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  1. what are some good headphones for watching movies?
  2. Recommendation for a DVD Player?
  3. Need help choosing a DVD player that converts PAL to NTSC.
  4. my dad is offering to sell his tv to me
  5. Crossover setting without a sub?
  6. Thinking of getting a Maxent TV-any experience?
  7. looking for suggestions on an lcd or dlp purchase
  8. Do you have a Samsung DLP? Love it or Hate it?
  9. Best reciever under $300 to drive 5.1 for TV?
  10. What to do with extra satellite receivers...
  11. Dell 42" EDTV review?
  12. School me about speaker wattage
  13. Problems with my SONY home theater
  14. Polariod 8" Portable DVD Player Battery
  15. Buying Comcast Cable boxes?
  16. Free Satellite Stations on your TV??
  17. Any DVD players that can jump straight to the movie (skip warnings, trailers, etc)?
  18. Empire Strikes Back-no center voice track??
  19. Looking for receiver with multiple component video inputs!
  20. Onkyo SR602 or Yamaha 5860
  21. Think I'm gonna cry... (Infocus X1 related)
  22. Anyone have any info on these shelves?(DDD site sale)
  23. I've been "upgraded" - My receiver is being replaced & I have no choice.
  24. "New" Sony remote (also PDAs a universal remotes)
  25. Best Home Theater Book?
  26. OK--let's try this again - DVD's that won't start up without prodding
  27. DVD's that won't start up without prodding
  28. Looking for a good cheap HDTV
  29. Explain Anamorphic widescreen to me
  30. Volume control on a zone 2 w/ 4 speakers .. .. .. help
  31. Buying a 9+ year old Sony RPT - Am I crazy?
  32. is WholesaleAV.com legit?
  33. Noisey DVD Player??
  34. Source for mylars
  35. What was Best Buy Thinking with their "HDTV Demo" DVD?
  36. Do I need a progressive TV to see progressive Dvds?
  37. Toshiba DVD recorder discussion group
  38. Opinions Wanted: Malata DVD-710V Poratble 7" DVD player
  39. 1366x768, what's up with this LCD TV resolution?
  40. receiver vs. home-theater-in-a-box
  41. FCC Pulls Ahead Dates for HDTV Digital Tuner Requirements
  42. Should I be afraid to watch sports, or channels with white logos on my RPTV?
  43. Any opinions on the Pioneer DV-285-S?
  44. Stoopid question about connecting DVD
  45. Need help choosing new subwoofer...
  46. Older unknown cartridge like format
  47. Toshiba 46H84 opinions? (or HDTV advice)
  48. DCM Speakers
  49. How big will TVs get?
  50. H/K AVR430/630 Owners!!! New Firmware!!!!
  51. Looking for some LCD TV suggestions?
  52. Aiwa Receiver Power up problem
  53. What's the best 30 inch HDTV in the market?
  54. Opinions on the 42" HD Plasma for $1399 shipped?
  55. toshiba dvd player... no color
  56. looking for new receiver.
  57. Need help choosing DVD Recorder
  58. Mitsubishi HDTV & Toshiba DVD w/HDMI
  59. Home recorded -/+ R disc on players?
  60. HD vs DVD - which has better quality?
  61. best front AND center channel speaker for $400???
  62. Do you have an HD DirecTiVo? You might want to read this
  63. DVD recorder with PVR and DIVX?
  64. Craziest Receiver rear panel....
  65. Cheap Banana Clamps.......
  66. Disappointing Sanyo / WM news
  67. Buying first HD TV, need help
  68. phillips dvp-642
  69. Problem with my Samsung DVD/VHS Player
  70. Looking for some Component Advice.
  71. Help! Chapter Mark issue with Tosiba D-R4
  72. Polaroid portable dvd player in targets 5/29 ad??
  73. Panasonic s97 or Panasonic s77?
  74. Denon 3200 receiver goes into overload on optical??
  75. Panasonic 50" plasma TH-50PX50U?
  76. Pioneer DVF727
  77. Question about getting a center rear speaker...
  78. Opinions on Pioneer,Lite-On & LG DVD recd'rs
  79. can you hook up a dvd recorder to a tivo to record your shows from tivo to dvd?
