audio.
  56. Recommendation for a new TV
  57. Is there a blu-ray player that can beat my HD-A35?
  58. How to ground an antenna?
  59. HDMI input on my tv doesn't work
  60. Ray
  61. HDMI Deep Color Output
  62. Wireless speaker recommendations
  63. Sony announces head-mounted personal HD & 3D viewer
  64. In the market for a tv for the first time in like a decade--help please
  65. Looking to buy a region-free blu-ray player.
  66. Need Help: Activation Code for Netflix
  67. Should HD picture look almost like Live TV?
  68. help me connect my new Blu-Ray player to my old DVD home
  69. 51" Samsung: 720p w/3D or 1080p without?
  70. Voices too low on blu-ray, need a suggestion.
  71. Laserdisc & VHS on 59" Plasma
  72. Connecting speakers to receiver vs. high level out terms on sub
  73. Anyone here have WOW Cable? How do you skip forward 30 sec?
  74. Different audio levels, same settings
  75. I think I need a QAM tuner but not sure what kind
  76. Pioneer VSX-D409 5.1 question
  77. New Blu-ray player - help needed
  78. Roku 2
  79. 70 inch LED 240 HZ
  80. DVD upscaling (or upconverting) on a Blu-Ray player?
  81. Pioneer Elite 7.1 receiver for $300 at Costco
  82. Audio hookup scenario
  83. Standalone DVD recorder - choppy video when recording from VHS?
  84. samsung 1590 blu ray player 50hz content??
  85. PS3 Downloaded Game Music on Startup?
  86. I just ordered a Passive 3D TV (LG 47LW5600)
  87. Best solutions for selling a used (DLP) HDTV?
  88. Backlight Bleeding
  89. How often do you replace your TV?
  90. B&W Movie Fan- Speaker Suggestions
  91. Sanyo 46" Refurb LCD 1080P Opinions
  92. Another 3D question
  93. Is this TV stand too short?
  94. Finishing touches on my Home Theatre - Help
  95. noob needs 3D help
  96. TV Won't Stretch Image
  97. Is it just me or do LED TV's have a bad picture?
  98. TV set up question
  99. Title: Emotion Portable DVD Player (EM-DVPMP35) Anyone have it???
  100. DLNA or Direct External Drive
  101. Do I need to upgrade my HT Rec'r?
  102. Samsung BD-D5500 dump it or keep it?
  103. Needing opinions and thoughts for these 55" 3D TV's
  104. Upgrading my tv and blu ray player--need a little help
  105. Predator Trilogy with Mask?
  106. Agghh...ok walk me thru it (lossless w/PS3 & Onkyo)
  107. Cheapest way to create a home theatre in your garage??
  108. Denon BDP1611UD or...
  109. Repair old Sony 36XBR200 or buy affordable replacement?
  110. BOSE makes a TV... with a built in surround system ?!
  111. Looking to drop Comcast for the summer, can I still watch any channels?
  112. Magnavox MWR 10D6 DVD Recorder Recording problems
  113. Need Advice: DVD Repair Devices?
  114. Any decent BD players for around $100?
  115. School me on Soundbars
  116. It's time to make the jump - Blu-ray player recommendations
  117. Harmony 880 Charging Issue
  118. YouTube is not working on my samsung dvd
  119. Cheapest Speaker A/B switch?
  120. Pioneer Region Free DVD-Recorder DVR-LX70?
  121. Oppo Bdp-93 / Pioneer elite Sc25 problem!
  122. Best HD TV(400 dollar range)?
  123. Wireless Outdoor Speakers
  124. Samsung Promotion - where is it??!!
  125. DVD Inventory and Organization help needed PLEASE
  126. Looking for a Streaming Video Solution for a New TV
  127. Stream content from WD Live Hub to Roku?
  128. Thinking about buying my first projector
  129. Need new remote
  130. How can you inform people on quality A/V without coming off as a snobby know-it-all?
  131. Bluray and Hooks to My Internet - what to buy?
  132. I'm looking for a new home speaker setup.
  133. What size TV should I get for this area? (pic included)
  134. Pioneer VSX-920 display icons
  135. First Official Man Cave - thoughts/advice/suggestions appreciated
  136. Need help on new TV Purchase
  137. Just got my 1st HD TV! i think that is...
  138. has anyone bought a Dynex tv?
  139. Anyone have Sony BRAVIA EX 400 Series (KDL40EX400)?
  140. Audio Through Stereo System w/ HD Receiver
  141. Expanding from 5.1 to 7.1 - Need Speaker Help
  142. Audio Issue with Curtis Mathes CMMBX130 BD Player
  143. Help with Blu Ray player / Wireless bridge
  144. VHS on LCD TV and Newer vs Older DVD's
  145. hooking up headphones to my HD TV question
  146. HD TV audio issues when playing a blu-ray or DVD
  147. ? Re: how dvd lasers read discs
  148. Help with my Pioneer DVD Player Model DV-120K-K
  149. Screen fits in Entertainment Center...but not with the stand
  150. Samsung UN55D8000YF vs UN55D7000LF
  151. DVD volume changes with my HDTV?
  152. Distortion on left channel...
  153. Won a TV, help needed please!
  154. YATVT: $600 price range suggestion
  155. Will this mount really hold my TV?
  156. Oppo BDP-95 Question
  157. Optimal time to buy a TV?
  158. Ultimate Electronics closing deals?
  159. 3D, BR players, and HDMI 1.3 vs 1.4
  160. Help! I need to find a fast-loading DVD player!!
  161. Player question about SD extras on Blu-ray
  162. Downstairs neighbor, hardwood floors and soundproofing.
  163. Any better players with Netflix support, My Sony 470 is driving me insane
  164. Acquiring IP Address problem with wireless Blu-Ray player
  165. Is there is difference in 100Hz LED TV?
  166. Does HDMI cable quality matter?
  167. DVR options without cable card?
  168. URGENT! How to play a DVD on multiple TVs
  169. What's the best 3D BD player for $200-$300?
  170. Optoma PK201 Pico Pocket Projector review
  171. Tivo, where are the savings?
  172. Yamaha 5760 2nd Zone
  173. Best Buy buy back program
  174. Epson vs Panasonic in projectors
  175. Rate my setup...
  176. Any recommendations for a DVD recorder?
  177. Does anyone use HDMI or gang wall plates?
  178. Home theater setup help
  179. Yamaha 5760 volume output differences - analog/digital
  180. Outputting diff audio on the PS3
  181. blueray player settings
  182. Online Discount Electronics Retailers
  183. 21:9 (aka 2.37:1) LCD sets from Vizio?! Another gimick?
  184. Multi-room DVD Recording
  185. Blu-Ray player with built in WiFi and Netflix browsing?
  186. Has anyone just upgraded speakers? (Not talking complete system)
  187. Will a Region B Blu-ray player work in the US?
  188. Question about hooking up over the air HD antenna to my HT
  189. Need recommendations for a receiver for my TV
  190. cost of plasma vs. lcd
  191. Who likes what TV?
  192. Keep active 3D display or wait for passive?
  193. Reducing MPG blocking?
  194. Big Plasmas
  195. TV Stand?
  196. Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player problem
  197. Finally buying an HDTV
  198. Need a new Receiver help cut the cable cord.
  199. Long run of HDMI cable question
  200. Compact 5.1 HT system
  201. Differences with players when on netflix
  202. A/V connection question?
  203. Starting to look at new projectors. Thoughts?
  204. Question About Audio From a Computer to Sony Bravia
  205. Wireless Router/Panasonic Blu-Ray Security Question
  206. Advice on Pioneer Laserdisk rescued from trash
  207. Swirl Marks on Bottom of DVDs
  208. Question Re: Samsung 32" (LN32C350D1D)
  209. Denon Turntable Help
  210. Is my Blu Ray player (Sony BDP s300) dead?
  211. Bitstream vs. linear pcm?
  212. Please read this before posting hardware questions
  213. Anyone know anything about turntables?
  214. Netflex with HT receiver
  215. Which equipment option should I take to add a blu-ray player to our home theater?
  216. Receivers always have built in tuners, right?
  217. HT speaker setup
  218. Torn on buying plasma vs. LCD for bedroom use (long post)
  219. Dialog from left & right front speakers?
  220. First Blu-Ray player
  221. Ethernet vs HDMI
  222. Thoughts on the Sony BDPS570 (including Netflix).
  223. Anyone have any experience with Monoprice plasma/LCD mounts?
  224. First HDTV - Looking at Panasonic TC-P50C2 50" Plasma - opinions?
  225. What do I need for HD TV?
  226. Recommendations needed for cheap 5.1 surround system
  227. Wireless Router Help with Blu-Ray
  228. Anyone ever hear of Lumisource Boom Chairs?
  229. Guitar Amp to TV
  230. Need A Good Tower For Some Blu-Ray's and Video Games
  231. Can you recommend a good, narrow DVD player?
  232. Ques: Blu Ray Player connected via Component
  233. Video resolution question
  234. Sony BDP-CX960 - 400disc changer
  235. Any experience with the new Panasonic GT25s?
  236. LG BD590 or Panasonic DMP-BD85k??? Help!
  237. I'm "new" to Blu Ray
  238. Can you hear the difference among the surround encodings?
  239. Best BR player for discs and Netflix?
  240. Portable DVD player question
  241. A Delay in Video on Sony BDP-BX37
  242. Playing Dolby DTS on Denon AVR 3200
  243. Sony 46" 1080p LCD TV for $750 at Costco (Model KDL-46EX501)
  244. Pioneer 42" Plasma?
  245. Roku XD $68 shipped @ amazon.com
  246. Best way to get internet to non wifi Blu Ray Player?
  247. receiver suggestions under $300
  248. Down to two BluRay players (Sony/LG)... opinions?
  249. Looking for a BD player under $100..
  250. LG BD530 or Toshiba BDX1100