  80. Help on my new Samsung 26" Digital TV
  81. Putting a center channel speaker "behind" a TV
  82. For those on the fence for which Calibration DVD to buy....
  83. I Finally got my Big Screen... questions about clean power, cables, etc.
  84. Built-in DVD players?
  85. Philips DVP642 region free?
  86. 6.1 vs 7.1 sound
  87. Are DVDs really that crisp?
  88. Please help me with a Malata problem?
  89. can a subwoofer go on top of a speaker?
  90. Speakers Throughout The House?
  91. Degaussing Trick
  92. Do all CRT RPTV's have convergence adjustment menus?
  93. Looking for a decent 26-30" LCD TV for < $1K
  94. Tv shows look bad on my new hdtv?? (newbie!)
  95. Sony XBR Trouble HELP Please
  96. cheapest way to have a standalone dvr?
  97. MAC Mini - 5.1 Speakers without an Amp?
  98. DVD Player w/Built in Decoder ?
  99. Region-Free DVD player
  100. Panasonic PT-53WX54 TV - A Good Buy??
  101. so the Pioneer 53" widescreen tv is broken..
  102. Need Opinion: Sony Dream HT System - HT6900DP
  103. Seemingly poor video quality while watching DVDs on a Laptop
  104. Testing for Burn-in on an RPTV
  105. Leaving CRT RPTV on with no signal
  106. Hdtv on cable - local channels as well. Should'nt I need an HD antenna for this?
  107. Older Hitachi 50UX11K RPTV Advice...
  108. Cheap portable DVD - Polaroid vs. Insignia
  109. Suggestions on a CRT HDTV 800 limit.
  110. HDTV OTA Indoor Antenna
  111. Should I hook my VCR up to Surround System
  112. Anyone Have Experience With Pinnacle Center Speakers?
  113. Not Enough Inputs...
  114. DVD player with Dvd-R
  115. Oppo composite picture any good?
  116. Buying a sound system with dvd player...
  117. whats a good region free dvd player?
  118. Which Center Speaker? JBL or Athena
  119. Help 5.1 system: I'm confused
  120. Kaleidescape...awesome!!!
  121. Onkyo 770 Speaker Problem...
  122. Looking for a sound system with player that play AVIs, DIVx etc...
  123. Optoma TV's...anyone own one?
  124. Re-doing theater ceiling lights....
  125. Onkyo? Yamaha? Denon? Receivers
  126. Speakers primarily for music?
  127. JVC LCoS RP/Anybody Own One & Feelings About It?
  128. Front Projector for someone who knows nothing about video
  129. Setup Problems
  130. Panasonic SA-HT790V Need Info
  131. Who in this Forum actually works in the Best Buy TV Department?
  132. sony xbr hdtv zoom modes
  133. Why does my LD have sticky edges?
  134. Set Top Box Help Needed
  135. Looking for a region free portable DVD player
  136. LCD TV to hang in kitchen - Opinions?
  137. hdtv
  138. HELP - 8mm to DVD via DVR yields audio but no video
  139. Where can i get a good projector ceiling mount?
  140. New Dvd Player
  141. DVD Labeled Shelf Dividers
  142. Speaker System
  143. Question about DVD recording/editing
  144. Smallest tv with antenna in?
  145. How to properly move a RPTV?
  146. Please Help -- Marantz DV-18MkII vs. Marantz DV-6200 -- Which should I keep?
  147. Need Help with RCA 20" TV f20632se
  148. Anyone Have the Panasonic (SCHT 920) Home Theater System (HTiB)?
  149. is 1080i worth it to upgrade DVD player [merged]
  150. Any replayTV guys out here? Have a quick netowrking ques.
  151. Any college students with big screen, flat panels?
  152. Looking for a good portable dvd player
  153. The Last of the 65" Mitsubishi's at Best Buy..Model: WS-65315 / Best price elsewhere?
  154. Magnavox DVD Recoder/VCR combo
  155. Ikea Store near you? (need help)
  156. I need help with picking a TV ($<4000)
  157. My DVD Player just stopped working... HELP
  158. Wiring a new house?
  159. Need help with Loewe Xemix 5106DO Region Code Hack
  160. Advice needed: Projector or not.
  161. Speaker/receiver Recommendations
  162. Plugging Subwoofer into my receiver (power)....?
  163. Looking to Put together a "Nice" Home Theater
  164. Recommendations For A Good Lower Priced Sub?
  165. Anamorphic display from digital channels via SA 8300HD?
  166. DVD Case repair
  167. Need HD TV Recommendations
  168. Price drop on High Definition & Plasma TVs?
  169. Problem with an older movie in a new player
  170. Errors on Calibration DVDs
  171. 5.1 input switcher?
  172. Suggestions for how to hang my FP screen
  173. Important fact about Diamond Vision warranty
  174. Any recommendations for Wireless or Virtual Surround Sound Home Theater Speakers?
  175. Is there any good freeware set up programs for lcd ?
  176. Help a Panasonic guy replace his DVD player
  177. need help picking a new Subwoofer
  178. Need Help Re: Plasma HD TV's
  179. Does anybody use the Cox DVR?
  180. 51" or 46" for this room?
  181. Which movies of mine are best to show off my Theater
  182. LCD Burn in?
  183. anybody heard of West Penn No. C210 Cluster Speaker Wire?
  184. Recommend an AV switcher
  185. athena speaker asb1 and asc1 super deals
  186. DVD Recorders HDD! Can it be Changed?
  187. Help! Scratch on my TV screen
  188. Adive for Plasma TV's
  189. Using DVI for HD cable Box, and it says "not supported"
  190. Looking to buy a new TV.
  191. HDTV on a modest budget
  192. Best Standalone DVD Recorder for menu creation, chapter marks, etc.?
  193. "Dolby," "DTS," "THX," and other Hi-Res Logos for plaques - and NOW SHOWING stands
  194. Suggestions on mounting center speaker?
  195. Help! Can't figure out how to switch modes on my hotel TV.
  196. Junk DVD Recorders
  197. Advice/opinions?
  198. Replacement DVD remote--(for Multi-DVD changer)
  199. Do any DVD Recorders have component passthrough?
  200. REAL basic hardware hookup Q but NOT in FAQ...
  201. So, where do you get replacement LCD bulbs anyway?
  202. Cyberhome portable DVD player, worth $99?
  203. Not really computer related, Universal Remote Control question
  204. DIY Matte Question
  205. TIVO question
  206. How limiting is DVI with new purchases?
  207. Powered speakers with cool design?
  208. DVD Player Indicates "No Disc"
  209. How do you hide your speaker wires in your surround system?
  210. Looking for CheaP RACK PLZ HELPP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Making a Bigscreen appear more "theater-Like"
  212. Interlaced/Progressive DVD's?
  213. Advice needed, please:
  214. Advice needed, please:
  215. DVD/CD furniture...any "nice-looking" recommendations?
  216. Any good wireless surround speakers?
  217. Need Help, Please
  218. Anybody have the Harmony 659 remote? How does it handle TiVo functions?
  219. Need cheap but decent home theater speaker recommendations.
  220. Philips 26PW6341 26" Analog Widescreen Television question
  221. Speaker Noise Problem
  222. TV Died yesterday
  223. Speaker Compatibility
  224. HDCP compatibility questions...
  225. HDMI -- Not being practical?
  226. !!!Help With Sound System!!!
  227. Need Advice for Satellite/Cable providers!
  228. Anyone Have the HTiB Panasonic HT920? And About the Onkyo 770...
  229. What's up with the Pioneer DV-588A?
  230. Is there an HDMI/DVI to DVI switcher?
  231. Still not impressed with DLP
  232. Delay when audio goes through Receiver
  233. Newbies.. need help on HDTV and progressive scan dvd player
  234. VCR or DVD-R hookup w/ DVR & digital cable?
  235. Number of HDMI inputs
  236. Whats the best DVD player under 200$?
  237. Did my DVD player break?
  238. connecting tv to decoder
  239. Adding 2.0 system to 5.1 system
  240. Sony VPL-350Q
  241. Ratings of Philips TVs
  242. Are there any DVD players with a 480P digital output?
  243. What's Worse ...Longer speaker wire or longer video cables?
  244. Better speaker placement-floor of ceiling?
  245. Wanted A/V Equip. Rack
  246. Is Voom Out-of-business?
  247. Plugs to connect wires to Surround Sound??????
  248. video noise through dvi-hdmi cable?
  249. X-1 help! Quickly if possibly.
  250. Rear Projection versus Plasma